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chisora slaps klitschko

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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:08 PM
the video:

the ring article:

derek chisora is an underdog entering a heavyweight championship fight with vitali klitschko. during the weigh in, he slaps vitali in the face.

i think he was trying to get under vitali's skin. not sure if this guy can pull off an upset against vitali.

we'll see.

i for one like the klitschko brothers. they are good fighters in the ring. they are good guys out of the ring.
my only beef is that there doesn't seem to be anyone to push them. to test their skills. maybe this guy can do it.


posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 03:58 AM
The fight I missed, but the Heyes thing afterwards was about as funny as boxing will ever get, ever. I mean, how staged was that!!
The "bottle" which left no marks and didn't split Heyes' hand to ribbons, and seemed to disintergrate, just highlights that this is a big ass PR stunt.

But, if in the rare off chance, that this was a real squaring up, then I hope Heyes goes to prison, like anyone else would after bottling someone (instead of just bottling it, like he usually does
) He also hit his own trainer, and went to clobber someone with the tripod of a camera

It doesn't get funnier than this in the world of boxing.

edit, incase people missed the press conference rumble.

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 05:03 AM
i think chisora is a discrace to british boxing, so are the staff around him,

1st, he slaps vitali at the weigh in
2nd he spits his water into vitali's brothers face while in the ring right before the fight
3rd his manager (i think it was) decided to flare up the situation at the confrence
4th he decided to go down to david haye and told his trianer ect to stay behind him and they listened?
5th he then after getting his own medicine, proceded to say on international television that he will personaly shoot david haye.

Do you think he should be anywere near a ring?

this guy thinks he's somebody he's not, his reputation WAS still growing, he's barely known as it is in respect to most boxers taking big shots at world champions.

His attitude is something i expect from an out of hand party full of drunken gang wannabe's.

He hasnt learnt discipline and obviously doesnt have it in him, Not when he thinks it's ok to clearly shoot somebody because they p##sed on his chips.

Now david haye is no perfect saint, But everything he stated is true fact, Chisora wouldnt fight him, Because his heads to big and he thought he would be the next best boxer with a perfect plan. WRONG plenty of far better boxers have fallen short against these men.

As for david what seems to look like hit chisora with a bottel, well when you have a montage and a heavyweight boxer coming at you with the attitude chisora has and you had a bottle in your hand what would you do when you cant walk away because there's papz and all sorts of peole around you? I know where that bottle will be and thats exactly where it went and i by all means do not beleave in brawling.

It seems boxing in general has taken a rough route the last few months, I think there's that many back hander's and that many secrets that are being used outside the ring eventually this sort of s##t will happen. Theres to much money and resources put into the fights ect that people need an insurance of somesort.

personally i hope they get a chance to fight in the ring and i hope david haye goes ape s##t on him and shows him what experience and a loyal fan base does to a boxer.

Davids taken a lot of flack since losing his fight and it was his own fault, but after if been put off and put off david didnt wanna back out again so thought he would continue but it didnt pay off, i can assure you boxing at that level with a damaged toe which is an important part of your body during a toe to toe fight is going to be a challange and a distraction.

its ok calling for both there heads but why wasnt chisora repremanded before the fight and told to button it or the fights off ? Now david hayes going to get the brunt because of this waste of space gang banger who deserves to be striped of any licence and s###e belts he owns and laughed at as he walks out the gym.

Maybe england should stop putting so much pressure on our sportsman enough to allow to train and learn and play ect without messing with there heads. What they do outside of a pitch/ring ect is family business 99% of the time.

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 05:20 AM
Not forgetting what he did to Wladimir in the ring just prior to the fight with Vitali. He spat in his face and luckily for him Wlad was smart enough to hold back and not get too infuriated as a true, disciplined boxing man does. Both Klitschko brothers should be applauded in my opinion. They're true boxers and have consistently shown themselves to be classy people and not prone to the utterly pathetic level set by Derek Chisora and David Haye who are, in my opinion, nothing but loud mouth disgraces. I'm embarrassed that they're representing the UK.

Now admittedly It's always a real shame to see it get to this level but in all honesty I wouldn't mind in the slightest if Chisora's license is taken away and Haye isn't allowed to apply for another one and both are no longer allowed to box again, let alone box each other. Chisora's proven this was not some spur of the moment kind of thing as he slapped Vitali in the face and then spat in the face of Wladimir on different days. Not forgetting after losing the fight to Vitali at yet another different time he get's into a thuggish fight with David Haye and starts a brawl causing injury to multiple people after he, Chisora, was the one who lost his cool and ended up squaring up to Haye. After that he threatened to shoot and burn him multiple times. Disgusting really.

Take away his license in my opinion. He doesn't deserve it. He's a disgrace to the sport and he's a disgrace to British boxing. Oh, and it seems as though I'm not the only one who feels this way too: Klitschko: David Haye and Dereck Chisora must be banned for brawl
edit on 20-2-2012 by Rising Against because: The OP write up was before the fight it seems so it makes no sense for me to reply to them discussing what happened in the ring thus I removed the reply quote.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 08:27 AM
if chisora or haye fought like they acted/talked, the heavyweight division would be popular again. ha ha ha

the klitschko brothers scored points with me by staying cool during the nonsense.

so who is left in the heavy weight division?
the ring magazine rankings:
champ: vladimer klitschko ....ukraine
1. vitali klitschko ................. ukraine
2. alexander povetkin ........ russia
3. thomas adamek .............poland
4 eddie chambers ............. u.s.
5. alexander dimitrenko .....ukraine
6. robert helenius ..............finland
7. denis boytsov .................russia
8. ruslan chagaev ...............uzbekistan
9. chris arreola ....................u.s.
10. kubrat pulev ................. bulgaria

neither of the two fighters from the united states have a following. some of these guys on the list i never heard of. it's a shame for the klitschkos, they earned the right for a big time fight with big time pay.


posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by subfab

2 up-coming fighters from the UK in the Heavyweight division to watch out for in my opinion:

Tyson Fury

Height 6 ft 9 in

Boxing record:

Total fights 17
Wins 17
Wins by KO 12
Losses 0
Draws 0

And David Price:

Height 6 ft 8 in

Boxing record:

Total fights12
Wins 12
Wins by KO 10
Losses 0
Draws 0
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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by Rising Against

tyson is a monster waiting to be unleashed mainstream, He is are only hope, He looks like a mild man who wouldnt really upset a fly but by god he can have a fight, I wish tyson all the luck in the world.

posted on Feb, 26 2012 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by Rising Against

i heard of tyson fury. i had to look him up on youtube.

the kid can bang. when he puts his punches together he is quite effective. his straight right is a good one. whether he is hitting the head or the body with it, it's a potent weapon of his. his jab (when he decides to commit to it) is good. his jab will bust a few noses.

what i would advise him if i were his trainer, stick the jab and bring it back. i saw a fight where he got lazy with his jab. he left his arm extended at the end of his jab. he gets caught with right hands when he does this. this should be easy to fix. no fighter can get lazy in the ring with either of the klitschkos.

tyson fury can beat any american heavyweight out right now. i'll keep my eyes open for this kid.


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