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Meet the ObamaCare Mandate Committee

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 10:16 PM
Meet the ObamaCare Mandate Committee !!

Yes, the ObamaCare laws have given much power to a Central Committee who are making all the policies reality.

"THEY" are the United States Preventative Services Task Force by name.

"THEY" might even have future plans to create a separate death panel for all we know.

Offended by President Obama's decision to force health insurers to pay for contraception and surgical sterilization? It gets worse: In the future, thanks to ObamaCare, the government will issue such health edicts on a routine basis—and largely insulated from public view. This goes beyond contraception to cancer screenings, the use of common drugs like aspirin, and much more.

Under ObamaCare, a single committee—the United States Preventative Services Task Force—is empowered to evaluate preventive health services and decide which will be covered by health-insurance plans.

The task force already rates services with letter grades of "A" through "D" (or "I," if it has "insufficient evidence" to make a rating). But under ObamaCare, services rated "A" or "B"—such as colon cancer screening for adults aged 50-75—must be covered by health plans in full, without any co-pays. Many services that get "Cs" and "Ds"—such as screening for ovarian or testicular cancer—could get nixed from coverage entirely.

Think the contraception decision was bad? Wait until bureaucrats start telling your insurer which cancer screenings to cover

It looks like some of the terms can actually allow insurance companies to drop coverage for certain things based on "Grades" !!!!!!!!!

Health plans will inevitably choose to drop coverage for many services that don't get a passing grade from the task force and therefore aren't mandated. Insurance companies will need to conserve their premium money, which the government regulates, in order to spend it subsidizing those services that the task force requires them to cover in full.

Please read the entire article

Are these "edicts" just fancy names for "Dictatorship" ??

Are "THEY" here ??

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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 07:49 AM
First of all, I am against anything mandated by the government and I am against Obamacare, I pay for my insurance and I expect my insurance to pay for my services regardless and that includes anti contraceptive plain and simple, I should get what I pay for it

As for anything else the government have not rights to monitor health care in the nation if the health care is not free for all.

If I pay for my insurance is not darn business of the government how I used it and for what.


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