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Obama defends tax hikes, proposes more job training in new budget

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 03:18 PM
The President has "visions".

President Obama unveiled a $3.8 trillion spending plan on Monday for 2013 and a 10-year vision that seeks to cut $4 trillion from the overall deficit, but does little to restrain growth in the U.S. government's huge entitlement programs and adds $6.6 trillion in deficits over 10 years.

Naturally, opposition to this is already heating up.

Some discrepancies may be in plain view as well.

Senator Jeff Sessions(R) says the math is "fuzzy"

"The president claims that his fiscal plan will reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next 10 years, including the previously enacted $1 trillion Budget Control Act cuts that are part of current law. An honest analysis reveals, however, that the president's budget would only reduce the deficit by about $300 billion in comparison to what was agreed to in the Budget Control Act last August. In other words, the White House has utterly failed to meet even the minimum target they have identified as necessary," Sessions said in a statement.

In his 10-year projection, the annual deficit falls below $600 billion just once -- in 2018. The $6.6 trillion is added on top of the president's recent additions to the federal debt -- the $15.36 trillion national debt is now greater than the annual gross domestic product.

"This budget does nothing to prevent the bankruptcy of critical programs, threatening the health and retirement security of current and future seniors," House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said in a statement. "The broken promises and recycled gimmicks contained in this budget have dramatically widened this president's growing credibility deficit."

But House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called it a commitment to "reigniting the American dream and building ladders of opportunity."
I thought we tried all that before, Nancy?

Published February 13, 2012 |

I'm sure this is a well intentioned budget, but who is intended to get the most is what I don't know.

How will this help the majority of American citizens ?

Are the "Visions" just Blurry Dreams ??

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by xuenchen

I especially love Obama's $30 plus billion whack against air travelers and the Airlines. Of course they want the passengers and the airlines to kick in more for all of the new costs involved with an ever increasing litany of regulations.

Airlines and their passengers would pay up to $32 billion in new air traffic and security fees over 10 years, and grants to big airports would fall sharply under White House budget proposals on Monday aimed at deficit reduction.

The Obama administration wants major carriers, their passengers, business jets and airports to pick up more of the costs of air travel and airport improvements that for years have been borne by taxpayers.

The cost of air travel continues to increase as airlines continue to shrink the seat sizes and the distance between rows. It's just a big game with Obama. He knows that his budget stands no chance in Congress. Obama failed to get even One vote in favor of his budget last year. He's just throwing darts at a budget map and spouting off the usual lip service to create the impression that he's actually working. Ha Ha Ha...

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