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Feb 14 - May 14 : Fatima War prophecy commencement Dream ??

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 08:18 PM
Coincidence included.

I've told myself and others I would give this up already. I've declared my dreams about Russia as utterly useless trash.

However, I truly wonder once again if I might have been right, and the dreams right as well, after all. Some coincidences rekindle the wonder.

Realistically, it seems the time is fully past...Time's up! But a tiny sliver of a possibility exists for everything to still come about in the imminent future.

If it will be horrible for all of mankind for a long time to come.

The true final deadline for my various prophecy and dream based predictions have always rested near the end of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's first term in office. Soon now.

A HOPEFUL WARNING: Don't take this thread and the coincidences mentioned too seriously. I could obviously be mistaken. The interpretations could be faulty. The dreams could be meaningless. This is not about convincing people. Not at this time. If I knew for absolute certain, it would be a different matter. This is about awareness. A little bit. And about grasping at the tiny possibility that is concealing itself there in the background corner.


One night in bed shortly before falling asleep I asked what I thought was an important question, something like "When....would it be best to tell '(name)' about these prophecies? Let me have an answer in my dream and to remember it." I was too chicken to tell this person anything.

Maybe the dream was a product of my subconscious mind. Maybe it was the work of angels?

In any case this is the second part of my dream:

It was a simple dream. In the second half of the dream I was calmly informing one of my teachers from elementary school about the Fatima prophecies. Suddenly I saw a calendar with a date highlighted. It was April 14. Then I started walking along a path and under a concrete bridge. Under the bridge a large ball with a very large spider on it was hurtling through the air straight towards me. I saw it coming from about 50 feet away and lifted my leg to kick the ball before it slammed into me. My actual physical leg gave a sharp kick. The pet cat happened to be sleeping at the foot of the bed that night, was startled by the kick and made a noise as it jumped off the bed thus immediately waking me up. (dream of late February 2011.)

So this was my interpretation:

- The dream had the date of April 14. But the full context indicated it pointed to the entire week that contained April 14..........for the start of events or clue to the start of prophetic events.

- The only event to happen that week, that had any meaning to what I would say to "_ _ _ _" or to others about Fatima prophecy fulfillment, occurred on April 13.

- on April 13 (2011) the parliament of the Serb region of Bosnia decided it would hold a confrontational referendum that would risk destabilizing and tearing apart the country, triggering war even. see:

- I have been expecting war related to the Serbs (in Kosovo) years before that dream.

- I thought the dream, if for real, indicated that the start of the Fatima events would begin precisely with the breakup of Bosnia, followed quickly by the start of war in Kosovo. OR that Bosnia would breakup in the GENERAL commencement period (preceded directly by war in Kosovo in that narrow commencement period). The referendum plans in Bosnia were shelved a bit latter.

- Recently, the Serbs in the north of Kosovo have decided to hold their own referendum. The referendum will be held on the "14th" and "15th" of February. This week.

- THEREFORE, if the dream was not simply the subconscious mind manifesting a meaningless answer, I would expect the dream indicated this: The week of April 14, 2011 contained a clue to the starting point. That clue was "Serbs holding a referendum." The dream indicated April 14 because the number 14 contained relevance to a future starting point date. That future date would have to be "the 14th of February when another group of Serbs hold their own destabilizing Referendum (in Kosovo.)" (February 14th and 15th. Two day of voting).

- it's a somewhat small coincidence.

- the first half of the dream made fairly clear to me that the dates in the dream were not to be viewed as random.

Even though the dream could be meaningless, the dream based prediction if it is true in any meaningful sense would be this: *The period from February 14 to lets say March 31 marks the general commencement period of the prophecy related events. It would clearly begin with major political events in Russia that lead to war in Kosovo or begins simply with destabilization and the outright shocking war in Kosovo. War in Kosovo would fully involve the Russians. War in Kosovo would be the start of a world war between Russia and the West, but probably not without a cooling down period after the start. This is about Fatima prophecy fulfillment with Russia at the center.*

The other dreams connected to Russia's war in Kosovo, pertain to Medvedev and Putin being involved in vigorous competition against each other during election season. Therefore, for the dreams to come true, a great disturbance must come to the March 4 Russian presidential elections, thereby reseting the election process in Russia....with Iron Putin and Tsar Medvedev then becoming candidates and opponents at war with each other after the reset....both trying to win the Russian Presidential elections. In reality, Medvedev stood down for his mentor Putin, and Putin is the sole viable candidate for the March 4th election. So maybe the dreams are already a complete failure, based on the realities of the real world seen now. But maybe it's still on.

note: I only saw this one person on Monday's at our sports outing. I wanted to tell this person about my "interpretations and predictions regarding the prophecies" but was extremely hesitant. so I posed the question to see whether a dream would manifest. When the date of April 14, appeared in the dream, I discovered it was a Thursday not a Monday(not the game night of which I would encounter this individual). Therefore I immediately suspected that April 14 was not the literal date I was to speak to "_ _ _ _" about the prophecies since I could not see him on that date, but instead considered it a date that pointed to the entire week that contained April 14. I waited to see if anything happened on April 14. The only thing that happened of relevance that week was on April 13. I now see it as the clue that seems to point to February 14.

But again, the dream may not have been in the least bit, meaningful.

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 10:16 PM
Aye, that last transmission lad!

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 06:18 PM
I forgot about my interpretation/belief from last year, that Europe's decision over Serbia's candidacy into the E.U. would have something to do with the commencement of the Kosovo war. That decision occurs at the very end of this month or first day of March. Perhaps leaked even sooner. Incorporating that belief, and taking into account what I read in the news, the outcome might potentially be something like the following: The referendum is rejected and used to blame the Serbs in northern Kosovo for the failure of the Serbian nation to receive the prized EU candidacy. And then everything starts with that blame game? It's now very simple to imagine that scenario with/without the extremity of a future war. Or maybe key events in Russia happen within the next couple of weeks, and Kosovo doesn't burn until after the Serb government learns of Germany's decision regarding the candidacy. Even if they do succeed in getting the candidacy I would still wonder whether a completely unexpected war would be imminent.

Based on everything, I still wouldn't want to narrow the window down to less then Feb-14 to Mar-31. For sure I will make my own judgement call on this stuff based on what happens with--or in reaction to--the March 4 presidential elections. Nevertheless, the discernment period lasts a little longer for me.

I no longer believe the number of recognition's of Kosovo will drop to 77 before the war might start. That was one of the more speculative things I felt might happen. As already stated I no longer believe the signs point to Bosnia's breakup either. However, it appears, I guess, all the other coincidence and dream based predictions seem they might remain in tact?...for the time being.

As for committing predictions to two dates last year (October 20 and November 30):

My thoughts were(and still are) captivated by one particular big coincidence. Because of that particular coincidence (in combination/connection with _'s prophetic claims) I overestimated the type of support I thought I would receive from heaven for the start of the war.

I stated the date of October 20,2011 for the Kosovo invasion because I made my first major thread about Kosovo precisely due to Medvedev's visit to Serbia on an earlier "October 20th". I thought a fulfillment on October 20, 2011 would be a sign relating to that Kosovo thread that would bolster much of what I've stated about these topics. It was also the anniversary of Serbia and Russia's victory over the nazi's. So the date also had political weight. Sounds delusional I know, but again there is a coincidence hanging over my head that allowed me to believe certain extreme outcomes as far as dream and prediction success. Not to forget in late September Medvedev announced to my surprise he would stand aside to support Putin, so I couldn't imagine at that time any other date beyond the start of December 2011. October 20th was the only date that stood out when Medvedev made his announcement and I went for it.

"November 30" was chosen for the same reason. With the approaching Duma elections I looked at the thread title and the November 30th date I wrote in the title popped out at me. I thought heaven allowed me to start my major thread on November 30 and more importantly to type that date in the thread title, because the Kosovo war is probably fated to start on that date and it's around election time so it fits perfectly. Plus that weird coincidence weighing in on my decision. Then I think just because the heavenly support for whatever reason is present(????orNOT) doesn't mean I won't be allowed to make such mistakes beforehand. With fluctuating uncertainty I also fall into periods of selfishness and sin, far too much, so I know I should be far more cautious with such thoughts despite any potential evidence in my favor.

Before that, for a short time in 2010, Kosovo was without an elected president and without a parliament because of some unconstitutional act committed by the elected president and because of ensuing parliamentary elections in Kosovo...and I thought well, if the goal is to destroy Kosovo's independence, this is the only smart time for the Russians to do it. So I subtly warned about that possibility beforehand in late 2010.

YET, from the very beginning to the end I maintained that the Kosovo war was probably going to happen near the end of Medvedev's term.

The only other time I pulled the alarm over Kosovo, was not a genuine alarm, I did not believe the time was ripe but when I saw Medvedev was travelling to Serbia, the opportunity provided the perfect excuse to start the thread about the Kosovo war which I knew I would certainly post at some point. Absolutely I thought there did exist a tiny chance it could be launched when the Russian President was in Kosovo on October 20, 2009, so I made the thread the day before. But like I stated, I did not truly believe the time was ripe. I have no regrets of making that thread.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 06:20 PM
The Reality: Believing then doubting my own interpretations, then believing then doubting again, back and forth/ wherever my mind is right now, somewhere in the middle.

And Of course I could be really, really, completely wrong about the interpretations I put out there. Truly when it comes to NOT-any-more-vivid-then-usual dreams and a variety of calendar numbers(ie: less then 30) aligned with interesting news items, the evidence is not THAT spectacular that I would care to risk even a months wages.

But if it all happens, then reality will truly certainly smash into the heart, and for sure i'll go all in with every effort.

Actually, even if I was massively wrong about Medvedev's final days in office, I can't afford not to plunge myself in for good, to overcome the laziness, selfishness and tempers. My biochemical reactions, and contentment levels are much worse when I let these bad habits take over. But that's me. The problem right now is with the expectations going through a rocky path, up and down, it can be quite difficult to get back on the right path quickly under these circumstances, when you think it's about to happen then it doesn't. It's a double edged sword being exposed to prophecy and their daily expectations.

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posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 08:57 PM
It does not look like any other scenario will happen other then the following four:

1) Potentially: The referendum issue ends up being used to cast blame on the Serbs in northern Kosovo for the failure of the Serbian nation to receive the prized EU candidacy at the end of this month or early next month. And then everything starts with that blame game between the parties and nations involved? (the E.U. candidacy decision is supposed to happen at the very end of this month).
Tadić: Referendum is harmful for Serbia
"Referendum means confrontation with government"

2) OR: maybe key relevant events in Russian politics happen within Feb 14 - Feb 28 and Kosovo doesn't burn until after the Serb government learns of Germany's decision regarding the Serb's E.U. candidacy.

3) complete surprise attack (not likely, unless preceeded by West attacking Syria).

4) OR: maybe nothing of consequence.

4) OR: maybe nothing of consequence.
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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 04:02 PM
It may have already begun but the news is far too ambiguous to declare anything with certainty.

re:the following =>

In contrast to Putin who is avoiding the debates throughout the current election campaign, Medvedev indicated yesterday he is willing to participate in the election debates in future presidential campaigns. This was the first time he said anything clearly about choosing to run for another term:
(news quote):"Dmitry Medvedev has expressed his willingness to run again for president. He said this yesterday(feb15) saying goodbye to the leaders of registered political parties..."I'm not going to go anywhere, and moreover, I'm going to run (again) for president. And happy to meet you in the presidential campaign debate" he said."

It is assumed he is talking about elections in six years. At least one prophecy I partly believe indicates to me (albeit indirectly) that it would happen very much imminently sooner. But again, I don't know for sure. And again it is assumed Medvedev is talking about elections too many years away from now, in attempt to make himself politically relevant today. (e: "Please don't forget me")


I will make up my mind about the contents provided in this thread in the second half of next month or perhaps by early next month(based on the real world developments). If purely ambiguous things like the above happened yesterday or within the remainder of this month, in Russia, that may or may not be the beginning....I won't be capable of discerning what in the world is right and true, about this stuff(this thread), until next month.

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posted on Feb, 23 2012 @ 09:31 PM
Apparently it has been confirmed that on Monday, Medvedev admitted that Zyuganov (Communist) won the presidential elections in 1996:

It's impossible to say whether their will be any significant consequences from this.

posted on Mar, 1 2012 @ 09:41 PM
I'll delay my comments until next Wednesday or Thursday when it should be more clear whether the Sunday presidential election results will stand or be overturned.

posted on Mar, 6 2012 @ 05:02 PM
From the facts on the ground, I do not see any possibility that the March 4 Russian presidential elections will be annulled for any reason.

Their remains a marginally small possibility that new elections can be called without annulling the prior ones, but I do not wish to hype up speculation down that avenue, only to find out I was wrong again.

Despite the outcome of the election, for some reason I still believe the dream may nonetheless be true. This time around I do not wish to comment much further until I can discern with finality that the dreams are indeed useless misguiding trash (that I can ascertain that the devils aren't playing games = such as Satan influencing the Serb mayors to change the referendum date from Feb 15 as originally planned to Feb 14 thereby matching the number 14 from the dream and thereby using my dream to discredit the true apparition of Fatima and the true interpretations of the secret)(I believe if the referendum stayed with the original Feb 15 plans that I would have remained silent the last 2 months.)

I will reevaluate the information nearer the end of the month when I can make a more informed judgement.
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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 03:03 PM
As of today I am still not 100% sure whether the dreams are true or not. Medvedev may wish to do something for the history books rather than be remembered as Putin's placeholder.

I still expect the following:

1) the fulfillment of the Fatima and La Salette prophecies in the 21st century. Upon examination that is what the original language of the prophecy states for timeframes.

2) Russia to be transformed into a warmonger of a nation. Russia to be the scourge of Europe.

3) supernatural signs and natural disasters of biblical proportions throughout the period of chastisement. Global economic collapse.

4) scandals within the Catholic Church and anger towards Catholics to get worse, particularly at the time the Russian bear directs its propaganda against the Pope.

5) before Rome is invaded and before the world goes to war, the night is illuminated by an unknown light across all of Europe or across the entire planet.

6) the foreign invaders of the Vatican install or permit their own worldly ANTI-Pope (puppet Pope) within the Vatican walls.

7) at that time when events unravel, the Pope will repent and reverse his policies, he will make a solemn appeal to the clergy. Instead an assembly of bishops will declare they will no longer obey the Pope(Benedict??). (a Jahenny prophecy).

8) world war 3 begins in the Balkans POSSIBLY under new political conditions and new leadership either in a few weeks or a few months or 2,5,10,20,30 or 40 years from now.

9) Garabandal prophecy states that the Pope travels to Russia THEN wars suddenly break out in Europe. (??)

10) a Pope centered on Jesus' message, that walks the walk instead of being merely about the talk, is raised by God to be the true Pope, he enters the shores on a miracle(Jahenny), but like any true messenger sent by God, he would be hated by most of the world, and will not be solidly seated in Rome until after the 3 days of darkness. Various anti-popes will be elected in different countries, as well. People in their confusion, will not know for sure who the true Pope is. Satan's future henchmen on earth(the leaders) will be against the true Pope. The priests are slaughtered by the Russian soldiers, and the flock disperses.

11) the great warning from God happens.

12) God sends 3-days of darkness, to bring an end to the persecution.

13) Era of peace follows the 3 days of darkness.

14) Gospel is preached in every home throughout the entire world.

15) Antichrist sentences the Pope to death as a false prophet, Antichrist brings an end to the period of peace and turns his sword against the followers of Jesus.

16) the world follows after the Antichrist, he is embraced by the world.

17) The chastisement of God resumes. (two parts, before the period of peace, and after the period of peace).

18) the two witnesses arrive to condemn the lapses of the world. When the two witnesses are killed, the world celebrates their death.

19) Christ returns to destroy the Antichrist.

-the fulfillment of the Fatima and La Salette prophecies in the 21st century.
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-after ww3, when all seems lost for the Church, the hellspawn leaders of the world, with victory seemingly on their side, will be saying "Peace and Security" then God comes like a thief in the night and the 3-days of darkness cuts down the persecutors.

-Separately, near the start of the big changes, God comes like a thief in the night and everything commences suddenly without much warning.
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posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Phantomfire707

I am curious why you think WW3 will start in the Balkans when the bible clearly states that it is a fight between Israel Verses Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Russia coming in to make sure they win. To take a spoil, which means they will boot the Arabs after victory and take Israel for themselves.

To bad Israel gives them a biblical ass beating!!

Fatima is more about the last pope giving the anti-christ his authority by saying he is the real deal messiah. That is why pope John Paul lied about it being an attempt on his life.

Its not really not a full world war but the Gog-Magog war that is yet to come, but soon as you can see how it can happen any day. Not much of Russia's army will survive it so they wont be that much of an influence later.

WW3 is the whole world coming against Israel for what they did (Nuking the crap out of the invaders) in the Gog-Magog war, Armageddon.

posted on Mar, 10 2012 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by Patriotsrevenge

Fatima is more about the last pope giving the anti-christ his authority by saying he is the real deal messiah. That is why pope John Paul lied about it being an attempt on his life.

At this moment my opinion does not count for much.

The prophecies that connect to Fatima clearly state that God Himself raises a Good Pope that will suffer greatly. This Pope arrives before the tempest(the 3 days of darkness)("His successor will guide the boat in the tempest. But it will not delay the punishment of the wicked.";Sister Aiello) but he does not get universally recognized as the true Pope until after the 3-days of darkness. This is but one of many prophecies that pertain to that Pope: "…I see in God a great power lead by the Holy Ghost which will restore order through a second upheaval. I see in God a large assembly of pastors who will uphold the rights of the church and of her head. They will restore the former disciplines. I see in particular, two servants of the lord who will distinguish themselves in this glorious struggle and who by the grace of the Holy Ghost, will fill with ardent zeal the hearts of the illustrious assembly….”"(Sister of the Nativity, 1798)

Even the "Petrus Romanus" prophecy states that the final Pope will "feed the sheep," which comes from the words of Jesus from the Gospel of John, to the first Apostle-Saint Peter, whereby Jesus asked Peter "If you love me...then you will feed my sheep."

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posted on Mar, 18 2012 @ 10:56 PM

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