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Spiritual Realm

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posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 12:36 AM


I had a near death experiance , and after that strange things are happening to me. I am a cristian and do believ in Jesus. Sometimes before i go to bed if i close my eyes , befor i fall asleep i c things, almost like images of beast. This has been going on for a while now. Some time i c them even if my eyes are open . Before i c them its like a whole buch of dots infront of me and then the beast start to take form. I dont knwo if i have the ability to see in the spiritual dimenson or i am being plaged by demons. I knwo it sounds crazy.Any body got anHy idea what this is or could be ??

posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 02:29 PM
Dots in the optical field can be caused by pressure on the optic nerve, or in the optical regions of the brain. They manifest in bright points of light that appear and dissappear. Other phenomenon is when you raise your blood pressure suddenly, the blood vessels in the eye expand, and the tiny blood cells bend the light that is striking the retina slightly, causing a small lens effect. I assume you are experiencing the "bright points."

This pressure can be caused by the subtle psychic pressure emmanated by the minds of those nearby. This is called telekenisis. It is quite frightening to do this to people when they are not aware of what it is. You probably live near women. Women do this to young people that are getting too old to receive psychic protection from other women. You are probably a youth still. Welcome to the real world! Women have quite a annoying ability to perceive what your mind is experiencing, even to read your thoughts, and the input of your senses. Separating yourself from them is usually enough to make these things stop, once you become away of how they are being generated.

This is how they can cause your mind to see false visions, like playing connect the dots with the spots you see. It's just an annoying psychic game women and sometimes men play. Most men use a different form of psychic abilities, they are more animal in their natures when they do this. Women are just annoying and bothersome.

There are also physiological causes for this - so be sure you don't have an anurysm or stroke in your brain. Nerve pressure can be caused by physical and non physical means.

Demons are quite another matter, but some people will work with demons, or be combined with them in some nasy fashion, and then the power of evil can be rather troublesome.

In my personal experience, demons are quite real, but more common is the effects of other living people who are near you. If they can get a hold of your mind with their own, they can manupulate how your brain forms mental images from visual cues. This is the same process by which these psychic eavesdroppers cause you to dream.

What, you didn't know all people were psychic? hee hee. It's not taught to you, but you are forced to endure it. I guess it's some kind of really big secret, huh! Not really, but In America it's so evil that the people decided to cover it up and use this secret against anyone they can. In India, it's known and talked about and taught openly.

Don't worry though - We all endure it. It catches us by surprise most of the time, because we are taught lies about how our minds work. We are taught that our minds our limited in ways that make you vulnerable to those who are older and more knowledgeable in the use of the human body than you.

Lemme guess, it's right as you are trying to close your eyes and get to sleep, right? You probably start seeing random images flashing in your mind's eye when before you did not. Annoying isn't it! It's very annoying especially when you used to never have such things bothering you.

But it's something that happens when the powers of light and spirit that protect those regions of the brain are upset or displaced or removed. it's nothing to be afraid of. It's actually part of the whole challenge of overcoming the powers that Jesus taught about. So take heart in that! That's the real story of what it is.

Most folks won't tell you the truth about this. That's because THEY are where these things are coming from. When you learn more about this you will start to understand where these emmanations are coming from. It will reveal the scary truth about the business of this world, and the different forces that occupy it. Those are the TRUE lessons of Jesus. It's important not to ever be afraid of these things. They are all very possible to overcome and beat.

As our minds mature and develop we become more psychic-sensitive. The demons and the people who house them in their bodies are constantly looking for people to do this to. That is called the "torment of the saints". These emmanations are coming from the particular demons or group of demons that have singled YOU out. It's quite a normal process of our faith. The hard part is learning how to overpower them! It takes time, and a dedication to purity, and you have to learn about the light, and how it comes from the head, and how to protect the way your mind thinks, and how you channel your body's energy.

It's scary at first because we aren't taught about these things. We have to learn them for ourselves. I hope you learn why this is for yourself, because you won't beleive me right away if I told you. But the truth is, these thigns come from other human beings who have fallen and their minds are turned into "demon-hives." Other people who are in this condition are psychic with one another, think with a one mind. That's what the book of revelations describes. That's because we are in the times that book is describing, and the human race is suffering an HUGE invasion of demonic power. It's coming out from America, because that's where it pushed through into our world. Our entire country and culture is now based upon a lie, and the demons are basically ruling everything and turning us into their slaves. Wake up, little one, you gotta fight to survive this time. You do have brothers, but we are all scattered right now.

Fear is generated by the amigdalas, which are little regions of your brain by your temples. That is where you will sense many of these things coming from in your head. The bible teaches us about the "Sealing of the forehead." That's what you should be seeking right now. The sealing of the forehead is just how they described the power of the light of God's Spirit that covers and shields the thinking portions of your brain from these emmanations of the demons.

This is how the demons work: Some of them exist outside of bodies, and try to physically get into yours. If they are able to get in deep enough, they can overtake your brain, nerves, electrival systems of the body. Some people get totally overtaken, and then become the "army of satan". These kind of folks start fighting against anyone who isn't infected like them, and they use a kind of psychic power against us. Their brains and bodies can emmanate a very subtle kind of force that can get into our bodies. It can be washed off with water. That is what baptism really is. Wash yourself when you feel these forces on you. If they get deeper into you, then it is very difficult to get rid of them and you must strive greatly.

Another one of their signs is when you start to feel really tired suddenly. That is one of their effects. Voices, images, and emotions can all be sent into you remotely. Again, the key is not to fear. Our brains can generate their own protection. the power of the spirit can attach to you too, and when your "house is prepared." meaning, when your body is clean enough of the forces of darkness, the holy power of the light can abide in you and keep the forces of darkness out.

It's easier to understand the stories of bible when you understand the reality. It's actually a kind of material, it's just not understood by science, and its properties are very tenuous and fine. I don't yet understand the physics of it, but it seems to operate in a fashion similar to normal matter, which means it can be manipulated and moved around.

This is probably all news to you, huh! In reality, other people know about this stuff, but they want to keep it secret for some really bad reasons. It's actually because 90% of the people living around you are possessed with evil. Keeping these thigns secret is REALLY important to them, just because that's the whole foundation of their power.

Any questions? I will answer anything you ask me 100% truthfully. I have gone through these things successfully, and I will help anyone who is just starting to face these challenges.

You must have some kind of protection from God, or you are very young still, because most people don't get to question it before the power siezes them and their minds stop resisting.


[Edited on 18-9-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on Sep, 22 2004 @ 08:49 AM
Hi Arkaleus.

Thanks for replying. I must agree every thing you said is 100% spot on. Did you experiance the same things.....?Now i dont feel so crazy anymore ,becuase no one could tell me what the hell is happening.How did you manage these things .What did you do when these things started to happen.
I have got a question , dont get me worng here. I am a Christian , and i do believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God. I had a dream , i come into a place , a room and on the table there was a satanic bible.I have never seen one in my life , and i could describe it down to the finest detail.This is very scary............Why would demons whant to take your soul over

I am in this stage of my life that i am questioning a lot of things as i have been through a lot. oh yes , I am 26 years old.

These things seems to be very real. Say about 4 moths adgo just before i went to be i closed my eyes and then i began to c these images (in the forms of dots). I saw a big wall , with a big door. In my mind i wanted 2 c what's behind the door.I open the door , and on the otherside it was completly dark.When i started to go into that darkness that same time it felt like my soul was pulling out of me towards the top of my head outwards.That was scary .Any idea what that was .(NB: Was not a dream becuase i was awake)Strate after that i tried to go to sleep and happend again.I saw a image of a beats looking at me , i can even c how the thing moves his eyes around.I then got scared , open my eyes and in the dark in the room these dots strated to appear.... The dots forms until i can c the image. The thing was hovering all over my room and was very big,say about 7 meter tall .(only the half of it)Any ideas ? Sorry if i bore you , but you oppinion would be much appreciated.
Can't wait to here form you .....

posted on Sep, 22 2004 @ 09:11 AM
Hi Arkaleus

This is quit interesting. I have a question ?
You mentioned the following :

It's scary at first because we aren't taught about these things. We have to learn them for ourselves. I hope you learn why this is for yourself, because you won't beleive me right away if I told you.

What do you mean is it that scary ......?

posted on Sep, 22 2004 @ 01:00 PM
Well, it was scary for me, because I had never been taught that there were creatures in this world able to influence the mind so effectively.

But as it turns out, there are. They create dreams, visions, and are relentless in their pursuit of whoever they will to bother.

It is the work of demons, and is quite bothersome for men who desire nothing but peace and quiet in thei minds. As we get to be older, this increases in intensity because of a very evil power that exists in this world. It afflicts almost every person, for the sole reason of destroying his mind, and breaking his resistance down until he submits to a total occupation by their forces.

That is how these evil forces maintain their existance in this world, by occupying the bodies of the living, and stealing their life forces until that person dies. Scary, huh? No one will willing teach this to you except the most righteous of people. That's because these forces are spying on everyone, and the people fear them.

In America these forces are very strong and a lot of people are suffering from them. It's a form of mass madness that afflicts our people, because no one will readily admit it, but they will sometimes. It very bothersome when you consider that the best defense against these powers is to join in a common defense against them, which requires that you share this knowlege with your neighbors.

As far as getting these things to stop bothering YOU, For each person it is different. They latch onto you by the appetites of the body, sexual climaxes, anything that excites the senses or causes the body to enjoy its functions. This allows them to "see" the nervous activities of your internal workings, which is the system they attach to.

I have no religion to give you here, because it's not really a religion that you need, but a science of understanding. These are psychic powers, and they have a certain power over the physical realm. They can be quite destructive to the human mind and body, so you fight them.

When you go to bed at night, you need to excersice your mind on philosophy, or holy matters, or science, this generates the awareness that combats them. Light drives out darkness. Do not use alcohol or drugs while under their attacks. It weakens you. You must make an active defense against them. Purify your self, your body, and your thoughts. That is how you reduce their power, and restore your body's natural light.

That light is what keeps them from attaching to your internal systems. As long as you can get your central nervous system free, they lose strength. Are you really ready for this awareness?

Good luck, cause getting help in this is quite hard, because most people either serve these forces, cooperate with them, or are terribly afraid of them. Ignorance is not any kind of protection. Only Light is.



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