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The Achilles' Heel of Protestantism

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by colbe

You're right, I didn't include my "all wise better study up" stuff because I didn't say it to you, colbe. And I figured you're following along...if we had to paste every post into a new post like an endless string of 'reply' emails it would be wasted bandwidth; we are asked to keep the quotes short here on ATS.

The only reason you know anything of "what Jesus Himself said" is because of the Roman Catholic Church.

Now, to address your quoted statement above,
that is incorrect.
I am looking for the words from the original tablets, the scrolls, the texts like Muhammed Ali found in that jar after 1600 years of being HIDDEN from us. Why did those Nag Hammadi texts get hidden? To save them from being BURNED.
Burned by whom? Oh, that's right ------- THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Why are the Ancient writings of St Issa's life kept hidden and only allowed for view by the most advanced, trusted, and respected men? To save them from being corrupted and abused for power.
The Bible is a compilation of sketchy translations of documents from ancient languages, craftily put together to suit someone's agenda.
Those ancient, original documents are the source of all we know that Jesus "said". He didn't even write them himself, so right out of the gate we are looking at hearsay. But at least they are accounts, like expedition journals, that show how those who KNEW him felt about it, what they took away and absorbed as important and jotted down for future posterity and reference.

Add in the fact that the RCC clearly, and indisputably, adopted pagan rituals and festivals (to entice the people into attending because they enjoyed those feasts and rituals), and you have a completely 'constructed' and mandated social phenomenon. There were days when if anyone missed a service they were fined, or otherwise punished; ridiculed; mocked and ostracized. Similarly, there were "indulgences" -- if you slaved away for a while at the church garden or the cloister's construction, you got a few sins thrown out by the record-keeper. If your baby died before being Christened, they were sent to limbo; or alternatively, they were either Elect or Damned (as was everyone else), and one could get the monks to pray for the dead infant's deliverance from limbo by PAYING the priests. The more money you had, the longer they would pray....and therefore your baby had a better chance of being accepted into the bosom of grace. Isn't that handy?

That's your True church?
All right, guys, carry on. When God himself stands nose to nose with me and says "you have to become Catholic", then I'll have an answer. I'll be delighted to let you know, too!

Darcy Chagas (or whatever her name is)...Another lady having channeled messages, eh?
What happened to Mary Divine Mercy? She's too slow? Wrong message? Thought she was your main go-to gal, colbe.
Huh!...How quickly fickle hearts can move on, without so much as goodbye.

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posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by wildtimes

Originally posted by wildtimes

...Church history, the real, full history is a very tricky subject requiring hours and hours and hours, indeed years worth of hours to master; careful thought, critical thinking, research, cross-referencing, study of translations, sociological and cultural matters, anthropology, and pre-Christian philosophies. When new things are discovered, the whole picture changes even more.

You admit you are young, and were only very, very recently even exposed to religion at all!
There are people who've made careers, whole lifetimes of studying these things, from the earliest records of our modern humanity.
'ancient writers of Protestantism'?

How about all the people who didn't believe the Roman Catholic Church from the get-go? By definition, they were Protestants. When they saw the RCC becoming a means for getting rich, controlling people, and implementing all of the pagan holidays and rituals, they protested. It's been going on forever.

Catholicism in its fullest glittering idolatry and occultism and arrogance, claiming to be the Truth, and condemning, excluding or even excommunicating members is the opposite of what the earliest Christians believed.

Keep studying.
I don't mean to 'tell you off', I only mean to remind you that you are a learner at beginner level.

The ATS rule is about quotes outside of forum discussion, plagiarism, not our personal comments.

I think you didn't post any of your words above because they're in
error and show your immaturity, you speaking about study, being wise about something you know nothing about wildtimes. Proof is in your comments.

There are no "ancient writers of Protestantism." It all started in 1517 with a new group of heretics. The 16th century was their "git-go." Non-Catholic Christians continued protesting most all of the faith, believing instead man-made not from God teachings until this day.

Your objection saying Catholic belief and traditions are pagan is not true.
A few of the similarities you see between Catholicism and paganism, you a Protestant Christian believe too. Silly, they have nothing to do with each other. Yo can do this with any belief. Our Lord could be shown to be pagan, an example:

Pagan gods were likened to stars, Our Lord is called "the bright morning
star " Rev 22:16.

You don't address what I said, there is coming a time very soon
according to prophecy, God is going to show you personally Catholicism is the true faith and He wants you to believe. All the world will be enlightened. Instead, you make fun of prophecy. I notice you mention a couple of Catholic seers.

You are reading them, a good sign.

Rev 22:16
I Jesus have sent my angel, to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and stock of David, the bright and morning star.

posted on Feb, 28 2012 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by colbe

I think you didn't post any of your words above because they're in
error and show your immaturity, you speaking about study, being wise about something you know nothing about wildtimes. Proof is in your comments.

I know nothing about it?
I'm immature?

They're in error? These things are established historical facts, colbe. Sorry to break it to you, I hope you can just accept it as what I've learned, from years (decades) of studying this stuff.

Those items you chose to quote and underline are the truth of the RCC.
So, what you 'think' about why I did or didn't, wrong.

posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by 547000

Jesus is quite literally the Word of God.

I started a thread on that question, if the Bible in fact does say that Jesus is the word.
The idea being; to give you a venue where you can present your case.
I presented my argument that the idea is best supported by John 1:14, but that can be interpreted different ways.
My main objection to such an idea in this thread was your uses of a slogan as a substitute for argument, or presentation of evidence, and also that slogans by nature are rallying banners as in a field of battle, to draw attention to the side one is on and I would be on the part of the field under the banner, "Jesus is the Name of God".
I would say my side upholds Jesus to a higher position, while my adversarial, opposing group are the ones who trample upon the name of Jesus as they relegate him to a lower level (even than of the man, Moses).
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posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 11:57 AM
reply to post by colbe

You are reading them, a good sign.

No, I'm not reading them. Not sure how you got that. I've heard of them here in this forum; and glanced at Mary Divine Mercy's page, and also at a few sites that debunked her. Aside from reading posts that mention them, I don't pay any attention.

Do you also read the channelers of the Galactic Federation of Light? They're numerous, and have similar tone and wording to incite action and urge people to behave in a certain way (at least from what I've gathered and the couple of them I have read). But for the purpose of creating a new earth for us all; a real paradise, and to rid us of the charlatans that have taken over and oppress us.

They, in my opinion, are no more or less valid than these ladies inasmuch as they are claiming to be speaking on behalf of a disembodied entity that has knowledge of future events and explains current events. But I like their message better.

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