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Whats the best tactics to survive in a martial law USA?

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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by rebellender
" There is no Martial law " yet!!!! read this NDAA2012 1021 1022 was not passed by a whim but for a reason have you not heard the USA is a battlefield ? so enjoy the free no DHS TSA Mil at the moment few weeks left till
NDAA2012 becomes law of the land

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 12:53 PM

Originally posted by bekod
reply to post by rebellender
" There is no Martial law " yet!!!! read this NDAA2012 1021 1022 was not passed by a whim but for a reason have you not heard the USA is a battlefield ? so enjoy the free no DHS TSA Mil at the moment few weeks left till
NDAA2012 becomes law of the land

Show me troops on the streets show me curfews imposed on civilians show my check points manned by US Military personnel

Finally show me please where any people US Citizens in FEMA camps being worked to poor health and when all used up show me where they have been lead to a gas chamber.
you can not
Alex Jones Can not either

Define Marshall Law
Define Martial Law
tell me in your words what is the difference TELL ME IN YOUR WORDS not Alex Jones' words

I was in the Military served 12 years
I was an Entry Point Control Commander in IED land
I know what Military personnel looks like
I know what a cop dressed in riot gear looks like holding a Mx25 ready to fire tear gas looks like


posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Did you see the movie "The Village"?

I think your best chances would be in a community of like minded people. Of course finding these people and making it work to everyone's benefit and trying to do this "after" the fact will be near impossible.

No situation will be perfect, but as shown in "Enemy Mine", even your worst enemy can make the difference between life and death when there is nothing else.

I hope it never gets that bad but if it does I think we will all have to make drastic changes in the way we think and even more drastic changes in the way we behave.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by Teriq

Best advise I can give, would to not be where they are doing it at....
If you live in a Large City, I wouldn't be living there if you didn't have to...Move to another area...if possible.
If your in a rural area, your probably better off there...look at the tornado's this last year and floods...the rural people didn't want or ask for help...they relied on there neighbors.
In New Orleans, they begged for help and blaimed the government for Katrina...the people there that wanted help, were the ones that get free handouts...
Don't be a person that wants free handouts.

The area your in has a lot to do with your safety...rural people all over the USA are very independant and take care of there own...thats the area, I would wanna be in, if the SHTF and martial Law was impossed.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 06:10 PM
The same tactic that is currently being used to cope with government existence: the black market and counter-economics.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 06:35 PM
reply to post by NightSkyeB4Dawn

Totally agree with your post. and, even though I'm older I have skills in using a automatic rifle, a .45, know how to farm, run a tractor, fed, water live stock, clean out barns, mend fences, sheered sheep, 2 years of nursing, (even helped stitch up a drunk woman's superficial head wound New Year's Eve when there was a over crowded ER and not enough doctors.

I'm also a good cook, avid gardener / farmer, milk cows (by hand) and initiated many code blues (heart attacks) with CPR - saved most of them...........those that I couldn't save were not going to be brought back.

Have raised children, had all my preschoolers able to write their names and the beginning of reading and math.

I don't think I could kill an animal though for food - that's one thing that I don't think I'm capable of.

And I'm not bragging but darn, I've had a pretty interesting life. (Also a really good cook - started cooking when I was ten).

I also know pretty much which foods are edible (except mushrooms, I won't try to guess on) in a midwest forest setting.

It will be important to be able to rely on and know your neighbors.............I know most of mine and we have a really nice neighborhood, good people.
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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by rebellender
why yes i do I aslo know what one of thees can do do you, NYPD has been issued them for crowed control, BTW AJ is not one of the people I listen too, nor believe if I sound like him then maybe he's on target then again he's a plant, tell the truth but spin it so far out no one would or will believe you, but then what do I know I just mop floors PS than you for your BST and your service.

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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 08:12 PM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000
reply to post by Teriq

I'm not getting stars for saying this among this crowd, but I honestly believe it's the best and only approach to get through this until the initial rush of chaos passes and things stablize to figure out who is who and what is what. I can sum my plan up in 2 words.

Submarine Patrol.

Run Silent, Run Deep and attract 0 attention that isn't least until sides are clear and there is some idea of just what is happening. IF this goes down inside our nation...I don't expect clarity to be something we have for quite some time in the early stages.

I'm with ya 100%.
1. Keep your mouth shut
2. Hide weapons away from home...not in it.
3. Do NOT draw attention to yourself.
4. If "they" say you can be shot for doing X,Y, and Z...dont do X,Y,and Z!
Once things have settled, and you have more information, then leave or do whatever.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 08:20 PM
Your best bet is to get out of urban areas.......period. The higher the population density in an area the worse the martial law enforcent will be. Its all about controlling the masses, they will not care about right or wrong, your rights or your needs.

I left central FL about 6 months ago for North Dakota and now live in a state with a lower population than the county I lived in in FL. The reason I did this was based purely on survivability in the event that TSHTF. And it is going to very soon.

When, not if we end up going to war with Iran it will very likely escalate into a major conflict and that's exactly what TPTB want, tun they will have a reason to institute martial law and complete their plan of destroying our liberties and constitutional republic.

As I said, get out of densely populated urban areas.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 08:36 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

I have several books on urban survival in hard times to come and some stuff in it says.

Good points and well put. I agree with your whole post and it got me thinking. Let me add a few things if I may.

Your point about our pets is important, if the worst case scenario comes true, and I really hope it doesn't, they will definitely not be worried about our animals, unless they are a food source that is needed, so pets are done. I have heard it said that when they come to close down your neighborhood and round people up, they will probably have an excuse to maintain some sort of control. As ofhumandescent said probably famine (a rather brief interruption in transportation or fuel supplies would do this very quickly) or a biological health crisis. I have no doubt that they will be able to convince most people that it is humane to end your pets impending suffering now, before it actually begins.

Will they close the subdivisions and round all the undesirables up? Don't know. However I once did a search on torrentbay or of the word "survival" and then downloaded everything I found. Viruses? Simple Fdisk and reload, but I never got any. Anyway...

I got a lot of good stuff, and some crap. But one of the things I got was supposedly from Anonymous. I say supposedly because although it had screen shots that looked genuine and information on privacy on the web, that doesn't prove it was from anonymous in my mind, nor would it on ATS.

Having said that, the package contained a description of roundup day. It explained that we will all be told to report to the Post Office to register. We are then cautioned in the strongest terms not to go, but instead to leave immediately. If you go to register you will not be returning home, we are told.

When you show up at the P.O. the guy behind the counter will be armed. After registering you will be instructed to report to a semi trailer in the back of the P.O. for further consideration, a food package, temporary relocation placement, job assignment or shots to immunize you against a coming plague of some sort. When you go into the trailer you will not come back out, that is your transportation to the FEMA camp.

Well that is what it said for what it is worth. Personally, I think it will be more along the lines of shutting down subdivisions and sections of cities and doing a sweep.

As for preparations, I can honestly say that I moved three thousand miles to be in a better area to get away, should it come to that. My old location was right up against the Mississippi River and though it was very wild, it was actually owned by the Army Corps of Engineers. Wasn't a good starting place at all.

I have also traded my sports car for a 3/4 ton F250 Camper Special and have a big topper for it. I am also about to buy an old camper stretch van. Both vehicles have points and no microchips as they are antiques. I am working on my BOB every chance I get.

Sold my guns when I moved to get here, but am about to get a hunting rifle and a stout handgun. Settled on a 40 because it hits almost as hard and you get more rounds to the clip. As soon as summer hits we are going camping and finding a close place that we can get to by walking if necessary. Have been thinking about stashing the old camper and hitting it with camo, but still considering the pros and cons. I also have a good tent and sleeping bag.

I have also studied how to get water when there is none handy, at least enough to stay alive and when we camp this summer we will not allow ourselves anything but survival fire starting methods. I have a few books on wild food and though I will be missing my steaks and baked potatoes, I do plan on taking a seed pack with me. (I was a boy scout long enough to learn to be prepared)

Now I have not made all these preparations because I think this will happen, but because I think it could happen. So much has happened in the last twenty or thirty years that I thought I would never see, that we must admit to ourselves that anything could happen. I am also about to can food this summer. I have a lot of shelves for canned goods in my basement, and if i stash the camper I will also be stashing food and other things nearby, if for nothing else but getting started.

Where I am there are no snakes but there are bears. As far as I am concerned I would rather be eaten by a bear the third day than spend one day in a FEMA camp or at the hands of FEMA. I've had the misfortune of having FEMA visit my former home the last time we were flooded, these guys are not there to help people, they are there to control. We had been through floods many times before FEMA showed up and never had any problems. None! The year FEMA showed up all they did was hinder what we already knew how to do only too well. That year we had 3 deaths.
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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by Ittabena

Very good post.............says alot that more people should read and star.

these guys are not there to help people, they are there to control.

Very insightful post.

I am not going where my dog is not allowed.................pure and simple.

At this point i trust dogs more than humans.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 09:37 PM
Stay low and under the radar as best you can sounds like good advice.

But, if you do have specific plans - tell no one.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by fnpmitchreturns

I also have the foxfire collection and live in the puertorican islands.. I plan on living off all the chickens and abundent deer left after the military went elseware,not to mention the fish and other seafood available, I have a bob ready to go to high ground and benifit from the trade winds which will keep me clear of airbourn poisions .but one should allways be ready to adapt..

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by IncognitoGhostman

Drones you do know they are planning on putting them in the sky here in the USA. I can only guess it's for the purpose of martial law so they can scour anywhere however remote it might be.

I have a different take on this. For one thing if they declare martial law they will not even need a legal excuse to use them. Martial law ends that whole legal process. The reason they are talking about putting them in US airspace is fear. After all they did "release" this information. They are trying to motivate people to some end.

The question then is what does fear drive us to do?

And as far as a drone goes... It would be over instantly and I would die a free man. And yet, have you ever been in a dense Northwestern forest? Not real sure the drone would even get through all that. A missile maybe, but I think that would be prohibitively expensive. Still it would be over instantaneously.

My roommate used to work for the Forest Service here so he knows the area real well, he even saw Bigfoot once. His coworkers told him that yeah, they existed, but they just don't talk about it. And you know Bigfoot doesn't seem to get caught.

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 11:23 AM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

You are so right. People who believe they can grab their BOB and live in the wilderness after the fall of society are going to have a rude awakening. Have have learned their survival skills from a book or at best the boy/girl scouts. The other half are gonna be dependent on their "06 and freeze to death the first winter cause their book matches don't light in the sleet storm.
Ive been through a lot survival schools and only one "Civilian" one is worth a hoot and thats mountain shepherd (WWW. Unlike the other schools they actually have a group of instructors who have been there and done that. What I cant stand is those schools who tell me I can become one with nature and get by at -20! At least at WS they explain why this wont work and set me up for success!
I spent a number of years in the great North West and Alaska and if you think your gonna run around eating berries and bonding with nature you need to ask yourself what your gonna do for the other 10 months out of the year when the environments trying to punch your face in.
Do yourself a favor and if your planning to run from martial law take a professional course.
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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by Teriq

Documented times Martial Law HAS been declared in the US.....

The American RevolutionAs a result of the Boston Tea Party, Parliament passed the Massachusetts Government Act, one of the Intolerable Acts, which suppressed town meetings and assemblies, and imposed appointed government, tantamount to martial law.[17][18][19]

[edit] New Orleans, Louisiana in the War of 1812During the War of 1812, U.S. General Andrew Jackson imposed martial law in New Orleans, Louisiana before repulsing the British in the Battle of New Orleans.[20][21][22]

[edit] Ex parte MilliganOn September 15, 1863, President Lincoln imposed Congressionally authorized martial law.[citation needed] The authorizing act allowed the President to suspend habeas corpus throughout the entire United States (which he had already done under his own authority on April 27, 1861). Lincoln imposed the suspension on "prisoners of war, spies, or aiders and abettors of the enemy," as well as on other classes of people, such as draft dodgers. The President's proclamation was challenged in Ex parte Milligan, 71 US 2 [1866]). The Supreme Court ruled that Lincoln's imposition of martial law (by way of suspension of habeas corpus) was unconstitutional in areas where the local courts were still in session.

[edit] The Great Chicago FireIn response to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Chicago mayor Roswell B. Mason declared a state of martial law and placed General Philip Sheridan in charge of the city on October 9, 1871. After the fire was extinguished, there were no widespread disturbances and martial law was lifted within a few days.[23]

[edit] The West Virginia Mine WarDuring the events of the West Virginia Mine War, martial law was declared on the state of West Virginia. At the behest of Governor Cornwell, federal troops had been dispatched to Mingo County to deal with the striking miners.[citation needed]

[edit] The Territory of HawaiiDuring World War II (1939 to 1945) what is now the State of Hawaii was held under martial law from December 7, 1941 to October 24, 1944.[24]

[edit] Freedom RidersOn May 21, 1961, Governor Patterson of Montgomery, AL declared martial law. Freedom Riders

[edit] Hurricane KatrinaContrary to many media reports at the time, martial law was not declared in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, because no such term exists in Louisiana state law. However, a State of Emergency was declared, which does give unique powers to the state government similar to those of martial law. On the evening of August 31, 2005, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin nominally declared "martial law" and said that officers didn't have to observe civil rights and Miranda rights in stopping the looters.[25] Federal troops were a common sight in New Orleans after Katrina. At one point, as many as 15,000 federal troops and National Guardsmen patrolled the city. Additionally it has been reported that armed contractors from Blackwater USA assisted in policing the city.[26]

So the process is in place and since it has stood the test of acceptance and Law what make naysayers believe that it could never happen in the US? As to how it would be done becomes a logistical nightmare and must be coordinated with all branches of the military in such a fashion that any form of armed rebellion would be slow to react an inept. High population areas would have to be buttoned up very fast and main transportation arteries would have to be shutdown. Communiction and GPS satellites would need to be controlled and power grids isolated and protected. From there its just a matter of sweeping smaller towns and cities looking for the non compliant. Cities which have draconian gun laws would take less priority in house to house searches than those such as Charlotte NC weapons are a fact of life.
My opinion is that there is a plan in place its just a matter of what will be the reason and what will be the catalyst; Natural disaster?, Terrorist Threat?; Food disruption?; OR

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by Teriq

So, your actual question seems to be "how do I evade government control in a martial law USA" rather than how to survive it. Most posters seem in agreement that you should pull a "Red Dawn" and take to the wilderness but unlike the rebel "Wolverines" you would stay very low profile.

The easier route of just surviving martial law would be to comply (or appear to comply) with the laws. You may get killed for whatever reason if you comply ... but there's no guarantees that you would live long in the wild either.

... BTW, I thought your misspelled "Marshal Law" would be a cool comic book character name but there is already one with that name!

Oh, this is the good guy Marshall Law!

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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 03:43 PM
What about U.S. citizens visiting throughout Canada? Would the U.S. military march straight up here, knock down doors and start arresting people? If that does happen, and I do mean if..... most people don't take too kindly of idiots breaking into their homes and will defend themselves by any means possible. I wouldn't care who it is, someone that beaks into my home and plans to do my family harm deserves to get beaten to within an inch of their life, including military personnel if martial law is declared. Live free or die hard everyone.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 04:08 PM
personally; if Martial Law is declared, I will report directly to Camp Fema and give them a resume offering my services as a volunteer willing to assist during the emergency. (as a fed employee I may already be one of the guards, I mean administrators).
if the 's' really hits the 'f' most people will BEG to be allowed in Camp Fema. you lone wolves / off the gridders...I wish you the best, I really do, but at this point in my life I ain't playing.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by Teriq
this is another thought that pop up in my head what if America initiated Marshall law

I think the best tactic would be recognising homophones so you don't get too scared unnecessarily.
This may seem disingenuous, but it's important and can help limit unfortunate reactions due to misunderstanding.

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