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Gadhafi’s son to be tried when prison ready, Expect We dont Know When

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:52 AM
Source Toronto Star

The New Libyan NTC Government are a Joke of a Pawn and Western American, NATO Puppet that cant make up its own mind.

“I can’t give an exact timeframe in terms of weeks or months for this but it will not be more than two months.”

And Get this

Abdul Jalil said Niger had confiscated communication devices belonging to Saif al-Islam’s brother Saadi, after Al-Arabiya broadcast an interview with him on Friday.

In the telephone interview Saadi, who fled south to Niger in September, said he was in regular contact with people in Libya unhappy with authorities and warned of a “coming uprising” in the country.

And yes the NTC Blames the Gadhafi family on everything now
Even though the NTC will be more

Libya’s interim leaders last year approved a request to open an investigation into Saadi over the murder of a footballer who played for the national team in the 1980s.

The Facts Now From what i have seen On the News & else where
-The NTC cant even control the militias, don't have the power over the tribes
-Women only 20 seats at the Senate
-Pro Gadhafi Teachings Banned,

Accepted & Whats in In Libya By NATO & NTC
-Books that Western Media claims they were banned by Gadhafi usual the books were pretty much pro america pro Isreal.

-British, American Flags selling in Pro rebel militias areas and Townes.

-Display & spreading of American culture by destroying Libyan culture as its whats happening in Iraq culture invasion Americanization.

-Food Prices in Libya are rising through the roof and the western media aren't talking about it nor the fact that Libya power is on and off in some places in libya.

-The only thing that seems well protected are the oil refineries.

A another son of Gadhafi was been interviewed by a news network in where he stated a counter revolution would take place in Libya since that interview Niger had prevented him from using all phone devices.

Feb 18 will be the anniversary of the NATO backed uprising that toppled Gadhafi not much about to celebrate if libyans cant find a job or even work to feed there families isn't it?

So what you think its going to happen in Libya in the coming months? a counter revolution?
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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:57 AM
Civil War and hopefully an ugly end for the NTC.

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