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Officer Peters of AZ Commits His 7th Fatal Shooting This Year, This Victim Was Holding A Baby

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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by DerepentLEstranger

I say deskjob because the facts are biased one way. If all of his shootings have been 'righteous' he still should come off patrols and perhaps work as a weapons trainer or another part of the department, I think that if he isn't a monster if he keeps this up he'll easily become one and he needs to step aside and let the other officers perform the duties. It is not fair for the department to keep him in the situation for his own wellness.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 02:58 AM
I posted this on my fb....I will just copy it here as I have been typing all day about this and am a bit tired....
I came to see if a thread had been posted about this MURDER and saw two....the other thread seems to be WAY off as people are claiming (I read through the first page and a half or so) that John George had a gun when he was shot and was holding his granddaughter (it was his grandson...his name is Neo)
Their facts are skewed and after 6 pages of what seems to be arguing, I refuse to get into that mess and argue with and defend my stance....the things I know to be true....
FYI....he was NOT armed when they shot him as is pointed out here....he had guns in the house yes....but he was not armed....
I have guns....does that warrant shooting me over a domestic dispute?
This cop is a KILLER...simple as that....lock his a$$ up FOR LIFE!
This was my post....

"RIP John George Loxas II.......this man was my friend.....he was a bright mind with higher ideals....murdered by the PIGS while holding his grandson in his arms in his OWN DOORWAY....he was UNARMED!

The PIG who killed him had already racked up 5 other murders! This was his 6th shooting!....SPREAD THE WORD....PLEASE!....

Don't buy the bs cover story...he was NOT a violent man and the quotes they pulled from his fb page are WAY out of context....I know what those quotes meant because JG (as I called him) and I had many long conversations about some of those exact quotes.....there was not violence there....He, like many of us, just seen things for what they were.....and refused to live a life under their SLAVE guidelines......He loved his grandson more than anything....he would have NEVER done anything to put that child in harms way....even had he "snapped off and lashed out" he would have made DAMN sure that child was far away and safe.....this much I KNOW!

John will be will not be forgotten....I will carry you with me till I carry on no longer..."

^^A link to the abc story.....the ridiculous things they are saying are almost laughable and they would be if it wasn't for the serious nature of this incident....They must have spent the entire night on his fb page digging up those quotes of his....which are taken out of context, as I think I pointed out in my fb post....

I am really not interested in arguing and debating if this was justified or not....I KNOW it was not....You cannot justify this bs to me.....EVER....simple as that!

I am outraged!!

John George Loxas II will ALWAYS be remembered by those who cared for him.....he was a good friend of mine....we spent a lot of time taking about "higher" ideals....I spent a lot of time trying to drag details of his philosophy out of him and we even spent a fair amount of time debating and something even crossing over to arguing when we didn't agree or when I would play devil's advocate just to get a rise out of him....

In my eyes....the man is a martyr.....not because he died for some cause that was laid out on paper by man....but because he died standing for his rights.....whether he was involved in a domestic dispute or not.....when the pigs came he decided he wasn't going to bow down to their authoritarian display of power......whether that was "smart" at the time or not is debatable......apparently it wasn't....I am sure he wasn't expecting to have a round placed in his skull.........Probably more along the lines of "hey, I won't back down"..........prove it.....go to jail for a few....and have a nice story to tell the grandson when he is older about how grandpa threw the finger to "the man"......
So sad that "the man" now sees it fit to kill at the first sign of trouble......

This over-reaching over-reactionary behavior by these pigs will not stop until we stand against it.....simple as that....when we WANT it to will stop....until then....expect to here MANY more of these stories.....

Today has made me realize this.......

I also posted this to my fb page: "It is things like this that make me CERTAIN that no matter what we matter how we say it or how much time we spend trying to clarify our "rawer" points.....our words will ALWAYS be misconstrued....always interpreted so that it seems we were the "radicals"....the "extremists"........and we will be turned in the "bad guy"......"terrorist sympathizers", or whatever other label they decide to brand us with......

Only REAL EYES will ever REALIZE the TRUTH.....the majority of the sheeple will fall in line....march in step....listen to the stories of our deaths and no think twice about it next week they will forget it ever long as they keep their stomachs full, their wallets packed, and their gadgets in their ears/eyes they could care less about the rest.........

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 03:00 AM
Have to comment again....I realized I rambled there after I said I was going to post my fb message....anyhow...reminder....


posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 04:25 AM
Jakal, my sympathies go out to you in your time of loss. We've certainly downplayed the effect this could have on the grandson and this family and circle of friends.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 12:00 PM
Another meaninless death?
I dont think so........With the loss of such men, the true state of the nation is illustrated like no other way possible.
The policeman who killed this citizen, has touched a spark to countless trails of gunpowder....
The resulting abhorrence will kindle the fire of outrage further in the souls of those who can percieve.
We will all mourn this loss......but from it, new determinarion will will be instilled in the hearts of many.
The Time will come when those who are now mighty, will be laid low for all to see and marvel at their madness.....
Arrogance is the maker of its own downfall.......
Let those who have eyes to see, remember...................

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 12:21 PM

Originally posted by Jakal26
Have to comment again....I realized I rambled there after I said I was going to post my fb message....anyhow...reminder....


Since you are there. You know having guns in AZ is not unusual.

And chances are this cop is a former Marine.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by Annee

You are correct....having guns in AZ isn't uncommon......and you are probably right on your assumptions that this pig was a former marine or other branch....

What are we getting at here though?

Also...I am not currently in AZ, just to clarify. Currently I am in VA.

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