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Russia to Invade Israel

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 02:07 AM

Originally posted by spacekc929
Right, because everything written in the Bible was written by God's hand itself. The Bible is infallible. We should use the Bible as our means of understanding everything, including but not limited to government, treatment of marginalized groups, justice systems, war, etc. It's not like the Bible is just a hodgepodge of stories written by people who thought they understood what God was saying to them. No. Not it at all. And Bible scholars have "traced the tribes"? Well, I feel much reassured. It looks like God gave us all we need right there in that book.

It really dosent matter if the Bible is written by God or not, if the leaders of this world actually fallow scripture any ways.

Most of the world leaders are religious in one way or another.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 02:24 AM

Originally posted by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Man, you are so wrong. The US has not abandoned trying to create nuclear fusion via lasers as you claim. In fact, they just built a new facility to do just that. EU has done the same. Russia plans to do the same.

It is about energy production by nuclear energy. Such a process will include tritium, which is an abundant isotope of hydrogen, will create mass amounts of energy, and produce no waste product. This is the future of fuel production. Why the hell would leading technological countries abandon their competition to research this process that will revolutionize our very lives, so they could build weapons instead?

Why would any country in modern times need to use these important scientific resources to develop more weapons of mass destruction? We still live in a MAD world, but Russia, US, EU isn't going to prioritize production of such weapons when they already have the capabilities that such weapons promise.

And honestly, if there is one thing to know about real modern geopolitics, it is that military power has fallen behind the accumulation of resources. What bloody good is it for the US to have such a massive military, when it is a fuel-producing deficit country that requires the use of its military to secure more fuel for itself? It would be in the US's best interest to develop energy technology that can be solely produced within the US without reliance on foreign assets.
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There is one more reason for the U.S. to preserve it's ovrwealming Military Superiority...and this is another Fact that anyone here can google to verify plans that have been set into motion years ago. Reguardlss of what Congress or any other Political Leader in the U.S. has said....the Uniter States Military is and has develop plans to feal with the CHAOS that will occur once tha Polar Ice Caps Melt as well as a posssiple occuance of a TIPPING POINT when too much fresh water melts and is dumped into the Ocean...and just using the North Atlantic foe example....too much esh water into the Gulf stream would cause a weight imbalance of the South to North and Back again Gulf Stream that would no longer draw warm Equatorial water from the Carabeen and bring it around Florida and from there it goes up the East Coast of the United States and then across the Atlantic to keep countries like the UK and Ireland in a moderate winter state. Storm are getting worse and the U.S. MIlitary Knows this so the Chaos and Havic as well as a fight over dwindeling resourses will cause wars to break out. The United States is rapidly developing methods of creating Geneticly engeneered Crops that will grow almost anywhere and are self polinmting....if you have not will RARELY see a bee anymore. One very promising project is the growth and collection of a Rapid Growing Sea Algea that is VERY HIGH IN PROTIEN...and can be made into many FAUX animal protien steakes! All this is beginning to happen NOW...not in some movie or have some reading to do.....Split Infinity

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 03:33 AM
reply to post by Dimitri Dzengalshlevi

OH!...I see you list yourself from B.C. Thought you might want to know this...being Canadian and all...EH! LOL!
Seriously though.....the United States plans to install Nuclear Version of the Free Electron Laser on all Active U.S. Carriers starting with the Newest and first new designed Carrier since the Nimitz class...that is the GERALD R. FORD the USN First Aircraft Carrier to Have another Nuclear Reactor...thus THREE in all per Carrier with the third dedicated to power the Free Electron Laser...FEL. Plus all Ageis Class Cruisers will have installed a Nuclear FEL as well...there curently are an unknown number of USN FELs already at sea but the number is thought to be low.

Here is where CANADA comes in...there are currently TWO LAND BASES FEL'S one is based in Alaska...the other FEL is based in CANADA. Discover magazine has reported that a nuclear powered version of the Free Electron Laser is capable of burning a hole through 1000 feet of solid STEEL is seconds! This is NOT a mistype....1000 ft in seconds! Take a Laser such as this that is not effected by atmospheric conditions,,,clouds rain...etc....connect it to an integrated Satellite Mirror System along with the help of the U.S.'s well known advanced field of Super Computer calculative ability as well as a targeting and Aquisition SAT system that makes any target moving or the Air or on Land....under or burried within a mountain or under the sea....a TARGET THAT CAN BE HIT WITH 100% ACURACY AS WELL AS DONE AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

A braodening of the Lasers beam as well as virtual unlimited Power makes it capable of VAPORIZING ENTIRE LAND TARGETS without radiation or world destroying fallout. The power of tis weapon cannot be understated...and China and Russia were convinently informed by a demonstration of a non-nuclear test by shooting the FEL at a boat rocking in the ocean from a Navy helded it's target through the Whole test......this was done to allow Russia and China the oppertunity to formulate strategy....and if you noticed...BOTH Russia and China have said they would not get involved with any U.S. Military /Iranian WAR...and the U.S. in return promised to keep the flow of oil to China as well as Russias recievership of Iranian natural Gas continued ASAP depending on damage. Split Infinity

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