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First Strike Scenerio in conjunction with the Departure of The Body of Christ.

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posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 04:27 PM
I looooooove the way people say: "There is no God"...or how they think God is a 'mean' God. NEWSFLASH: If God 'hated' us so much...why did HE give us so much, in abundance? Look AROUND YOU. Surely, you can't BELIEVE that all this stuff, on our planet, just "happened". Do you? The sun, moon, stars, oceans, mountains, every animal, plant and tree....all just happened by circumstance? hahahahahah Either man is TOO smart....or that FN stupid...nah, IGNORANT.

Now, on to the 'mean' side...of God. Do you think, that it's fair....that the people who actually TRY to live by God's word and live a RIGHTEOUS life; get screwed in return; get NOTHING for working God's PRINCIPLES? And, do you think God should reward those that live LAWLESS; to reap all the benefits of being UNRIGHTEOUS???

In case you didn't know....God is a FATHER. I realize these days...with all the 'bastards' (child without a father) being born..a 'father' is about as pre-historic as a dinosaur. Fathers have become EXTINCT or OBSOLETE! Now, they're nothing more than 'child support' services. But God, like the FATHER HE is, has a love that NEVER FAILS. When a child messes you punish it...or let it slide??? And if they keep doing, what you told them not to do; when you've given them break, after break, after break....would you punish them SEVERLY or pay it no mind? This is where we are.

We are at a point...where God is tired of our messing up...time and time and time again; while flipping HIM the bird!!! He's tired of the whole: "God doesn't exist", "there is no such thing", blah, blah, all you RELIGIOUS zealots. Yeah, you....the ones that say God doesn't're the religious ones i'm talking to. Oh, you're not religious, right??? Well, you most certainly ARE, when you stand firm, in your BELIEF; that God does not exist. That IS your religion; and you still have not eaten, your slice of HUMBLE PIE!

Oh, and to the OP.....God doesn't need Russia's help either. IF God wanted to, 1 little space rock, would take care of us, once and for all!

And the point of accepting Jesus the Christ, as your Lord and Savior, is just an act of HUMILITY. It's a way of saying...God is greater than me and i am NOTHING without HIM.

Now, eat your pie....before it's too late!!!

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by Cor Leonis

I dont think the U.S. and Russia will go toe to toe nuke wise. I think Obama will just leave Israel hanging when they see Russia is serious about rushing troops to Israel.

Remember, Obama wants or needs his 7 year peace deal

I have also seen no evidence of the U.S. being anything but the base of the Anti-Christ sorry to say. I am a proud American but even in the bible it says "who can make war with him"

I know many times where our military simply laughs at the idea that Russia can take us out anymore. Im sure our Generals and Admirals have a lot of new facy toys we are not told about. Our Army has also never been let off the chain to destory a nation although Iraq in 91 was pretty close.

Also the Tribe of Dan mentioned in the bible flew a flag with an eagle as its sign. It also says the Anti-Christ comes from a new nation, not old like any of the others.

I think we are the first beast that is seen rising out of the sea, because thats what John was seeing as this land was discoverd.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 05:34 AM

Originally posted by nuttin4U
...God is a FATHER.

Or a dead beat dad
Seriously long rant by you ... calling anyone who disagrees with you ignorant etc etc.

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