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A dragon "tamer."

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posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 02:39 PM
I have this dream/vision this morning. Usually, they happen between 7am to 8am. Usually, after I woke up and went back to sleep again. The dream/vision started when I found myself inside this urban location. It was urban because I saw graffiti everywhere on the wall inside this location. Here, I felt I was witnessing some landmark that I saw in a documentary. I thought to myself that this was exactly what I saw in a film. Personally, I am not big on urban art forms.
However, in this dream, I tried to relate the message of the graffiti as the ancient world of wall painting, before the invention of paper. Every inch on the wall was covered with graffiti. Then, I saw a ghostly figure appeared right in front of me. I decided to follow it. Somehow, it led me to a drawer and disappeared.

Now, I found myself on the rooftop. The environment was still very urban. There was this dirty look on every object. I saw a dwarf or a midget if you want to call him that. He was by the ledge. I came up to him and he was looking at me. Didn't say a word. I was studying his face. Black straight hair. He looked Spanish, maybe. Then, I turned around and noticed that many ghostly figures just appeared from no where. As if these were people, I say the roof was getting crowded. In the dream, I was confused. Then, I saw my friend there and asked him how many people was he seeing on the roof. He said ONE.
Apparently, he only saw me. I was the only person who could see the rest of the "ghostly people." Now, I came to the realization that there was a reason for me to be in this building. Something came over me and I decided I needed to head down to the basement. Something bad was about to happen and it was my duty to prevent that from happening.

As I was rushing down to the basement, there were just as many "people" going to the top of the roof. I finally reached to the basement and realized that I had a deja vu. A deja vu within a dream.
I noticed that I was too late because the fire breathing dragon was already downstairs. Here, I was examining why I had a deja vu. I quickly realized that I could no longer warn the people about the impending danger in order to trying to avoid it. Here, now, I needed to confront this danger, the dragon.

Now, I went back up to the floor level and saw this dragon. A western dragon, not a Chinese dragon. In front of me, I saw a sword and I picked it. I then used the sword to deflect the dragon's fireball. I realized that the sword was able to absorb the fireball energy and to form its own fireball. I then used the same fireball throwing it back to the dragon. Here, the dragon launched a second fireball at me but I managed to deflect it with a shield, with the Yin Yang symbol on it. Now, I have on the right hand holding a sword and the left hand with a shield. I became fearless and charging up to the dragon. Then, it flew away.

Now, I realized that I needed to head back up to the roof to inform the "people" about my victory. When I got up to the roof, the giant dragon turned into the size of a cat and it was bowing before me. I then spared his life since it was never my intention to take his life.

Now, what happened yesterday with me may have something to do with this dream message. Yesterday I had a little confrontation with the police since they love to harass cyclists. I was at the park riding my bike. The cops stopped 2 riders behind me and I decided to check them out. I asked them what happened and the cop asked me for an ID for no reasons. Things were almost gotten out of hand. At the end of the commotion, the cop decided to hand me a summon without any reasons. Here, I felt the 2 cyclists were unjustly ticketed for red lights violation inside a close park, with few people using the park driveway as well. I felt I needed to know what was going on.

I think I have a pretty idea about the moral message of the dream. Having a precognitive thought does not make you to avoid the future. One must confront it. Somehow, the graffiti messages contain the spirit of the authors. A social message. The people I saw were actually the graffiti messages themselves. Could this building I was in was once burn down and consumed by fire??? How else could I explain why "people" were running up to the roof? What does the dragon represent? Any semblance in the real life? In fact, is this dream message reflecting some sort of event I may experience in the future?
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