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Syria, battlefield for global rivalry - PressTV (Iran)

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 10:41 PM
PressTV in Iran has run an interesting story about Syria.

The situation in Syria is akin to a football match wherein the opposing teams are incapable of defeating each other and the battle has moved to the managerial levels.

The story is also comparing Syria to Yemen in some ways.

The balance in the internal scene has tempted some of the international and regional players to reenact the Yemen scenario in Syria, namely the gradual transition of power to the vice president and granting legal immunity to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It’s still not clear whether Washington’s plan in Yemen, cloaked with a [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council outfit, would succeed. It goes without saying that Syria’s situation is different from that of Yemen. Unlike Yemen, Syria enjoys an important role in the Middle East and is neighbor to Israel and any change in the country impacts the entire region.

Russia (as Team #1) may see Syria as a strategic monitoring point with business interests.
Washington (as Team #2) may see the same.
China (the hidden referee?) may see Syria only as a business opportunity.

The international corporations may be playing a game by using the 3 major world powers.
(the game might be fixed in favor of the bookies !)

Perhaps the central stage has shifted to Syria.

No wonder the U.N. is hesitating to commit peacekeepers there.

Long article for analysis: Who's on First?

When the Game Goes into Overtime, Who Will Score First ?

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