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The Wild Wild Web

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 03:38 AM
I thought this article might raise a few eyebrows here.
It concerns personal value , intellectual property rights, copyrights, licenses, and more.
In a society where we are required to PAY for every imaginable thing,
should we not be ,as taxpayers and individual contributers, Given "Automatic Copyrights,"
for our written words,social and economic habits, unique contributions pertaining to Art, Photography,
Music, science, and personal information?. After all, queer and strange entities seem to have
no ethical boundaries when it comes to Data Mining ,Analyzing, and Selling "Our" (thats right,"Our" as in you and me, and Us) information for private profit.

At the least, we should be notified of every instance of inquisitive focus performed by Any
outside party foreign to our soon to be new terms and agreements.
Wouldn't that be balanced and poetic justice?

With ATS dignity to you all, and best regards. Proud to be Here

Link :
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