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Birthright [TJWC]

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 10:31 AM
There was not much time to think or to question; there was only time to act. Emit was the 16 year old adopted son of a middle class Jewish family living in Poland. The year was 1943 and the stench of death and war permeated the air. The acrid smell of gunfire lingered deep in the lungs of any left alive from the shelling from the tanks. On his way home from school the village had come under fire from German tanks attempting to wipe out the entire village. Emit was racing his cousin home from the school, it would be a race they never finished.
The screams of the villages still tearing through his mind Emit was trying to focus his thoughts on one thing and one thing only, his parents. He had to get to them on the other side of the village before the tanks reached them, he had to warn them and get them to safety. He had always been the fastest of all the kids; he had a knack of being at the right place at the right time. Some villagers would say he had the luck of the gods about him. He had lived a charmed life up until the Germans had invaded his beloved country. And now he was running for his life and the life of his family.

His cousin was dead, he knew it. The shell that exploded not 20 feet from him had blown a hole in the ground 6 feet deep and 8 feet wide. It never occurred to Emit that he had not suffered so much as a scratch from it. The fear in his heart was over whelming and the adrenalin was coursing through him like liquid fire. Propelling him towards his home at an ever increasing pace as explosions sounded all around him showering him with dirt and debris. He had no time to think about any of that now, the only thing on his mind was to get home in time, he needed more time.

With a low growl to himself he gritted his teeth and forced every other emotion away fear, doubt, anger, hatred, he pushed past all limitations in his mind, denied the logic that what he was trying to do was impossible. He would make it in time even if that meant breaking the laws of nature. Then there was a sudden ‘POP’ in his hearing and his vision seemed to blur for a second or two before things became clearer and more vivid than they had ever been in his life. He also noted the light was different it didn’t seem as bright. He slowed down and then stopped as he realized the whole village was silent, in fact nothing was moving at all. As he looked to his right his jaw dropped in shock as he could see the village bakery had taken a hit from one of the tank shells and was in mid explosion. All the bricks and mortar of the walls were suspended in mid air in an outward burst arc. Emit almost glided towards the scene, drawn to the mesmerizing image of an exploding building frozen in space and time. He found he could move the fragments that were frozen in mid air quite easily but when he let go they remained where he had moved them to. He then stood back and examined the devastation for the first time since he started his running of the gauntlet. The southern part of the village had been destroyed and he could see the German soldiers approaching in trucks. Well they would be if they weren’t frozen in time.
A million questions were orbiting his mind screaming for answers but none took hold enough to formulate a proper response from him. This was beyond anything he had ever experienced. It was then that Emit noticed movement to his right and he swung around fists up ready to fight whoever it was that had come up from behind him. But instead of a German soldier there stood an old man dressed in white. He had a smirk from ear to ear and seemed rather pleased with himself. “Who are you?” Emit shouted trying to not show the insecurity in his voice. The old man didn’t respond, he simply walked around the boy and smiled approvingly. “I’m not scared of you old man…” “Nor should you be.” The old man responded suddenly. His voice was like the rumbling of far away clouds; there was something familiar about the old man. “Who are you and what do you want with me?” Emit asked again. The old man looked at Emit for a few moments before he answered “I am known by many names but I suppose you can call me Chronos.” Emit looked at the old man in puzzlement “As in the Greek god of time?” Chronos chuckled, a sound very similar to the babbling of a brook or creek “Yes, THAT Chronos.” Emit was not sure how to respond, after all it appeared as if time itself had stopped so as insane as it all seemed there didn’t seem to be any other explanation he could think of. Maybe he was dead and this was the afterlife. All he knew was he had to get to his parents and get them to safety. “Look old man I don’t know who you are and I don’t care, I have to get my parents to safety so get out of my way.” Emit made to push past the seemingly frail and old man when Chronos put his hand on Emits shoulder and they were instantly teleported to his house.

“What the hell just happened?” Emit gasped. “I have brought you here so you could finalize your mortal affairs” Said the god of time. “What? What do you mean mortal affairs? I have to get my parents to safety.” As he walked around his house he could see the panic frozen on his mothers face as she was caught in time. “How do I wake her?” He asked Chronos. “It was you that stopped the flow of time, only you can release it again” The old man replied. “I didn’t do anything, all I wanted to do was get home in time and then everything stopped” Emit responded. The old man smiled again and said “All will be revealed with time my son, all you need to know is the power over time is both our blessing and our curse. You are my son and I gave you to these people to bring you up because it is not safe where we are from. Our people too are at war and we are not faring well unfortunately. We must leave now as there is much I have to teach you.” Emit was not looking at the old man then but at his adopted mother, the fear clear in her eyes, “What about my parents..I mean Eva and Eli. I won’t leave until they are safe”. “Don’t worry son, I would not abandon the people that looked after you for 12 years to such a fate, I will move them to another part of the planet that is safe from the invading army”. Emit looked back at his father, looked him in the eyes and knew that he would keep his word. “I will go with you as soon as they are safe” he said to the smiling old man. With a nod from the wizened old man another figure appeared out of thing air wearing a black leather trench coat with a deep hood and a 7 foot staff with a blue glowing crystal at its tip. The hooded figure bowed to Chronos and looked Emit up and down “Hello brother, it has been far too long.” “Emit this is your brother Mobius, He will teleport your foster parents to America where they can start a new life. Are you ready to leave?” Emit turned around and faced his father “I want to know everything about my past and what you have planned for my future father.” With that ever knowing smile always painted across his face Chronos pats the boys shoulder and says” All in good time son, all in good time..”

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