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Do you think we have any chance of fighting this system?

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posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by ogbert

Sounds like a good way for a group of individuals to brainwash and steal everything a person has.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 07:32 AM
Revolution is possible, but it would have to be fast and just as far-reaching as the government. The problem is, too many people don't even know how much our democracy is a lie. It would take huge publicity to this, and for that you need mainstream media, as if they would take a story like that.

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 05:25 AM

Originally posted by ogbert
reply to post by foood4thought

Have you considered that you may be pre-cognitive? Or, that as you say it is a matrix, maybe you are creating these events, within your own script.

I've considered it. Some of them may be genuine psychic incidents, or subconscious predictions.

However... some of these are flat-out wiretapping.

Basically, what happened is, I started exposing Alex Jones on the Internet, so, he somehow managed to hack into my phone. It's either because he's CIA, knows some good hackers in Hollywood, or, he knows some good Russian hackers... You have to consider that Alex Jones appears on Russia Today (news channel) quite a lot, and this channel is owned by Vladimir Putin.

Anyway, what would happen is... I'd say stuff throughout the day, and Alex Jones would pick out little bits of what I said, and repeat them on his show.

For example, one night, I was looking at the stars, and I said, out loud, "I like looking at the stars".

On the next show, he said, "don't be upset if you live in a small apartment or your hair is falling out. Success is looking at the stars".

Another time, I was talking about Benjamin Fulford, and he actually had a caller, "Rich from Nevada" (obviously a fake name, playing on the Las Vegas gambling thing), and he phoned in about Benjamin Fulford that very day.... This was the Sunday edition, October 9th 2011.

Then, there are other incidents, where I've literally written things on paper, and I will be emailed parts of what I've said the next day... Again, it's not vague stuff like "new world order", which every conspiracy guy talks about... As I said, one time, I was writing, ON PAPER (without any webcams in front of the paper), about reptilians and the number 45... and then, I got an email saying draconian45 on YouTube had subscribed to my channel... That is not a coincidence...

Another time, I was writing about the Skull and Bones secret society... The next day, someone knocked on my door, and kept asking me questions. He couldn't hear me well, so he kept pointing his ear to me, revealing and Skull and Bones ear ring on his left ear..... It's crazy.

Another time, I was planning to visit Cafe Nero, and was sitting on a bench, and someone walked up asking where Cafe Nero was. I then visited it later, and that very same person came in and sat next to me, making all kinds of weird signals.

Another time, April 26, 2011, I made a video saying I had an upcoming documentary exposing Alex Jones... Within hours, there was a black, spherical surveillance drone / blimp flying around in the garden... I am absolutely not joking.

If you're wondering whether I'm credible, just look on my YouTube channel... You'll see I'm fairly sane...

posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 01:07 PM
I'll tell you another weird story. I was listening to the Charlie Sheen interview with Alex Jones on February 25, 2011... Charlie Sheen started talking about Eminem. I said, out loud, knowing they were tapping my phone, "Eminem is a one trick pony".

Then, if you go to the Eminem-Royce Da 5'9 album, released later in the year, there is a song, "Living Proof", with the Eminem lyric, "Man of course I'm a one trick pony / 'Cause I'll be on these whores 'til I'm hoarse".

I think I know how this happened... I had previously posted some stuff on PrisonPlanet Forum about Eminem, and so, when I got into my feud with Alex Jones, somehow this ended up involving Eminem. Alex Jones has said he's a fan of the show.

So, my point is, this phone tapping thing goes on across Hollywood, the music industry, the media, the CIA (obviously) and elsewhere..... I'm telling you. 2011 was, like, the weirdest year of my life..... I actually saw 2 UFOs that year, and I say that as someone who isn't (1) schizophrenic (2) a former believer in UFOs..... The first UFO I saw was a black spherical drone (as noted). I suspect that was a military-MI5-CIA thing..... The 2nd UFO I saw was a blue neon light, flying outside my window, at night time. It sped from left to right very quickly, and once it got to its right-most point, it would "jump" back "instantly" to the original point. It repeated this cycle a few times and then disappeared completely. Although, I will admit, this particular UFO could have been a weird effect caused by the neon light found on the laptop in the room. That's a bit anti-climatic... lol...

Anyway, 2011... a very weird year.
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posted on Feb, 20 2012 @ 05:31 PM
To defeat a system is to require an accurate definition of "system" pertaining to the one of now, however, the basic integrity of the structure lies within the psycho-anatomy of mankind.
Personally, I believe the system, whichever one it actually is, if not cut from the same cloth;- IngSoc, Illuminati, Monarch etc. can only be defeated with, ironically, a level of self-defeat, or to say the least, outwitting the self.

You see in the ruling class;- Greed, Will to power, Autocracy (egoistic anarchism for the personality in mind, naturally) and you may look in the mirror and see those things in yourself also, this is where their domination comes in - the Autocrats and such, though doing it for themselves, stand for an idea, that idea being the Will to power, in the literary sense,
Now, with each overthrowing and revolution, someone is ousted from power and someone else is placed in, that's just the cycle of things, in order to defeat this system, one must be void of self when in "rule"

On the otherhand, the idea of the system alone is enough to inspire fear, the media plays very well on this for the knowing bunch, which may actually be in effect the masses, however, it may be non-existent, but nonetheless poses hesitation in willing revolutionaries because they FEAR what may be.

If you want to try a hand at destroying the system, have in your employ like-minded people, they may indeed be akin to a union of egoists, but for now, a will to power is as good as it can get, self-refuting, I know, but still, the new will to power ought to be a likened to a slave morality for the ruling class, as opposed to for the underclass.

Best you can do is study, Nietzsche is a good start, its practically something of a manifesto of the NWO....should they exist.

posted on Feb, 21 2012 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by foood4thought

I understand, and have felt that way many times. But I see one obvious "thing" happening in this time that has never happened before. You are probably too young to remember how little information the populus received before the internet. It has always been my belief that knowledge without restraint will be the answer to most of our problems. Acts of evil are really different from acts of stupidity.

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