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MSM debunking project

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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 01:08 PM
This is my first thread here so please be kind, this post isn't about stars and flags it's about justice and freedom.

Since I see A lot of Yahoo articles on here, and reading some on Yahoo today that left me in utter irritation. On how slanted and corporate backed it is. Made me hatch an idea, and whom better to present it too than all the lovely informed people at ATS?

Here's the plan: Any time you happen to find yourself on a MSM site like yahoo or CNN etc. reporting false news, no matter what the topic. Write a post beginning with... What another crap article, these things need a thumbs up and thumbs down button on articles, besides just the comments. Feel free to cut a paste that line to make it easier to post. Then debunk the whole article with cold hard facts and reveal who would most likely be behind the slant.

For example:

My reply:

What an uninformed article. The title should be WHEN not IF, lets pad the ground and not freak the hairless monkeys out and let them continue to think they are going to live forever. The earth is already over due for a pole reversal, by how many years you wonder? Most all reversals have taken place between 1,000 and 10,000 years and the last one was 780,000 years ago...But I guess being over due for one by 770,000 years is nothing to be concerned about so lets throw out a large number most of these primates can't understand and feel safe with at the same time...It's laughable.

I also think it's silly, that this article failed to mention that the compass already points South in a lot of areas that are 100's of kilometers in diameter already, one being off the coast of South Africa. I also think it's interesting how the article besides leaving out important information, brings up doomsday people too. Why do that? Oh, that's right to paint anyone that says anything different than what's posted; as a kook dooms day weirdo.

World end world not end, tomorrow or 6.5 more billion years it doesn't matter, much when the life span of all hairless human primates is less than 80 years depending on what country you live in.

My point is wake up to what the media tricks are, this article is not accurate. Informing yes, to those that have never heard of a pole shift, otherwise it's as sterile as uncle Jerry's balls. Conversation between writer and editor:...Writer: "So how can we inform about pole shifts without wigging out the monkey's?" Editor: "let's pad the information and use scientists that agree with not scaring the the monkey's. Because shareholder forbid that we educate and be accurate as we inform them...You want a banana?" Writer: "Hellz yes I do"

Another example:

My reply:
Another crap article, these things need thumbs up and thumbs down buttons, besides the ones for comments. Lets pick this one apart with facts. Hmmm why buy a house as an investment when home percentages are at an all time low? Why would anyone want to own a 125,00 dollar 3 bedroom 2 bath house at only 6,000 down on a 30 year fixed rate and pay just 560 a month when average rent is 800? Let's just keep throwing out money in a never ending toilet called rent. Who benefits by this? Oh, I dunno banks? How are they going to make money at 3.85% oh that's right they won't. How about we write an article when is 9% like it was 12 years ago, that says now's the time to buy a house!!! Yeah man, good idea more profit for banks that way....welcome to main stream media and it's controllers.

So that's the gist of my idea and I do hope everyone can get on board with this, if we can't be in the streets at least we can take it to them on their front doors. Lets stop the slant and corporate agenda in mass media, and let our posts do what the article didn't do TELL THE TRUTH! Please feel free to spread this far and wide, and remember the thumbs up and thumbs down for articles, if enough people start asking for it they will do it, and we can start flagging all their crap that's lies lies lies instead of flagging and arguing other posters...instead of creating dis-chord in the community, lets take it to them and demand we get those buttons for articles.

Take care everyone keep up the good fight.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 01:44 PM
Oh, by the way Could we keep it on topic too? I know pole shifts and housing are topics unto themselves I was just using those as examples. Thanks ahead of time!

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 05:37 PM
Truely a bold plan....Id say it would work excellently if just 10% of the articles get critiqued like this....
I think the number of crap articles is just too great to answer 100% or even 25%
but 10% may be attainable if we all try to keep the faith.....
I sure know from my own experience that most of thestuff one finds is not worth the title they give it in the first place....and you leave wanting the answers to the simplest questions which they should have informed you of in the article in the first place....
Thank goodness Google is our friend.....
Good idea, ill give it a whirl too.....s

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 05:57 PM
I know it will work the housing one was in the number 2 news spot, it got yanked right off the main page less than 15 minutes after i wrote the reply, I had a hard time trying to track the article down it got so much negative feedback, in its place they put up an article that the housing market was recovering.
It was interesting how housing was spun negative first then flipped to positive when the article went south from all the negative. I think they have us chasing each others tail arguing comments with each other instead of taking it to them instead...and boy do we really need to take it to those puppets.

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