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Message to our governments

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 04:40 PM
I want to start by first saying that this entire thread is being written counting on the fact that shill/ disinfo people are here and will relay the message.

I would like to suggest an alternative for your ambitions. I would like to suggest you explore the idea of limiting your influence on economic control. I understand that you have found yourselves in positions of power by the sheer cunning and dedication you have put into this enterprise for many generations. I understand that certain oaths of loyalty come into question. It is to be expected that you will enjoy a certain privilege by the talent you posses and the determination with which you secure a level of prosperity and peace, for yourselves.

I would argue that controlling even a third of the world is quite enough. Anything more for an empire is dangerous, since as all empires are in flux and none is certain of its dominance. The danger exists in that any harm the empire will inflict upon its subjects by its demise will hinder the time the next empire rises from its people. In the case of a world empire the downfall will greatly drain the very life force of the planet. The fall of such an empire, which is inevitable, will tax the ability for a new empire to form.

The human race will fall into a collective dark age of de-evolution and almost certain extinction. The resetting to a couple thousand of limited genetically diverse people will in all ways leave us at a heightened state of survival. We would lose focus on everything we value in a society to evaluate its progress linearly forward in advancement.

We might gain better values for the appreciation of life. We might evolve morally and spiritually, but what we have worked for up to now, would be lost almost in its entirety. The energy and focus spent on securing survival would be foremost, even amongst our thinkers.

The caliber and overall reach of even our thinkers in a situation like that would be significantly inferior progressively for many generations. The quality of life for even them would be significantly diminished.

To say that the empire that will emerge will be eternal is just silly. Eventually, if not by your own stagnation upon the maxim of your ambitions expression, that empire will fall. The quake of its downfall will be suffered by the human race as a species, not a single race or people, blood line or tribe. The extinction scenario is a possibility every time a species is reset to a limited gene pool and numerical presence in an environment.

The ET factor must be considered as well. I will admit to my limited knowledge about the subject aside from my personal experience and feelings on the subject. I will argue only that the vastness of space proposes an almost infinite number of possible threats. The likely hood of another race of people from any direction you can point to is to me, an indication that greater numbers are required and the focus should be on collective growth and mutual prosperity.

The human race must be kept strong and vibrant so as to secure its position in this universe. We should seek to be titans amongst the stars. To place a human foot and eye upon every corner of our universe. To grow and grow tremendously.

We dream of fleets and colonies delivering humanity from the insignificance of a one world people, into an almost infinite species, spread everywhere in strength so that one single disaster or threat could not end us.

Our effort should be put into making ours this solar system and making ours the understanding of existence on its worlds. Science and training in technical trades should be asked of the people and our "monument" like the great wonders of the world should be the establishment of that purpose and goal. To make the stars ours, and make the human race titans amongst them.

Let us not squabble on our ant hills on this planet, let us establish our greatness in towers of ambition. Let these not fall and scatter us when we try and perch ourselves upon them so as to see all more clearly.

To see as the gods understand and be as them right. What's the point afterward. Think about it. A being who has no core goodness, will eventually be that way to itself when all others are not present. At that level, there is no want of everything you wish to achieve. There is no intention ever put in existing that way, in complete dominance. The entire thing will just dissolve into a few who actually achieve the next step, but only for a while,. They are like the last sparks of a flame as it goes out.

Even a god is not eternal without a purpose. Eventually even a god wishes to be as a mortal and finally have an end. All life is in design meant to change. If the human race is pinched into a single entity, that cannot change into a new matrix of existence, the failure of not adapting would threaten the entire species since we would all be stuck under a rigid and layered society. That dominant society would not wish to adapt and would cause the wrong decisions to be made concerning the survival of the entire human race based on their personal discomfort or displeasure. Even if it meant the termination of their descendants existence. The product they would be after a couple generations of not having to strive for dominance will be defective on a human level.

Your descendants will be your shame. They will eventually dishonor you and though you might be dust when it happens, you will turn in your tomb. The reason for power and talent is the necessity of cunning and strength for survival. Without it, power fails.

Your descendants will live in a world they completely own and control. What's the point then. Did you ever consider that? Do you want an opulent and wasteful line to follow your sacrifice and work. Why should they honor your intentions or even your name? They will have not a single challenge worthy of the human will or intellect. They can have access to all the information in the world and if they don't have a reason to challenge themselves they will become sluggish and soft. The exceptions have no bearing on the whole. Eventually the thickness of uselessness will envelope them and they will squabble and perish.

That can be avoided. If you simply compromise now and limit the scope of the endeavor, you can keep a vibrant and strong existence. You would also be leaving open a source of alternative ideas for common problems. Diversity is necessary for a culture to adapt to change.

Settling for a third of the world is enough so as to keep enemies at bay with considerable strength. The economy would be pretty strong since the resources and influence of an empire like that would be considerable. The rest you really don't need. Unless you wanted to make a golden city the size of Texas, all that wealth is just obsessive.

Obsessive tendencies usually lead to detrimental behavior. It is also a precursor for auto destruction. Don't put all humanities eggs in one basket. Leave enough competition so as to keep the human race strong as a whole. Don't throw away a great asset like the human race in full gear for survival. I shiver when I think if the things we could do if we ALL worked together.

I propose a new tower of Babel. A new unification by endeavor, not conquest. Let us unite what was once shattered. Let us gather the scattered pieces of the human will and surprise our ancestors by giving our descendants a greater future than the limited scope of thought had even 10000 years ago.

Please reconsider.

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 04:46 PM
According to the records of Thoth, mankind had even more than we did OVER 10,000 years ago.

Transcendent human thoughts, emotions, and awareness...we are, compared to ancient humans (predating Egyptian times) devolved.

Thank you for this thread.


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