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A Vision in the Office

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posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 02:46 PM

A Vision in the Office
Posted: Tuesday, June 01, 2004
- written by jerry golden

It was 2:30 AM and I couldnít sleep, so I decided to go downstairs to my office and see if I could write an article on some things that had been on my mind. My mind however just drew a blank, so I decided to lie for a while on the couch in the office. It was then that I begin to hear from the voice I know so well. But before sharing it with you I should warn you that most of it might sound like an over active imagination of one who stays on top of current events around the world. In fact, God and I have had a serious conversation over if I should say this was a vision. But God has clearly instructed me to tell others what I have seen, so here it is, you are the judge.

God spoke to me and said I have found your heart and efforts pleasing but you still have much to learn and I will teach you many things about my Church. The time is very near when panic and chaos will grip the hearts of men and many will die from the fear of what they are seeing. The things you are about to see are for you to tell those who will listen.

It was a Mall, where I am not sure but there were dead and wounded bodies scattered over a large area and as soon as I saw this I was in a different place looking down on a large gathering of a sporting event. Many were already dead and others were gasping for their breath and dying even as I looked at them. One man spoke to me, saying they have already destroyed our economy by cutting off the oil, now they want to kill all of us.

I thought Iíd keep seeing this type of disaster but to my surprise I found myself in a Church, judging from the interior and the looks and sounds I thought it must be a Baptist Church. As I sit there in the presence of God unable to speak I heard the Pastor give a short glib standard salvation message, and I watched the people who were frightened and unable to understand why all this was happening to them. Many were destitute without food and no way to purchase any. One man interrupted the Pastor and said why havenít you prepared us, why havenít you warned us? The Pastor begins to cry and the people got up and left him standing behind the pulpit. It was then I noticed an amazing thing, the Pastor fell to the floor and he was dead.

Then we were in a city center and I watched as people were looting and screaming obscenities at each other. Some were shooting and arm robbing the ones that had just stolen the goods from the store just moments before. I looked at the Bank and it was closed and people were trying to get in but the doors were locked.

There were military troops on the streets of the larger cities and they were shooting people with impunity, no one could believe what was happening.
As they ran almost aimlessly in pure panic, we followed one man to his home. He greeted his wife and two small children with, I didnít do any good, and I donít know what we are going to do now. He sits and turned on the TV and the news about Israel was on. Israel was under heavy attack and they had already destroyed Damascus. It was believed that many missiles were on the way from Iran. Egypt had launched a full-scale attack and it was feared that Syria had launched missiles with chemical and biological warheads. I turned to God and said you promised that Israel will not be destroyed again, but He reminded me that it wasnít the end of the story and to wait and see His Word come to pass. Looking back at the TV it showed how suicide bombers had killed many all over the country and everyone was frightened to the point of not knowing where to turn for help.

It was then God showed me Believers who had bonded together and had a Pastor who had prepared them, their love for each other was obvious and many were coming to them for help. But even more important many were being drawn to them as their love was a witness for Yeshua.

I ask God why more Pastors hasnít prepared the Believers, and He told me that they have been desensitized by Y2K and felt they couldnít tell them to prepare again. But those Pastors who knew to prepare their congregations and did not will wish they had never knew Me; I will tell them I never knew them.

It was then God said to me, "only those who truly know Me would overcome and witness My great salvation, for all Temporal things will perish but those born of the Spirit will see Eternal Life." I then ask God what would He have me to do? God told me then, that I was to continue on the task set before me and not to look back, that many would be saved.

End of Vision, like I said you be the judge. Shalom, jerry golden

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