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My first experience of Sleep-Paralysis in context of Astral Projection, familiar?

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 08:59 AM
I hope this description of my experience makes sense...these things are hard to describe. I mainly made this thread to see if anyone else has experienced the flashes of light, and how they relate to Astral Projection. But, I'd love to hear any other stories about sleep paralysis experiences and perhaps Astral Projections because of them.

~ And it's sad to have to say this, but i know exactly how immature and disrespectful some people can be at ATS...If you are a "skeptic" of Astral Projection, you might as well leave this thread now. I care not to debate the existence of Astral Projection, I just want a constructive discussion with "believers".

So now I'll get straight to the point:

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and I believe I experienced semi-sleep paralysis for the first time.

I opened my eyes, and then shut them, as one does when they are on the fringe of sleep...and I noticed a very bright flash of light (in my mind's eye?/pineal?) when I closed my eyes. I specifically remember purposefully closing my eyes to see if the light bursts kept occurring with my eyes closed, and they did.

Now, I have experienced phenomena that I thought were related to sleep-paralysis and astral projection before, during the "fringe sleep". But, in the past it has only manifested as an audible "hum" or a "ring".

I've done a lot of research into sleep paralysis and astral projection years ago, when I was first awakening to the possibilities of consciousness expansion...But I've never came very close to doing it myself.

In my research I knew that amongst experiencers of sleep-paralysis and astral projection, a "hum" is very common. This hum will usually start soft, and amplify and amplify until it "consumes" you, and you "burst" out of your body, and begin Astral adventures.

I have experimented with the "hums & ringing" that I've heard before. I would lie in bed (no sleep paralysis), start to hear the Hum, and then (this is hard to explain) I would somehow be able to control the strength of the Hum. I could either subdue it, and not let it affect me, or I could consciously allow it to amplify. Sometimes I would try to make it amplify as much as possible, to possibly let it resonate me to the point of "departure".

But, once the Ring gets to a certain level, it begins affecting you in weird ways...It gets very uncomfortable and tensious to allow it to "consume" you. In the past I have not fully let go of inhibitions and let it reach it's full potential.

Last night, when I started seeing the light flashes, I was somewhat able to control their frequency. When I first noticed them, (similar to the Hum..) I started to consciously will them to happen that the flashes would occur many times in just a few seconds.

When they started occurring more rapidly, and I realized that I was controlling them similar to the Hums, I started to get that feeling of tension and started to consciously realize that I might be beginning the process of Astral Projection.

Somewhere around this time is when I noticed that I was some-what paralyzed. In my state of (mental) discomfort, I guess I tried to move in bed and nudge my girlfriend. I remember that It was particularly difficult for me to nudge her or use much force at all. I also remember trying to say my girlfriend's name out loud, in order to get her attention. This was also very difficult...I could barely speak at all, I'm not even sure If I made a sound.

As I discovered that I was paralyzed, I shifted attention to that instead of the Light flashes, and I guess they stopped. Because I had never experienced this before, needless to say it freaked me out a little bit. The last thing I remember before falling back asleep was me trying to wake up my girlfriend. Interestingly: this morning I felt unusually well-rested and had a good energy...I couldn't stop talking to by girlfriend as soon as I woke up, and my mind was very fresh and alert right-off-the-bat.

If you do your research on Astral Projection and how some people have "out of body experiences" during the "in-between state" of sleep, you will come across the Hum phenomenon and sleep paralysis for sure. the Light flash phenomenon is also related, but it's not as common as the Hum.

The most common story is that you wake up and realize you are paralyzed, and then you hear "the Hum" or "ringing". the ringing amplifies to the point that you (consciousness) begins to resonate with it, and once the resonation is strong enough, you leave your body and begin to Astral Project.

Actually, the Hum is also described by veteran Astral Projectors, like Remote Viewers. Apparently the Hum is common to most if not all of Astral Projections.

There's a whole mess of esoteric things that could be discussed in relation to Astral Projection, but I won't get into that here...

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences with the light flashes...and If anyone can give tips on how to handle it and begin Astral Projection.

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:13 AM
When I'm having a lucid dream I get the bright flash then everything gets heavy right before I get pulled out of it. I'll wake up with no control over my body, but that usually only lasts 5-10 seconds. Not sure how to stop it or prevent it but it doesn't do any harm so I don't worry.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:28 AM
I have heard of the hum, which I don't recall. However, I have been awakened to a high pitch sound which I hear only inside my head as I am deaf in that range. This sound when I woke preceded an abrupt out of body experience. But then, I detected that there were others involved with this as in these occasions there was a learning or showing.

As to the lights, I had one of those in meditation just before sleep the other night, balls of purple which I understand many see. On other occasions, they were white, like shooting away from my forehead. A year ago, they transformed into what looked like clay tablets, hundreds one after another, all with inscribed writing which evolved from one form into another until the last had inscription similar to the modern. Speaking of light, the other night my wife was woke up and watched this small light come from her forehead area, hover for a moment in front of her face and then move over to myself and hover there, but then she somehow lost interest and went to sleep, some form of control it seems.

I find it hard to observe my OBE experience without interrupting it however, thus is just happens after I fall to sleep.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 09:39 AM
Dont know if this is projection but ill tell u some weird stuff that happens to me. It starts off by me waking up but still sleeping btw i dont always realize this at first. I then try moving and my body is like stuck in place so i have to fight pretty hard to get up and when i do its like an outline of myself gets up and i see my real body laying there as if im dead. Once i get my bearings i start to move around the house but i usually have to piss which i dont this can last for a long or short time i have no control of it im working on that. At first i couldnt even get up id just lay there and wait until it was over. Now i wander around like its another life that i live and do things i never could in real life. In this state i can float i dont have to walk its great, i used to be a real bad alcoholic and sometimes wondered if i was dead for a few minutes and this is what happened but i have been sober for over six months and still have these episodes. If you have any info on how to induce of control this a bit better any info would be appreciated.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by ed1320
Dont know if this is projection but ill tell u some weird stuff that happens to me. It starts off by me waking up but still sleeping btw i dont always realize this at first. I then try moving and my body is like stuck in place so i have to fight pretty hard to get up and when i do its like an outline of myself gets up and i see my real body laying there as if im dead. Once i get my bearings i start to move around the house but i usually have to piss which i dont this can last for a long or short time i have no control of it im working on that. At first i couldnt even get up id just lay there and wait until it was over. Now i wander around like its another life that i live and do things i never could in real life. In this state i can float i dont have to walk its great, i used to be a real bad alcoholic and sometimes wondered if i was dead for a few minutes and this is what happened but i have been sober for over six months and still have these episodes. If you have any info on how to induce of control this a bit better any info would be appreciated.

what you're describing is a textbook out of body experience...complete with sleep paralysis. O.B.E.s (out of body experience) is always an astral projection. you are projecting your consciousness out of your physical body.

the reason it's called astral is because you are using your astral body to operate on the astral plane. this body is different from a physical body which operates on the physical plane.

the astral plane is very similar to our physical plane except it is made of thought-forms instead of "gross material". the astral body is sometimes called the "subtle body" and is like a mental or emotional is also different from your spirit body..which is more powerful, complex, and infinite.

do some research into these terms and you will learn a lot about it....the traditions of the "far east" have been discussing these things for ages and ages and ages.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 11:44 PM
i will do that maybe i can learn to control it a bit more thanks so much for the info and great luck with you

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 01:02 AM
Star and flag, good post.

The problem I have with the hum/vibrations is that sometimes it's more auditory than it is physical. When I have both, I feel like I'm getting closer to getting out of body or at least achieving a state of paralysis. I forget where I read it, but the tinnitus (ear ringing) we experience when everything is quiet at night can lead to the auditory hum, which I've found depending on how you focus, you can control the intensity of, and sometimes the physical hum comes along a bit later.

Sounds like your sleep paralysis was pretty deep, especially if you had so much difficulty trying to wake up your girlfriend. I find that sometimes when I wake up with paralysis, my mind just isn't "in it" and I'm in no situation to attempt an exit, with fear or discomfort holding me back. I experienced full on paralysis several months ago at a relatives house, and I wasn't exactly at peace in my surroundings the same way I am at home, and that just killed the desire for me. My first time, I was 100% conscious in the paralysis, and it was a matter of will. Just be like Super Man and take off, will yourself to fly up and out. That's all I did, and it worked.

So far, no luck aside from my first random experience, though.

Check out the Lucidology 101 series of videos on youtube, lots of great tips.

I hate to pimp out my thread everywhere, but:

You sound like a reasonable guy who has done his research, and has a clear head about these things. I made that thread as a kind of middle ground for those who don't fit in with the debunkers but don't want to waste time with new age mumbo jumbo either. Feel free to post there too if you like, your ideas would be welcome.

Keep us updated!
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posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by metalshredmetal

I have had a number of sleep paralysis episodes, mostly when I was younger.

However I have only been able to leave my body once, this was after reading a book about it. I had not experienced it in many years however as fate would have it after reading the book i fell asleep and woke up with the dreaded feeling of sleep paralysis. I was able to let go and fully immerse myself in it and was litterally thrown sideways out of my body.

Unfortunately I became so excited upon seeing my body in the bed that I was sucked right back in.

The only advice I can give is what I gained from the book I was reading, unfortunately I do not have it with me and I cant remember the name, however I will try and get it.

Firstly and most importantly: do not be afraid. The book stated over and over that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. If you are afraid you will never be able to leave you body. This is partly because of what I see as a fail safe in astral travelling. Every emotion that is too intense forces you back into your body instantantly. Therefore if the level of fear or excitement gets too much you are immediately sucked back into your body.

Secondly: The sleep paralysis is the onset of astral travelling, this is the hardest part to overcome as it can be quite overwhelming and terrifying. You will feel pressure like you think you are suffocating, it will sound like you are standing next to a giant waterfall, you might hear voices and you might imagine other entities in the room, these all add up to a very frightening situation, however you have to stay calm and just go with it. Your instinct will tell you to fight it and try to move and wake up, however if you just relax and go with it, you will be able to get out of your body. The book said you must imagine youself floating upwards. I was however shoved out of my body very rapidly and to the side.

After this episode I am yet to experience sleep paralysis again. I wish I could, however my current lifestyle is not very conducive, I am suffering from serious depression and going through probably one of the worst experiences imaginable, I also have a stressfull job all of which are not conducive to astral travelling.

I found my old posts on the subject here Sleep paralysis thread

On the scientific side I found that it is simply a case of your consciouss brain waking up while your subconsciouss is still in control. i.e sleeping awake. The frightening effects are to shock your body into waking up.

Now being more enlightened than I was at that stage of my life I finally found the answer which I believe and which I have actully experienced.
Sleep Paralysis is simply the onset of an out of body experience(obe).

Now I dont know if you want to have one( well you actually dont have a choice since it happens to everyone whether we are consciouss of it or not.) but if you want to proceed out of your body all you have to do is stay calm and imagine yourself drifting out of your body. I know it is an extremely frightening experience and thus I know how ridiculous it sounds when I say you should stay calm. But dont be afraid, this is the most important advice, you can ignore everything else except this. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. As long as you stay calm you will be on your way to having one of the most delightfull and enlightening experiences.

Even though experienceing it most of my life I only found out about the last part a few weeks ago. Coincidentally right after reading a book about it (by Lobsang Rampa) and falling asleep I experienced the sleep paralysis. I made an extraordinary effort to just stay calm, and suddenly i was out of my body. I looked at my body seeping on the bed and was so excited I was immediately sucked back into my body.

Anyway, good luck and I hope you are successfull, maybe someday I might meet you there. Just have to sort a few things out first.

P.S Love The tool and Alex Gray as well

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 04:29 AM
Niicce one mate

Ive had lucid dreams before but from waking up in my sleep. so i couldn't really give you my opinion on sleep paralysis. But from what i hear, your night sounds extremely like those nights

If you wish to induce yourself into lucid dreaming more i saw this really good technique. Basically, Every time you touch a door or go though a door question yourself if your dreaming or not. with enough attempts you'll do this in your dreams and it'll snap your conscious awake
Thats the easy part of with! Now you need to stay lucid

Enjoy flying around your house, neighborhood, country. world! if you wish its pretty cool i must say.

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 05:05 AM
One thing i recently read about sleep paralysis is that the during sleep a chemical is released to stop you from moving during dreams. I found that interesting and logical but at the same time quite amazing. Funny thing is we still do move in our sleep. We roll over far as i can know anyway since i do not study that aspect of it. One thing is true, we do not act out our dreams in a physical way. So i would have to agree with it and am sure tests on this were done. I can put that in the truth column.

If you dont want the skeptical side of astral projection then i wont comment on that except to say the chances it can happen is around zero. Had sleep paralysis myself for over 20 years and dont miss it at all since it stopped happening a few years ago. It is more of a problem interrupting sleep than anything else.

Just wanted to add, astral projection is not something ordinarily thought of by people with sleep paralysis. After you hear or read about it you get the idea in your head but normally, i would say, does not enter into a SP episode. Most likely people associate the vibrations, which i think come from central nervous system so they reverberate throughout your body, coupled with the overwhelming desire to get up as leaving the body. Kind of like getting ripped out of your skin.

One secret i found was it needs to silent whereas there is no sound to focus on and pretty much completely dark to initiate these episodes. it's essentially a sleep disorder though. I think there is some connection to sound or really the lack of sound while sleeping and more so than the darkness since when your eyes are closed it is dark anyway.

Interestingly enough, reading about it on the interent played some part in stopping them, for me. I read up all i could about it and discovered it was a sleep disorder.

Funny thing about astral projection is its something you could never prove. Always going to be some doubt and feeling that it was part of the dream or imagination. And hate to be the one to say it but it most likely is and most likely leaning heavily towards IS.

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posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 05:12 AM
Reply to post by metalshredmetal

I remember a terrifying incident of sleep paralysis that rocked me to my core.

Don't remember any noises but it was akin to being held down by a force of sorts.

Also had a weird dream yesterday where I heard odd noises and could "see" beings of some sort. This was probably my subconscious.

If we eliminate fluoride from our water, will this aid in de-calcifying the pineal gland? Wonder if that will make these incidents increase in frequency?

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Malcher

thanks for your input..pretty useful. but i have to say, astral projection has been proven in quite a few circumstances. have you ever researched remote viewers? and their role in our own government? look up Joseph McMoneagle.

if YOU do your research, you will find plenty of accounts of people projecting on the operating table, and (after surgery) being able to identify people and events in the operating room, while they were supposedly "under"/unconscious.

there are also similar accounts of people projecting and being able to see people in their homes. one story i remember is someone projecting to their professor's house in the night time, seeing that their professor had a cast/splint on a leg. normally their professor did not wear a splint, but after the projection, the student told their professor about what they saw, and it turns out the professor had to wear the splint at night time do to a previous injury. there was no way the student would have known about this bc the professor only wears it in his own home, at night.

there are also more recent studies going on (in China) where they gathered different astral projectors and remote viewers to "view" a glyph that was put in a COMPLETELY dark room, locked, and unable to be seen from outside the room.

scientists equipped the room with very sensitive to measure the presence of 1 single photon. the scientists found that when the remote viewers were "viewing/projecting" into the room to identify the glyph....the light detectors identified up to a few thousand photons emerging in the room ONLY during the time when the projector was successfully identifying the glyph.

scientists concluded that the photon phenomenon could only have been caused by the "astral projectors"/"remote viewers". the extra photons are the small physical evidence of the ASTRAL BODY viewing the room and the objective glyph.

i have the book right next to me which sources these experiments, but i'd rather YOU do your own responsible research.
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posted on Feb, 29 2012 @ 09:48 AM
Hello everyone,

For the past couple of days I've been reading about OOBEs, AP and lucid dreams and I find the topic very intriguing. Feeling curious last night, I tried to AP from how to lessons I read earlier and something weird happen, I will try to explain.

Around 1 am or so I tried to relax and AP but fell asleep, after a couple hours, I will say around 8 am I went to the restroom to take a leak and then got back to bed. I tried to AP again but I guess I must have fallen asleep because I didn't see myself floating or anything, but then this happened.

I found myself in a hallway, with multiple doors , probably a college or high school. I saw a door was open and went to take a peek, just as I stood at the door I saw a man and immediately he saw me and I remember focusing on him and he on me. At this moment he ran towards me very fast and as he was approaching me he turned into a shadow and passed very close to me, at this point I woke up paralyzed, I could only move my eyes and my kept looking to my right side as I felt something was there. After about 20 seconds I came out of the paralysis. I've to add that at first I was scared but is it possible he was scared of me and ran away.

Does anyone have any explanation or insight as to what happened.

Thank you.

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