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Libya Feb 17 Anniversary Disinformation,Brainwashing & Propaganda, The MSM & Public

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 07:21 PM
Disinformation From The Anniversary Celebrations
-Selected Anniversary Celebration Locations in Benghazi, Green Square, and selected Locations by western reporters as you will see the photos.

-Western Mainstream News Networks Claim

Many Libyans feel optimistic about the future

Ah the same way the Iraqis felt after they were been invaded by America? Many Iraqis feel optimistic about the future or better yet Many Bosnians feel optimistic about the future.

-The Number and how many took part in the Anniversary the pictures by the Western Media outlets would like you to believe that were many Libyans taking part in the Anniversary on Feb 17.
Without realizing that millions of Libyans are upset,unhappy with the Western Backed NTC Government.

The Propaganda Card & Libyans were Tricked
Yes Libyans got in return what do they get for Removing Gaddafi?

"The government has decided that each Libyan family will receive 2,000 dinars ($1,540)," he said.

And what for Again?

TRIPOLI Feb 18 (Reuters) - Libya's government will give each family more than $1,500 and pay unemployed former rebels who fought in the war that ousted Muammar Gaddafi last year, the prime minister said, in an attempt to win over those who want faster progress.

How long will this payment last and will it be enough?

He said jobless former fighters would receive payment for the past year until the end of the month. He said students would also receive financial grants but did not say how much.

Yes of course he wouldn't say much because he already did that personally a payment of 1000 dollars wont last you every long.

Well this is what you get for betraying and removing Muammar Gaddafi maybe Muammar Gaddafi wasn't all that bad
as the western media turn him to be.

Pictures & Videos can be Deceiving
Here the photos by the western news networks on Libya's Feb 17 Anniversary remember sometimes photos can be very deceiving and doesn't tell you the whole truth.

In The Night.
And during the day staged vehicles riding.

And heres a news clip

Source alarabiya
Watch the video, and when you do if you can notice.

-Males only in that news clip by alarabiya at the start of the video you could see males cheering,jumping in all what looks like a staged Celebration.

-0:36: Again looks prefect for a staged moment doesn't it?
-0:51: If you look at this footage you can notice in the back of the fire torch there doesn't seem to be that many people again look very closely.

-01:03 : Prefect Staged Moment wouldn't you agree?
-0:02: Clearly not real cheering since they notice the cameraman.
-0:03: Spot if you could anyone women for me in there.
-00:14 Staged Crowd
-00:15: Emotional speaking i could tell could this woman doesn't seem to happy about been filmed and as you saw they showed us westerns just three and one woman in the back waving the flag.

The Reality on The Ground

About Syria Why We Shouldn't Trust The MSM

Since CNN,CNN Anderson Cooper have lied about the Libyan war and all those supposed fake people they had on from on there phones like this lady who claimed she was calling from tripoli well tripoli was been taking over by the rebels.

Whatever happened to her now? was this Libyan lady caller from Tripoli even real? or an imposter? just to grab peoples and viewers attention?

So why should we Believe CNN,BBC,and other news networks and there claims that the Syrian government is killing its own people.

CNN is now trusting these lonewolf videos from YouTube on and supposed Syria however i have seen these videos as well however i question these videos.

These videos never shows who fires or fires at and in the videos i have heard allahu akbar (God is Great) a lot of times in those which then makes to suspect that the Syrian rebels are the ones doing the killings on there own people.

So Which would you rather Trust?
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