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First Charley, then Frances, now Ivan..

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posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 08:47 AM
Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne and now Karl..

Turning out to be a spooky hurricane season..


posted on Sep, 23 2004 @ 04:18 PM
Don’t be sad for Floridians... “Mother” Nature is just kicking their asses for
what they’ve done and let happen.

Remember the 2000 presidential recount in Florida? Remember December 30, 1999 being the end of the world? Since everything in time consists of transitions, the end of a world system is a process. Understand (see) why Florida has gotten hit (a whippin’) by nature?

“Courtenay Strickland of the Americans Civil Liberties Union testified to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights last week that at a primary election in
“Florida” last month, many people were wrongly turned away when they could not produce identification”.

Please forward this to those you love, so they can really know how high the stakes are!

Take Care... and guard your minds (spirits)

[edit on 23-9-2004 by Dj Moe Doe]

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