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The MSM Gotcha Game

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 12:22 PM
I know this isn’t a big revelation to anyone here but I had to rant about this. It never ceases to amaze me the in-your-face bias on full display DAILY by the MSM. I often wonder how so many people STILL buy into their nonsense.

Many still sit around and gobble down the MSM lies like it’s cool, even repeating what they hear as if it were fact. It’s especially frustrating for me this year because of the upcoming elections and so many important issues on the table.

Ron Paul has always gotten a ton of repetitive BS questions from the media. Time and time again they’ve attempted to get RP to talk about controversial or unpopular topics in an effort to marginalize him. They rarely want to talk about economic issues with RP because those ideas garner a lot of support.

They’ve tried the gotcha game many times with Gingrich and many times they were made to look foolish. Nobody can deliver a verbal beat-down like Newt. Here are just two examples.

Recently Rick Santorum was in the hot seat about the issue of abortion and that’s all the MSM seems to want to talk about with him now. Charlie Rose got totally owned yesterday by Santorum for an obvious attempt at a gotcha question. Santorum pointed out the double standard by discussing how the media gave Obama a free pass in 08’.

Notice how Charlie changed his tune after he got handed!

The fact that any republican candidate besides Romney (the chosen one) has any momentum at all is a huge testament to alternative media.
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