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Exclusive: Marines Nazi-Flag Whistleblower Comes Forward

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by Qemyst

the basket ball teams symbol is not the nazi swastika. the nazi swastika is offset. compare the two. just like a crucifix and an upside down crucifix mean two different things. in my eyes ( a neutral bystander) you proved the oppositions point.

oh i see you've added the finnish symbol too..also not the same as a nazi swastika. find a swastika thats not offset like the nazi symbol. i bet you cant. just like you cant find an upside down crucifix thats not satanic. its just the way it is.

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by riffraff

Not true. They used swastikas without the 45 degree tilt.

There are more examples out there of this, but I figured this is probably enough.


posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 11:42 PM
Wow basically the same thread again, someone is really trying to push some kind of point.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:04 AM

Originally posted by DerekJR321

Originally posted by tagasbob
reply to post by 29INFDIV

What's deplorable is that you cannot see the complete stupidity and offense in using an SS flag as some sort of identifying symbol. You're #ting on millions of europeans that gave their lives in the war at the hands of the SS by giving glory to it. That should have never started nor should it continue. They can draw the SS differently - whatever. Just not the same.

and if they INSIST it has to be the same??? then what? what does that say?
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It says that its time to move on and stop clinging to old daemons. SS no longer stands for what it used to. And until people are able to just STOP with all the PC bullsh#$ and move on, this world will never move forward.

As it has already been said, SS to them means SCOUT SNIPER. Nothing more. They are not trying to be Nazis. They are not trying to "offend the millions of Europeans who died".

If your offended by it, then move on. You don't have to look at their flag. Hell a snipers roll is to not be scene. So stop looking if you don't like it.

If that is so then you wont mind anyone calling these scouts Nazi's either. I mean its long in the past and 'nazi' does not stand for what is used to (according to you). I think we can start calling israel 'The third reich' as well without offending anyone following that same reasoning.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by clay2 baraka

Not really. The SS(Sniper Scouts) for the Marines is tilted to the left, while the Nazi SS is tilted to the right.

Small difference, but when it comes to icon's, small differences can be fairly large.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:23 AM

Originally posted by Qemyst

Originally posted by kn0wh0w
reply to post by Qemyst

Shapes can't talk. They don't say "Hey, I'm ONLY to be used by the Nazi's! You can't use me for something else!" It's PEOPLE who give symbolism and meaning to these shapes, not the shapes themselves.


And as PROBABLY everyone knows, including those marines, is that the 'SS' symbol is associated with a lot of negative feeling and emotions.

That makes the use of this symbol even more despicable.

If someone decides that they need to associate the shape with negative feeling and emotions, that's of their own doing if the person SHOWING the symbol knows that it means something else to them.

Like if I wore a shirt with a big swastika on it and people got offended, it would be 100% their fault for associating it with Nazis. I happen to know it means Eternity to me. Nothing despicable about that.

If my name was "Simon Sawyer" and I wore a shirt with my initials on it in a big cool looking lightning bolt shaped "SS" letters, and someone got offended, it would totally be their fault for associating my initials with something negative to them. I happen to know that the symbol stands for "Simon Sawyer". Nothing despicable about that.

Are you a real person?

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:25 AM

Originally posted by caf1550
reply to post by aching_knuckles

90% of the world huh, lets see some facts for that number my good man

a parody unto themselves...

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:30 AM
Lightning Bolt:

"In ancient mythologies from many cultures (Norse, Roman, Greek, Native American, etc.) the lighting bolt would be hurled by sky gods to punish, water, or fertilize the earth or its creatures. Navajo myths linked it to the Thunderbird, the symbol of salvation and divine gifts. On children's toys, it represents supernatural power. "

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 01:14 AM

Originally posted by duality90
Are you a real person?

Yup. I'm real. Free thought and all. The ability to make my own decisions and more!

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 01:58 AM

Originally posted by caf1550
reply to post by aching_knuckles

90% of the world huh, lets see some facts for that number my good man

So you are saying the Nazis are popular with over 10% of the worlds population? Maybe in your unit

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 03:40 AM

Originally posted by Rafe_
If that is so then you wont mind anyone calling these scouts Nazi's either. I mean its long in the past and 'nazi' does not stand for what is used to (according to you). I think we can start calling israel 'The third reich' as well without offending anyone following that same reasoning.

The only problem with doing that is the fact that calling the scout snipers Nazis would be incorrect, since they are not Nazis. The same holds true to calling Israel the third reich, because that is not who they are.

That would be like calling a dog a cat. Just wouldn't work, not because it is offensive or non offensive, but simply because of the facts. A dog is not a cat. The Scout Sniper unit are not Nazis. Israel is not the third reich.
The SS symbol however, means "Scout Sniper", and thus, calling it a Nazi SS symbol would be incorrect.


posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 05:25 AM

Originally posted by Qemyst
Why don't people care when some silly teen is wearing a "Rising Sun" headband, or a t-shirt with the Japanese flag?

Gee, I dunno, because they aren't killing in the name of it?

The Russians killed millions as well, but the hammer and sickle is nowhere near as vilified.

That's rich. You do realize that the Americans have killed millions too, right? Except the Americans didn't kill their own population to advance the interests of the country- instead, they brought war and dispair to millions of others around the world. Most of the time, the US did this by enforcing brutal dictatorships throughout the Third World, dictatorships that murdered and tortured massive amounts of their own population.

All of this was done just to crush any "good example" of people in a piss-poor country organizing to better their lives. This very act was the biggest threat to the USA through out the cold war, because the idea was that any people desperate enough to better their lives will probably turn to the USSR (while only rich or hated minorities wanted America's help).

The American flag itself is stained in the blood of the entire world. It is not some symbol of the "shining beacon of democracy" that its politicians portray it as, and most of the non-Western world see it as such, because they've had to suffer because of it.

So please spare me about how bad you think Russia or Japan was, because the US is still an ongoing, extremely brutal empire. The fact that it's soldiers adopt Nazi symbolism is even worse. I can't even believe that there are posters on here that say "well the Nazis are gone so it's alright to use their symbols". What a bunch of fools.
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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 05:42 AM
I posted on the other thread about this , and my feelings and opinions still are the same , The fact that any military choose to use the sybolism of the double S in lightning strikes which is now Burned into the collective conscious of everyone as nazi symbolism is just ignorant and disrespectful.

There are inumerable and creative ways in which to display two S characters next to each other , yet the sniper squad "since nam" choose to use the SS the exact same way that the brutal nazi SS did.

I find it quite disrespectful that they couldnt be bothered to take the time to create a new logo themselves.
This pisses in the face of those that suffered at the hands of the brutal SS.

You would think that being military men they would have realised this and one of the chaps came up with a new SS logo .

It's not hard , a child could do it .

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 05:58 AM

Originally posted by caf1550
reply to post by aching_knuckles

what if it were another countries soldiers, would we even see it on here or in the news

im saying its bull**** if you say that it would be on here because it wouldn't be, no one ever goes after other countries militarys, its always the americans

Thats because it would never happen the British army would never allow this to happen , nor any French , Dutch , Belgian , German , I could rhyme of every european country,also Canada and Australia.

Thats because we know that nazi symbolism is so deeply burned into our souls as being pure evil and represents hatred for everything .

That finish airline or whoever they are , have certainly taken a ballsy step using the swastika in their logo !
sure you can use the nazi hijacked swastika or the SS or the iron cross, but your signing your own death warrant.
Because it breeds hatred and is disrespectful and is also a representation of everything the nazi party stood for !

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 06:15 AM

Originally posted by Qemyst

Originally posted by Rafe_
If that is so then you wont mind anyone calling these scouts Nazi's either. I mean its long in the past and 'nazi' does not stand for what is used to (according to you). I think we can start calling israel 'The third reich' as well without offending anyone following that same reasoning.

The only problem with doing that is the fact that calling the scout snipers Nazis would be incorrect, since they are not Nazis. The same holds true to calling Israel the third reich, because that is not who they are.


Hmm well they work for the us government , who are becoming pretty facist , so we could be inclined to call them nazis!

(I just think that since operation paperclip the US started to become more facist than not !
having a whole bunch of nazi scientists and whoever stolen in that operation kinda of soiled the America
that was created by the founding fathers.)

they have a flag which looks like a nazi SS flag so we are mounting evidence in the favour of them being nazi's

However they are american citizens who most likley arent nazis so we wont call them nazi's
we will just call them total fools for using a flag that looks exactly like a nazi SS flag .
Whether they want the SS logo to mean something else "scout sniper " in this instance
people dont forget what the original SS logo meant, it meant death and destruction , brutal merciless hatred!

It's been chosen in bad taste , and makes the commanding officer look like a fool , they should all be ashamed.
After all , its not the coolest logo anyways I could design them a way cooler logo
which would be ten times more bad ass and make them have hardon's whenever they brandish it in battle !

Or have they secretly chosen to use the SS logo , in order to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies
because they are secretly trying to make people fear them like the SS.

We will never know!

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 07:00 AM
reply to post by roguedesigner

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I can cry "not in my name", i live of grid and have done for twenty years.
I grew up in a warzone where your "freeedumb " marines regularly dragged friends and family members from their beds. 5 of my friends were shot dead on seperate ocaaisions and my school teacher was shot dead in front of me and the class.
I accept the fact that some of you think you need the military to protect us but who protects me from your military? Terrorists?
Where I grew up a common chant was "SS.RUC" this was because the RUC were the personnel police force of the ruling class, just like germany during ww2.
The ss symbol was regularly painted on walls and buildings in my community by the "other side" for just the reasons given, To instill fear.
Simply put the protestant community were seen and saw themselves as fascist. we called them Huns.
The Catholic community were basically socialist bordering on communist. which when you look at them critically they are the same thing.
I made friends with members of the other side eventually through a love of music and partying we left all of that # behind. so it is possible to live without the state supporting us. you just have to stop believing the rubbish tptb keep feeding you.
SS written in the style the marine used is racist. if they are so tough why cant they admit it.
i am not bitter and im a pacifist and i am not stupid.
just tell the truth, if you are too embarrassed to admit it that implys you know its wrong.
Be safe dude, please dont get shot or blown up on my account.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 07:57 AM

Originally posted by caf1550
what if it were another countries soldiers, would we even see it on here or in the news
As far as I know, this as been discussed in US news, I haven't seen any non-US news article about this.

But as someone that saw US ships with their guns pointing to my country's parliament, I understand why some people do not like the US military (when in fact they shouldn't like the politicians that give the orders to the troops, the troops are just pawns like any other common citizen).

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 09:01 AM

Originally posted by caf1550
in being a US Marine i think its despicable the way that some people jump all over these fellow Marines

why can't you get over the fact that they use SS for scout sniper and not the same way the Nazi's used SS in WW2

your calling these men, "nazi lovers" and how they want to act like the SS, are you kidding me. for place thats suppose to deny ignorance its getting pretty bad around here, who are you to say these things about some men you have never spoken to in your life, knor will someone of you ever live up to there example.

Marine Corps teachs Honor, Courage, and Commitment

Always show honor, in your country, your unit, and your men. always be couragous in not only the most dangerous of situations but also the simplest. always be committed to the mission no matter what it is. Marines don't take failure easy because we don't fail.

all these Marines did was take a unit photo with the letters "SS" on a flag, but because america is now becoming so PC people make a big freaking deal about it. the thing is get over it, let the past be the past, you don't have to always bring up what the SS did before and durning WW2 everyone knows what they did. these Marines aren't trying to honor the SS in anyway what so ever.

but because some people on here hate this country, and the military so much they will make a big deal about everything, let the simplest things bother them, and act WAY to PC

- Caf

Semper Fi

The German soldiers /marines/airmen were exactly the same as present American such.
They too swore obidience , and with honour etc.
Them and the present American troops were and are MUGS.
They did not, neither do they now ...SERVE their country.
They are PAID KILLERS acting for corperate interests.

The use of such brotherhood symbols is to brainwash the gullible left brained mugs into acting in as highly efficient manner as possible for their MASTERS who sit behind desks.....laughing at the MUGS .

All of this garbage about "sacrifice and serving" is obnoxious .

America is clearly becoming the next reich, and it is clearly shown in that photo no matter how many of You try to weasel out of it.
Is this how You want America remembered in years to come?
As Germany is remembered?



posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 11:17 AM
I think there are a LOT of innocent mistakes. But I find SS lightning bolts are a pretty unmistakable part of military lore. I don't see how anyone would NOT know of the legacy of the SS tattoos and insignia.

Here's the think, while ONE incident could be passed off. But after 2001, we had an administration that PUSHED torture as a policy. During the Clinton administration, the US adopted extradition to countries to "interrogate" prisoners of war. During the Bush administration, this program was expanded until many countries like Syria, had large torture camps full of our "indefinitely detained."

Bush's family legacy and trust fund comes from the Nazi banker Prescott Bush -- and he was cited for trading with the enemy during and AFTER WW II. Dutch transfers to a bank in New York of Nazi loot was recorded and is on the record. We cannot condemn the children of the fans of Nazis - but we can also notice when the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The Bush family has NEVER supported Democracy, and has never met a fascist it didn't like.

Blackwater recruited heavily from former Chilean military men who supported Pinochet.

>> I could site a LOT of admiration of the Bush family with Nazis -- and I can site a close matchup with NeoCons and the "Straussian Philosophy" -- which is the same exact roots of Nazism. We can double that association with the many Ayn Rand fans in the PNAC group. Proteges of Rand include Allan Greenspan and Karl Rove. Rand also notes Straussian philosophy as her inspiration.

I'm sure the men in service are probably unaware of these connections, or feel the symbology is TRYING to be anything that supports the Nazis beliefs.

But we've got a lot of giggling Psychopaths who got jobs because of the Bush administration -- and they DO love to echo the Third Reich when not spicing up speeches with Dominionist and End Times phrases that let the believers know with a wink and a smirk what the inside joke is.

I'm just arm-waving at this point -- because I could spend ALL DAY and not be done finding the common ground between the PNAC NeoCons and Nazis. They also both hate the French.

Take a minute or two and look at all the intentional phrases Bush, Rove, and the rest of his gaggle used to add to their talks. Then tell me if the "accidents" of so many changes to military mottos is so innocent:
The Air Force's motto went from "Aim High" to or "Uno Ab Oto" (One Over All)

Also, in ad campaigns, the Air Force adopted "Above All',
The Luftwafa used the slogan "Uber Alles" or "Over All" or just as correctly translated to "Above All".

Marines is "Semper Fidelis" or "always Loyal"

The SS motto was "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" ("My Honour is Loyalty")
According to SS-Obergruppenführer and General of the Waffen-SS, Karl Wolff, it was also based on the model from the Society of Jesus of absolute obedience to the Pope.

Admittedly, militaries of the world use many of the same techniques to train soldiers, and there is probably very common overlap in patriotic and indoctrinating slogans. But the closeness of the rhetoric seems a bit too convenient, especially given the similar MO of the US and Nazi Germany during the '30s. Hitler claimed the Reichstag was attacked and faked 21 different incidents to convince Germans that Poland would invade. They started "preemptive war" to defend themselves against a country that could POTENTIALLY attack. The Bush administration did the same justifying the Iraq war.

The use of torture. The abuse of personal liberty such as domestic spying, propaganda and circumventing the Constitution and Geneva Conventions. The Patriot Act which is so similar to the Enabling Act.

Bob Dylan knew that every army fights with "God on their side" -- LINK

The common myth is that the Nazis were Godless socialists -- well they killed off unions and their belt buckles used to say (in german); "With God on Our Side."

>> There has been a lot of news stories leaking of the full onslaught of religious recruitment in the Air Force (as this group is least likely to see hand to hand engagement, and so can be kept 'remote' from the real horrors of war). The proselytizing and the propaganda to make soldiers think that the war in the Middle East was another "Holy War" was also institutionalized.
Many non-Christians who have been in the service have complained of proselytizing and being ostracized if they do NOT adopt religious trappings; LINK

So many coincidences.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 12:54 PM
Brilliant post, unfortunately containing the true reality .
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