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Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning in France

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posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 01:41 AM
reply to post by Arbitrageur

False analogy.
If the herbicide is toxic, it should be labeled as such.
In each and every country there are laws for handling and labeling of toxic substances.
This is outside the realm of common sense.
It is the law, which you are essentially debating.

If its toxic, and wasn't labelled as such, there is nothing else to discuss here.
You can trivialize it all you want with false analogies, aint gonna change a thing.
Common sense aint that common.

Remember the women who sued McDonalds for the hot water?
No common sense there either.
However, in this case, it much much more dangerous.
And Monstano is such an evil company anyway, any opportunity to kick them and destroy them should be used with zeal and pride.
Not because of hate, but because of common sense!

We do not need monstano poising our food supply, by being in collusion with legislation.

Also, on a broader note.
Monstano created GMO seeds, not as a was to solve world hunger, but as a way to create seeds, that are resident to their pesticides, herbicides.
Do you see no problems with this?
Where are the studies that show that the nutritional content is NOT effected?
Where are the long term clinical studies of said genetically modified strains?
Where are the studies into environmental impact?
Where is the SWOT analysis for genetically modified vs. natures own seeds?
Produce these studies Arb, if you wish to defend Monsanto further.

Also, it is pretty common knowledge (and I can produce analysis, perhaps even studies) that with the "safe" (according to you) practices of Monstano, the nutrient content of foods has dropped dramatically, losing up to 9O% of nutrients.
Do you classify this as food?
Do you think our body doesn't need those nutrients?
Do you think this is the best way to produce crops, vegetables, ie. loosen nearly of of its nutritional components?
Care to share with us, studies that elaborate that our bodies need no nutrients, and the nutritional environment of foods makes no difference?
Because if you cannot prove this, you are using false analogies, and I can put you on a recommended diet, with the right calories, etc that will kill you within a year. Why? because of nutrients.

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The BMW exhaust is also a FALSE analogy.
How dear you question our collective intelligence?
Pesticides are used in one way, cars are used another way.
There is no way any sane person could get the idea that cars work by breathing in to exhaust.
However pesticides are used as they are used, and if they are inadaquetly labeled, there is no further point to argue.
Drugs have long list of side effect and writings on how it works.
Pesticides are toxic chemicals that have more in common with drugs, then cars (not a chemical fyi).
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posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 05:44 AM
reply to post by Tifozi

Good on you, France!

No one is above the law and most definitely not Monsanto.
We have the mandatory labeling here too and after a few losses at our courts Monsanto is on retreat in Germany.
Now let's kick those bastards out of our agricultures for good!
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