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What is known about WAMY, no Joke!

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posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 04:17 AM
For some reason or another I have been doing an awfull amount of reading on Muslim's, Islam, Arabic Culture, Terrorisim, etc.... I have no idea why!
At any rate, I stumbled across an old article about WAMY and started looking into the organization. On the surface it appeared to be simply an educational extension of good will. I've changed my mind

I was curious as to whether this is old news and I have been in a cave or some other underground facility?
Then today I came across a recent article, not about WAMY, but about Church Falls Virginia. It caused me to back track and then I raised my eyebrows a little.
First the old.

The FBI file, marked Secret and coded 199, which means a case involving national security, records that Abdullah bin Laden, who lived in Washington, had originally had a file opened on him "because of his relationship with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth - a suspected terrorist organisation".

WAMY members deny they have been involved with terrorist activities, and WAMY has not been placed on the latest list of terrorist organisations whose assets are being frozen.

Abdullah, who lived with his brother Omar at the time in Falls Church, a town just outside Washington, was the US director of WAMY, whose offices were in a basement nearby. etc...
WAMY was founded in 1972 in a Saudi effort to prevent the "corrupting" ideas of the west ern world influencing young Muslims. With official backing it grew to embrace 450 youth and student organisations with 34 offices worldwide.

Its aim was to encourage "concerned Muslims to take up the challenge by arming the youth with sound understanding of Islam, guarding them against destructive ideologies, and instilling in them level-headed wisdom".

And now the new, which is disturbing taking into consideration the old

As the world recoils in horror at the massacres of children by Chechen jihadists in Beslan, Russia, security agencies are examining the possibility that such an attack could happen in an American school. And why couldn’t it? After all, at a conference held last weekend, security was tight because of death threats from people holding the same ideology as that of the Beslan barbarians: radical Islam. The conference was held in Falls Church, Virginia. etc.........
When converts are not killed, they are otherwise pressured. The organizer of the conference has felt the force of this firsthand: “I was called by my embassy and told I’d better repent or I could not go back home with my family.” Another convert reported that she had not yet told her family that she had become a Christian. “I know they’re going to disown me,” she said, “if they don’t kill me.” In America.etc.....

Now I do not know much, but I see dots here. Can anyone enlighten more about WAMY, I have discovered other weird associations with them.



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