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A Dream Come True

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 02:40 PM
First let me start by saying I am using my cell so please forgive any typo or cramming of paragraphs. Apologies ahead of time.

I had written about my dream on a thread about the Norway Spiral because the dream took place on tbe same night. I posted the details there. If anyone has a puter and willing to go to my profile and copy it here it would be greatly appreciated as I have not mastered this wonderful technological device. It is located near the bottom of all my posts and dated 11/30/2010.::: dream relates to the strange sounds coming from the sky and the Washington
monument. I posted this in 2010 so rest assured I knew nothing of the latest phenomena as most instances took place in mid to late 2011. Thinking back on it now it makes a lot more sense.

I did not understand it at the time as is with most of my dreams. I always have to wait and let it come to fruition. My dream did not include the cracks that occurred to the monument but the strange sounds that people are experiencing today is the "voice" that woke me. The noise was fom the sky and related to the sky being a different color. Also I understood in my dream that obelisks had something to do with sound vibrations as in they were being used to enhance certain vibrations. Upon doing some research I found out that granite has wonderful acoustic qualities to it. I can't post my research cause my laptop took a crap on me and this new Razor is just too much for my brain right now.

I would like to discuss the possibility that prophetic dreams do in fact take place and to also maybe find out more information about the resonant qualities of the obelisks. Thanks for any help guys

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 02:45 PM
Me happend the same 3 Days before the Concordia ship sunk in was like in my Dream

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by cloudwatcherI would like to discuss the possibility that prophetic dreams do in fact take place

Not only do they take place, but it seems to me they are happening more and more frequently. People are constantly posting prophetic dreams not only here, but on every dream related discussion forum I frequent. I've been studying dreams for years, and never before have I seen so many reports of these kinds of dreams. The majority are about mundane things, but it's getting hard to ignore.

I started a thread about it here

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:16 PM
reply to post by cloudwatcher

Of course they take place. I've been dreaming about things that take place in my life.. all my life.

Yeah, it's the kinda stuff one keeps to themselves or risk being called crazy. My X used to give me excuse after excuse as to why my dreams were just dreams.. Untill she was convinced by a VERY detailed dream I told her about 2 days before it happened.

I still have them today.. save, I cant remember them now. Strange. I used to at least remember tidbits of dreams, even the normal non prophetic dreams, but now I know I dream.. I just cant tell you 1 second of them. As though there is nothing more to show.

One of the last ones was based upon me and "someone" hanging out in front of some kinda (in my dream I thought it was...) museum. Our guide was in the front of the group speaking to us. Me and someone, a friend, was in the back cutting up and laughing. (Im a grown man, btw. Dunno who was with me, but it was as though it was night)

Then a very bright light, I thought it was the moon, flew overhead. I saw it through the covering of trees that was directly above us.. I watched it fly across the sky as though time had sped up and the moon raced across the night sky, but bigger and much brighter... And a VERY loud voice saying.. "LISTEN!!!!" As if scolding us. But he could have just been warning. Yet, I have no idea what the person was saying. I wish I had, but I cant control my dreams as some say they can. Ive been able to do that only twice in my whole life.

Then I saw myself in front of a man, walking past me, never looking at me. I was sad.... Because in my dream, it was Christ ignoring me. I thought.. Is it because I acted like I didnt know him? He no longer knows me? I can describe him very well. Even wearing royal blue attire. He was walking down some extensive white stairs.. Not totaly super bright white mind you, just normal white granite or marble. People were going and comming in every direction, but it was the fact that he chose not to look at me that really hurt me in the dream. I woke up right then, sad and feeling horrible.

Coulda been a dream.. But that one was VERY awkward and it stuck with me in more detail than all others.
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