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Eyes in the Skies

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 04:19 PM
Congress has busted down a door allowing drones to take to our skies. The news says 30,000 by the end of the decade, but you can bet that there's already drones in major areas or some being moved to that area. This isn't anti-terrorist moves, it's anti-privacy moves.

I blame the sheeple. It's obvious that our government wants a country of drones: people who work and pay taxes, ask no questions, just work and pay taxes. Sheeple are so whipped that they can't offer any resistance to the government's take over of America.

So they wanted a law allowing them to police the web, the media attacked that law until it was discarded, but even when we were celebrating our victory they passed a couple laws that were unannounced, but which accomplished their goal to police the web. They couldn't get it in the front door, so they run around back.

I saw this happen back in the 80s when an honorable gentleman from South Carolina got an eloquent law passed that did nothing but make people homeless. This law was in effect for only weeks before an Ohio preacher put it on the airwaves and knocked it down. In the very few weeks that law was active thousands of people were made homeless. Even while congress announced that it had been repealed, another honorable gentleman worked a few other laws in that did the same exact thing.

It's a human defense mechanism that makes people sheeple. Let me explain: A drug dealer friend of mine found a bug in his house, not the kind you'd call Orkin about, and he destroyed it. Then he found that it had been replaced. He destroyed it again and was constantly going through his house looking for bugs. The last time I saw that friend he had given up resistance and no longer cared that his house was bugged. This is the sheeple effect, a defense mechanism that causes us to ignore things that make us feel helpless. (I didn't use drugs back then and I don't use them now.)

We need a null vote on our ballots. Voting for either/or does not work. We need a no confidence vote when we can support neither candidate. Our free speech is being inhibited by the lack of a no confidence vote. And now our government has grown into something nobody likes, but something that also makes us feel helpless, like sheeple.

I don't expect this post to be a popular one. What can we do to get out of being monitored? Are microchip implants next on the governments agenda? Keep in mind that the drones don't just fly overhead, they can see your every move inside or outside. We'll probably get speeding tickets from drones, like they do in Indiana from manned planes.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 04:27 PM
Right people, begin download all and any form of internet information regarding emp's,

By the way that was fast, but why would you have 30.000 drones spread across a nation, or will be something like 300 in and around new york, etc etc. Talk about total military control this as close as it gets to full on dictatorship without a single weapon being fired.
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