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UFO sightings not interesting for media stuck in mental boxes, say ufologists

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posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 12:50 AM
In our society, those who question the existence of UFOs often shoot the messenger out of frustration when not getting easy answers to their questions.

“Stop Oregon’s Invaders” is a real sign posted near the popular UFO watcher site at Bray’s Point where mysterious metal boxes have turned up along local beaches after recent UFO sightings. While the “Stop Oregon’s Invaders” signs are intended as a warning about “invasive plant species," they are also a source of jokes for local UFO fans who point to the "invaders" as a pop UFO term coined in the Sixties when a popular TV show about aliens living on Earth was called "The Invaders."

Today, however, the Oregon "invaders" warning sign is intended to warn locals -- when using various lakes and parks -- that "invasive species" are damaging the local ecosystem. Also, these "Stop Oregon's Invaders" signs are aimed at controlling “invasive plants, insects and other invaders” before they have a chance to damage natural areas.

Media turns blind eye to UFOs

In turn, it’s known that mainstream media does not usually search out and then interview UFO fans – not because of their natural charm and gift of persuasion – but because they don’t view anything “that reeks of UFOs as not credible.”

For instance, one mainstream journalist friend in nearby Eugene, stated “the UFO connection kills the story for me.”
So whatever seems to be happening “with those strange metal boxes” is simply “not news for me,” added the Eugene reporter.

At the same time, these beached and ever mysterious “metal boxes” are not yet going away.

We all hope that someday in the future, UFO news will become a top story in the nightly news program. But, will that day ever come?


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