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USA allow the children to eat rats.

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:20 AM
I don't understand how the U.S.A. can send billions to a bunch of countries when we can't even fix our infrastructure or take care of our own problems. The government needs to get it's head out of it's @$$ and take care of the land it supposedly represents and is suppose to protect!!

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by emberscott

That is pretty narley.... *yuck! most of the USA is like this from my experience. I live in CT driving up to places like upstate NY where people are extremely poor was really depressing....Everything from the run down buildings, to the people in the rundown mall who reeked smell so bad... to people chilling out on their porch,---presumably because it was summer and no one could afford an AC.. spent 1 week up there.....never again.. I like wealthy Connecticut!

Ive also been told how poor some towns in the Appalachians are, my grandfather always talks about how he ate squrriel as a kid in OH.

It is sad you dont see many charities on the tele for poor US children, its always for the starving children abroad, I guess we in the US are just expected to survive, a kind of blue collar attitude. I been told squirrel taste like nut or smoked meat, rat cant be to bad.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:44 AM

Originally posted by zbeliever
reply to post by ColCurious

I don't know what part of the USA you live in, but here in Ohio that number sounds right!

I don't live in the US at all, I live in Germany.

I was just assuming that those numbers can't be right, because the US is a first-world country and one of the wealthiest on this planet for that matter.
I know there are different ways to estimate the wealth of a country but the most honest is still the average QoL of the people living in that country.

I agree with RealSpoke that the numbers seem to be exaggerated, probably to make the documentary more dramatic. I still didn't see anyone confirming the numbers.

Allegedly 20 million people living on ~11k/year?!? Come on... that's neither first-world, nor very believable.

Besides, when we hear guys like Newt Gingrich in his campaign, talking condescendingly about Europe/Germany... we must assume that the grass is greener in the USA.
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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:46 AM

Originally posted by Taupin Desciple

Originally posted by RealSpoke
reply to post by emberscott

Why are you ignoring all the logical posts from Americans that are saying this is horrible propaganda?

I for one am beginning to think that he knows it's true.

One part of wants to say he's a troll, but he's putting too much time and thought into all this. It's starting to sound like he's being paid by someone to put this point of view of "his" on a site as big as this one. Possibly to keep the propoganda alive for some political purpose.

I just find it hard to believe that someone could be so socially naive, yet so adamant about their point of view.

It's coupled by the fact that he's not American so he's trying to assume he knows American politics (which, for all non-Americans issues like this are not a National issue, it's a States issue.. hard to understand, I know) And the fact that Americans in the thread are providing grossly ignorant information (such as Arizona not accepting food stamp applicants is completely false.)

Even our homeless population eats better than the vast majority of the World.. I mean, compare a picture of a starving African child from Sudan to the fat kid in the video who "ate rats" .. please.. The video even admits kids only "go hungry" for 2 days out of the week (weekends) .. who gets so hungry after 2 days they eat rats? The story is such blatant propaganda. Better yet, what parent, who gets on average $900 a month for food stamps and a minimum of $2,500 a year in cash per child from the IRS (whether they pay anything or work at all) cannot feed their kid twice a week? !@$!@ ignorant parents, that's who. It's a personal problem, not an American one.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:48 AM
More sensationalistic anti American rhetoric. Try reading in context and think about what you write.You are unbelievable OP. Fishing for stars?

"Survey Says?" (((((Brrrrrrrrr)))) ) point's
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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:50 AM

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:50 AM

Originally posted by ColCurious
reply to post by Wetpaint72

I know times are a bit rough over there but it can't be that bad.
"20 million Americans earn less then 11k per year for a family of 4"
Those numbers sound exaggerated. As far as I know the USA is still a first-world country.

20 million is "only" less than 10% of the population, and based on my OWN experiences when living and working over there, i can see this being very well the case.

Some people in other countries have NO IDEA how hard it can be over there working one/two/three min wage jobs, having no health insurance etc..etc... this is pretty much reality for MANY people over there.

What do you expect? This country has not remotely anything like a social net like countries in Europe...and it spends insane sums on the military...and it votes retards into office.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by ColCurious

Allegedly 20 million people living on ~11k/year?!? Come on... that's neither first-world, nor very believable.

In America if you can keep your income just below the poverty threshold you get a plethora of benefits, tax credits, rebates, you name it. The average family on welfare has 4 kids .. if they make $11k a year with 4 kids they get $2,500 per child, or $10,000 in tax credits (cash back) as well as food stamps (average $900 a month) free health care, free school lunches, housing assistance, many are usually on some form of Social Security plan, Welfare program and others depending on your state. And if your a minority there are even more programs and further assistance, like free college and so on. So when you say a family "earns" $11k a year, and you notice the beer cans on their porch and their obese ass sitting on a couch watching a big screen TV playing a new Xbox while smoking a cigaret and wonder how they can live making so little .. well .. they live rather comfortably.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:59 AM

Originally posted by Taupin Desciple
reply to post by emberscott

First of all, I'm getting a little aggravated by all the anti-American threads floating around these days. We're not the only country in the world with these kinds of problems. The rest of the world needs to wake up and realize that we're not all that anymore. This isn't the 50's. This is 2012 and economies are more global than they ever were. Maybe once upon a time we were the richest and most powerful, but not anymore. We ( our government)treat our underpriveledged like crap while we go around the world militarily bullying everyone else. Don't get me started about how screwed up my country has become because I'll throw sh*t at you you can't understand.

Do you have any idea how many coporations have moved their operations from here to other parts of the world for cheap labor and bigger profits? Do you have any idea how many companies that are left that will hire illegals instead of legal American citizens for cheap labor and bigger profits? Do you know what happens when you combine those two facts? A welfare nation, that's what. We're not the richest nation on earth. The companies that use the USA for mailing purposes are the richest entities in the world because they have our government bent over right where they want them.

Wake up. What makes you think we're the richest country in the world? The corporations have the government by the family jewels and, if you notice at around 2:15 in the video you posted, the boy said that he goes to bed hungry a lot. Then in the next sentence he goes on to say that his mother is pregnant
They can't feed the kids they have yet they're having more? It's ignorant parents and greedy politicians, who are in the minority of the general population BTW, that shine a dirty light on the rest of us. And it's the media that shoves that 10"inch record towards people like like you, and you swallow it whole. Gullible isn't the word I'm looking for sweetie.

You combine our government with irresponsible parents who couldn't take responsibilty for their own actions if their lives depended on it and this is what you get; kids eating rats. Come over here and I'll show you the conditions that our Native American population are forced to live in. You'll leave swearing up and down that you're in a third world country. And you'd be right. You know those kids in the video? See how how there school has electricity and running water? I'll leave it at that. It's sickening to me that we do this to our own. That last thing that I and people like me need are people like you who don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. You spout off about "The USA does this..... The USA does that..... and you just don't know. You don't have a clue.

Zip it up Bubba, your ignorance is showing.

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My God man! Thank you for reading my mind. This crap becomes nauseating to the point of bewilderment. People on this site cannot possibly be so shallow minded and out of touch with reality to fish for American stories in an effort to slander. PLEASE stop with this garbage. It clutters this wonderful site and adds nothing worth reading.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by flexy123

Originally posted by flexy123
20 million is "only" less than 10% of the population, and based on my OWN experiences when living and working over there, i can see this being very well the case.

Are you sure about that? I've never been to the US myself but I still doubt the numbers.
Even our poorest 5% (unemployed, living on benefits) do better than that.
I think it's much more likely the BBC wanted to paint a grim picture. Wouldn't be the first time.

reply to post by Rockpuck

Thanks for elaborating but this:

Originally posted by Rockpuck
So when you say a family "earns" $11k a year, and you notice the beer cans on their porch and their obese ass sitting on a couch watching a big screen TV playing a new Xbox while smoking a cigaret and wonder how they can live making so little .. well .. they live rather comfortably.

is a whole different problem. This is the prime example for a flawed benefits system.
People like that should be put into occupational training programs and back into work asap.
Otherwise you encourage moral decay and umemployment.
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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 04:43 AM

Originally posted by quedup
reply to post by caladonea

Because Propaganda works - it is the perfect tool to divide us.

Too bad it's not working here. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think one poster in here agrees with the OP. We all may have slightly different reasons as to WHY he's wrong, but we all agree he's wrong.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 05:03 AM
OP this thread is annoying.

Do you not understand that this is propaganda? So because one child's parents are too lazy to do anything but eat a rat (wtf?, you attribute one weird isolated incident to the entire rest of the country? I could freaking go outside and find enough money on the ground to go to taco bell if I wanted to. I could literally walk up to someone and ask them for a couple of bucks if i was desperate enough, and they would give it to me.

No one in the US eats freaking rats, the parents ate a rat either because they're too lazy to get pro active with their lives and take care of their kid, or because they're weird and had a taste for rat. Hell, if you're homeless in my city, there's a pretty good chance you're gonna get quite a few free meals every day because people are kind enough to buy for them.

Learn to see past propaganda before you make stupid threads like this.
"too impoverished"....she has clothes on her back, an education, and a home. Do you understand what impoverished means? Her family may be below the norm in terms of money, but it's far from truly being poor. They have opportunity, and choose to be lazy.
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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 11:49 AM
OP PLEASE REPLY TO ALL OF US or admit you were trolling

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 12:45 PM
USA here. Single mom with a teen. I've been out of work since nov 2010. I was lucky to find a very very short term job and my total income for the year was 1540.00

Yes. $1,540 dollars. For the year. We survived on my refunds from my online school left over loan/grant money. We also get 365/mth in food stamps which have been a blessing. RIght now, I have not been able to pay the rent for my apt which only he and i live here and it's 300/mth (I live in the poorest county in Illinois) for the last two months. I've been waiting for the housing to call me since I put in an app a few months back. I never thought I'd be in this situation after having worked my butt off since my first job in 1989. But it happens.

My hope is that I get one of the 400 openings at Toyota in the next state over. they pay 14.66 an hour and it'd be mon and friday and occasional saturdays. That comes out to a full time job at min wage given how much money they pay an hour. However, the same catch applies there as applies everywhere. over 2000 people are vying for those 400 spots. Mcdonalds in town here was hiring for one drive through cashier. 153 people put in apps for it. 153 people for one spot at mcdonalds.

I don't give up. I can't and won't. But look at me as proof that yes, some people do make barely enough to survive on. I made a little over 1500 dollars this past tax year. Joy. Made about 4500 the year before. Part time work. Amazing. (sarcasm, btw, that 'amazing'.)

ETA: we have no tv, radio, one pay as you go 7 year old phone with 20 dollars on it for base emergencies. The only thing here is this pc, and it's for my schooling and for me and my kid to watch an occasional movie on. got the cheapest net possible which around here is 14.99/mth. adn that bills behind too til another refund from school comes in. our clothing is years upon years old. just saying. we aint partying it up. I detest alcohol, drugs and smoking. And soda makes you fat and lethargic plus tastes like crap. Not all of us are lazy louses

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by sarra1833

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I was going to bring up the difficulties involved when one does not live in a city where they can get to all those benefits, mentioned in previous posts...such as a food bank etc. When you live in a smallish town, and don't have a lot of extra spare cash for gas you can find yourself somewhat trapped.

I was going to use those families in the Appalachians as an example but yours worked just fine

I wish I was close enough and had the means to help

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 01:09 PM
For the record, maybe you will understand me somewhat better. Being everyone wants to share their life stories.

When I was nineteen years old, due to an unfortunate circumstance, out my control I killed a man. I stand firm on the truth that I acted in pure self defense. I am innocent of the murder charges they brought against me. I was found guilty of a lesser crime of involuntary manslaughter. Why?, well because I fought the gun away from the man and killed him with it.This was fortunate for me because it could have been me that was the one murdered that night, or luckily just shot, maimed, scarred, wounded, paralyzed, etc. So I feel no remorse for winning the preservation of my own life. He brought this on himself.

I was lucky to have the attorney I did. He was an actual murder trial attorney appointed by the courts and was not a public defender. He never sugar coated anything, making sure I had a firm grip on the severity of the cold harsh reality of the dire situation my life was in at the time. Even though, at the time I really wasn't getting it and if I did I damn wouldn't have been able to accept it. And he trusted I was telling the truth about how and why all this happened. Even before took the polygraph. Unfortunately polygraphs were inadmissible as evidence at the time.

So here we are at jury selection. The DA comes with the only offer ever made of a plea bargain to avoid the trial. The offer was three years for a plea of no lo contend re to voluntary manslaughter with an additional three years attached for the use of a gun. Now mind you I am facing a trial charged with second degree murder. There were additional felony charges I was facing, Felony possession of a firearm, Discharging a fire arm within city limits, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and leaving the scene of a crime. All felonies offenses. The three strikes law had just been passed so I was in a really #ed situation. This was the first time I had been arrested and jailed. And I had been in jail for almost a year and a half held without bail. That's right, every motion for bail was denied.

If I lost the trial and was found guilty of second degree murder. I faced a minimum of 15 years to life and that's not including the other charges. Being that the new three strike law had just come into law meant that if I was found guilty of three of the felony charges It was a mandatory twenty five years to life in prison. More than three and it was life in prison. I'll save you all the details such as the deceased was a VFW with a tour in grenada and a tour in panama and my ethnicity and his ethnicity, and just say the odds weren't strong in my favor. So I accepted the plea agreement as I instinctively felt this was in my best interest. I wasn't a dumb kid I just ended up in a #ed position. But I was completely railroaded and crucial evidence was withheld from discovery by the district attorney.

The evidence withheld was not discovered until more than a year later, because it took that long to enter it into the public records system, after I was sentenced and by that time it was too late. The forensics reports withheld showed that the fingerprints of the deceased were also taken from the gun. And that gun powder residue swabs of his hand were positive. Proving that he had the gun in his possession. And could only have fired it while still alive with the gun in his possession. Which corroborated with my statement that he fired the gun twice at me before I managed to get tare it from his hands.

An appeal was filed for a new trial and granted. My plea was withdrawn. A new trial was being set. But I was already paroled by this time. The only real benefit at this point would be to exonerate me. So moving on.

So I was only to be in prison one and a half additional years. Unless you've been imprisoned you will never know what it is like and what you become to survive. It's paradise right? TVs in the cells, radios, all the comforts of home. I mean it's a big ass party with cake and # right? Strawberry mai tais with lil' umbrellas. Topless big booty caribean girls in thongs and smelling like hawaiian tropic suntan lotion. Anyways, I actually spent three years two months and seventeen days. For a ground total of 1665 days. I even calculated it total in hours, total in minutes and total in seconds.

So here I am twenty years old now and on my way to lapse in the luxury of prison life with the rest of societies throwaways. I mean that's what I am right? An undesirable unwanted social throwaway. Anyways, I learned a lot while I was in jail from people that had been to prison. All the do's and don'ts but mostly from a lifer who'd been in prison since '69 for murder. And he really broke it down for me. So I became what is known as a 'get down artist'.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 01:09 PM
What exactly is a get down artist that you ask? That is a person who will swing on you because you did nothing more than drag yourself out of your cell to go to chow.(slight exaggeration but damn close to the truth) But it was a survivors strategy. The safest place to be was in administrative segregation (Ad Seg), solitary confinement, The Hole.
That's right I spent most of my time in solitary confinement. And with the fighting to get put in the hole, I had to accept the addition of extra time added on. I only had to complete the six years to and max out my sentence. Which seemed a lot better than being on the main line and having to kill some one for whatever reason and uh oh here's another murder charge. And never leaving prison.

Now we are out on to parole. More good times. I mean these parties are what life is about. While I was on parole I was categorized as a high risk violent parolee. I was monitored virtually 24/7 my parole officer had to know where I was at all times because I was deemed a high risk threat to society.This just made life so damn easy. Not to mention he was a really #ed up person inside and out. Rotten to the damn core.

So struggle and fought to do everything I can to avoid going back to prison at all costs. And a struggle it was. My parole conditions were extremely restrictive. My parole officer and the parole board made damn sure I was fighting tooth and nail for my freedom. As result I was violated twice and sent back to prison.

What type of person was I before all this? Well, until I dropped out of high school in my junior year I had a 3.85 gpa. The first semester of my sophomore year I was in school from six twenty am to five fifteen pm, eleven hours a day. The last class was an elective. My counselor approved so long as maintained an acceptable gpa.

This wasn't because I was brought up properly, with the excellent tutelage of caring nurturing parents. I wasn't. I grew up without my father. My mother was a meth head.I'm not even going to begin explaining what this was like.

My grandparents on my mothers side tried to do the best they could when they could but my mother didn't make that easy for anyone. But I did have my uncle. Big Bill, old school 69 mob gangster. Well my uncle was very strict about school. If you didn't want to be beaten by a six foot two inch grown man then you better do good in school. By the way these weren't whippings these were closed fist heavy handed grown man punches to the body, they weren't fun. There was a lot of bed rest and heal time after these.

I had my share of beatings by my uncle. Not because I was academically challenged but because I was always fighting. I always hated bullies. Still cannot stand people that prey on others that are weaker. Fought with them all the time going all the way back to elementary school. So I've never been new to fighting and I'm quite good at it. Practice makes perfect right? And on that note I'm not new to losing a fight either. Although the worst would have been getting wrapped around my head with a chain. It was one of those big thick Run DMC chains people wore back in the nineties. So believe me when I say my uncles beatings were brutal.

So it was never about being academically adept. My plan was to get through school as quick as possible. Now the reason I dropped out was due to an assembly where they talked about the local junior colleges and taking a class or two now while we were still high school to get a feel for post secondary education and what it would be like. So I take the assessment test, talk to the college counselor, take the GED, apply for the pell
grant. And bam I'm in.

As all this transpires, I'm sixteen years old, I end up leaving home with two huge bleeding bite marks on my back. Damn meth heads, the # they do right. So I'm homeless living on the streets for sometime. I start selling weed, save up money get an apartment next to the college. So I'm surviving and I'm in school.

I'm trying to do all the right things with the avenues available to me. I end up getting my first job through the school. At eighteen I find a good job and I'm earning enough to survive and continue schooling. I have a decent stash of money from selling weed, so I stop selling weed and that is how I meet the man that resulted in me ending up in prison. Yep, because I stopped selling weed.

Now getting back to parole. Here I am, twenty four years old now. Freshly released from prison after four and a half years of incarceration. I have two hundred dollars and no where to go. I am put into a half way house. And my struggle and fight for freedom begins.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 01:09 PM
After six days I have a job through an employment agency. I didn't lie on the application. I lucked out and got by with not answering the felony conviction question. I'm working everyday in the next county over. I'm calling my parole officer twice a day while I'm at work. I'm outside everyday on my lunch and breaks so he can drive by, or an parole officer from that county can, and make sure I'm at work like I say I am.These are the rules.

On my twenty seventh day on parole, I was asked to come to work the next day a saturday at five am. I don't feel like I can refuse this so I have to do it. I don't have a car so I have to use the public transportation to get back and forth from work. Unfortunately for me this bus didn't operate on saturdays. So after work I call my parole officer and tell him about having to work the next day so he'll know I will be working and not at the half way home when he wants to do the body check on me. After that I spend the rest of the time I have left going through all the bus pamphlets trying to figure out how I'm going to get to work in the morning. There's no way it's going to happen so I go rent a motel room close enough to walk to work in the morning.

The next morning at work I call my parole officer to check in with him. He asked me If would be outside at lunch so he body check me and what time that will be. I told him nine thirty am until ten am. Well lunch time rolls around I'm outside at nine thirty am and bam not five minutes later I'm cuffed and on my way back to jail. It turns out, a condition of my parole, is that I am not allowed to be outside the county more that twenty for hours. Was I ever informed of this, nope. Was I given a book of rules and conditions, nope. Is there a book of these rules and conditions, yes. Where is it you ask? In a binder on the filing cabinet behind his desk.

So twenty eight days on parole and I am back in jail awaiting a parole hearing. Two weeks later parole board gives me a thirty day violation. Two days later I'm on a bus to prison for thirty more days. It's cake to me at this point in life. Thirty days pass and I'm right back out on parole again, I can't screw this up this time or it's right back to prison.

This time it takes me about three weeks to find work through another employment agency. This time through the half way house. You had to be on a waiting list for a job. I was earning minimum wage which was six dollars and twenty five cents an hour. I wasn't much but I was working 10 hrs a day. Part of wage was garnished for food and lodging in the half way house.Part was garnished to pay into the victims of violent crimes fund. Another portion went to pay for transportation to and from work. Then there was Uncle Sammy's tax collection.
So I was banking a whole one hundred and forty dollars a month.

Five months after saving up I find a room to rent in the classifieds in the same city where I was working two cities over from the half way house. Decent older lady that worked as a city bus driver. She was ok with me being on parole and never asked why. She needed the extra money for her mortgage that bad I guess.

Four months down the line and I'm saving every dollar I can. All the meanwhile I trying to get a better job making more money. I find a better job with another employment agency during the holiday season hiring sprees they do. I got away again with out answering the felony conviction questions. It was all rush rush. I'm busting my ass and I am making more money now so I am saving more money now. Things I looking good. Still going through all the motions with the twice a day call ins and being outside for the random drive by body checks. I only have four more years left of or parole.

I enroll in night classes at the local junior college. Now I'm working full time eight to ten hours a day and I'm schooling full time at night. I'm sleeping three to four hours a day. But I half to struggle through this to keep my freedom. Two quarters later, BAM! Violated again. Parole hearing comes up, violated sixty days off to prison I go. Why? Because I didn't call my parole officer that day.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 01:09 PM
Well I'm twenty five years old now at this time. I have about four years left on parole but I only have about a year and a half left on my sentence. So for the sixty days I spent on violation I contemplated day and night whether I was going to serve the rest of this sentence in and out of the hole for the next year and a half or was I going to finish this sixty days and start all over again on parole. I had some money in savings so if I went the easy way and finished my sentence I would have at least some start out money and not just the two hundred dollars gate money they give you when you are released from prison and no parole. Fifty nine days later, I still couldn't make up my mind. I'm paroling again the next day and that's just another hell parading nightmare of a roller coaster. But I had that taste of freedom and I wanted it back so bad. My mind was so #ed with having to make this decision.

Well I went with parole again. It was a little bit easier this time I had enough money for an apartment. About four months worth of rent saved, if it's takes me that long to find a job, with some for food and what not. So cutting through, I get back to working and schooling full time. Two years go by I get a damn good job with a start up. Omnicell technologies in Palo Alto, Ca. The retrial comes and goes. I was found of the lesser crime of involuntary manslaughter and not exonerated. Why? Because I shot the man three fatal times where just one would have done the job. The judge deemed this overkill. I receive a three year sentence and I'm credited for the four and half years I had already served previously and I had to complete the remainder of the parole.

I apply to have my parole transferred to San Mateo county. Now for that to happen another parolee of the same parole status has to want to transfer from that county to the county I was currently paroled in. Luckily there was one waiting, who'd apply for transfer, about nine months prior. The new parole officer letting me do what I have to do to discharge my parole since I'd been working and schooling for the past two years non stop.

The economy is now really starting to flourish. I've become a damn insomniac from never sleeping. But I have a good steady job and school. I finally got through parole and am a free man now. Nothing can go wrong now right? Wrong.

Fast forward now through Sept 2001 skipping to the enacting of the Patriot Act. Yeap, mandatory criminal back ground checks all around. So the background check turns up my past conviction and I lose my job because I omitted that part in the application roughly two years prior. But I was free and I can do this still.

Well struggle On. But mind you the Dot Com explosion had just gone bust just before all this happened so the economy is all bent out of whack now. I'm going from job to job through employment agency after employment agency. Here we go another roller coaster with all background checking. I have to mark the boxes on the applications now because they are going to find out my conviction. War is raging so I apply to the Army, rejected. The marines, rejected. The Navy, rejected. Air force, rejected. But here where I get another stroke of luck.

So pouring out to the Air force recruiter and he tells me that in the state of Hawaii employment background checks are against the state laws. So maybe I should move to Hawaii right? Well a month later and I'm in Honolulu. Without wasting any time I searching for work. I rent an apartment in the worst part of town. Absolute slums. It's cheap and I can't afford anything else. So never minding the bed bug infestations and the monstrous cockroaches it is better than being in prison and that you can be sure of.

So I land a low paying security job making minimum wage again now at this time its seven dollars and twenty five cents. I find a part time job to along with it. I'm getting by and thinking about enrolling over at Kapiolani community college. I'm down in Waikiki in my free time playing chess and frequently the clubs at night when I have the time.

One night I'm down at the Cellar out on Lewers. A lot of Navy cats in there. So I'm having a conversation with couple guys outside and I starting going on about applying to the different branches of the military and getting rejected. And one tells me about how I might be able to enlist in a foreign military and breaks it all down to me. I suck this up. Nothing is working out well for me and I'm losing hope for my future.

Well I start planning my escape to hope. I learn a new language and save up money for the plane ticket. 2003 rolls around another war is breaking out. The country of destination is a NATO member and they are all in with this new war and they are already knee deep in the other war. So I get a passport, buy a ticket to new hope, I pack up and give all my stuff away. I'm out.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 01:09 PM
I found hope, some semblance of a life and I was paid well. I banked a really nice healthy chunk of change. But I had to literally sell my soul for it. I had to commit some hideously atrocious acts. Unbeknown to me at the time, I signed a contract offering my soul in exchange for a chance at a better life for myself.

2007 rolls around and I go down out on patrol. I got #ed up real good. But I'm still alive today and that was the least I have coming to me. I accept that. My contract was terminated. I was granted automatic citizenship. I chill in the EU while I heal up.

I now have a new home. At the end of 2007 I decided to come back to the US. I can go home to my new country whenever I choose. So I'm not stuck in this #hole that did # all for me but # in my face and condemn me to hell. Since I've been back I've manage to find two decent jobs. One I worked for two years before being layed off to offshore outsourcing. The second for almost another two years before, guess what. Yep exactly, offshore outsourcing. So here I am today, in your internetz with you.

I will be leaving this country again. This time I'm going to Iceland. But before I leave I'll be doing more for the people of this country than the people ever did for me. When the housing market drops hard again, and it will start diving again soon thank god, I am going to buy some these dirt cheap homes that s lot of you lost and give them away to homeless children. Free. Can you dig that? I just hope the parents will foster their children well. I mean hell they'll be living under their children's roof free. I hope they foster them well.

You see this is how I can hopefully contribute to a civil society. Throw egg back in the face of the society that forsook me. And hopefully right some of my wrongs.

And just so you have a better understanding of the hell I endured in while in prison. Every time I was in the hole I was frequently pepper sprayed at random in my cell. The Correction officers would practiced extractions on me once, twice, three times a month leaving me hog tied for hours afterwards until shift change. Many times we weren't fed. And maybe let out of my cell once or twice a week to shower and or go out to the day box. The plumbing would randomly be shut off in my cell so I couldn't flush, drink water, bathe in the sink, or wet my underwear to cover my face when pepper sprayed.

So this is the story of my. I didn't add all the romantic parts because it wasn't all that romantic. There was a bit of sex in all this but I skipped through that too. And no there was no sex during my incarceration. Even though there were time I could have #ed the hole flippers head.

So yes I do know what it is like to live in the US. And yes I do know what several other countries are like. Yes I have had to struggle to survive and persevere. I grew up in East Oakland, Ca. I already told what type of mother I had without the details of the tragedy of adolescent years. I'm sure you can imagine what it was like. No I don't compare my life with others. I hope nobody has to endure what I have and walk the shoes I've worn. Sadly though there are many who have and will walk in similar shoes. For them I hope it wasn't or won't be as hard as it was for me.

Yes I have suffered like many others and endured pure torture. Yes I know what it to be starved and endure the excruciating pain of my stomach and throat knotted and burning from starvation if could have #ted during this time I have no doubt I would have eaten it. Yes I know what it is like to suffer not having water mouth swelling itching and burning and having to drink my urine.

No I am not troll. No I am not paid to write #. Although I should probably look into publish the damn book I just wrote. So piss off.

Damn that was some long winded #. Thanks for reading. But still Piss off.

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