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The U.S public Education system

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 06:47 PM
I have just recently have gotten out of the public school system and most of my opinion will be based off of experience and hindsight, I think as a former student could have motivated me more in school.

31bravo has recommended me to watch the film Waiting for superman.

Now, I would just like to lay out my own personal beliefs of the schooling system. Despite being a staunch Libertarian in most areas of my life. I firmly believe in socialized Education system, and equal opportunity for all.

I don't see private schools as a viable option in replacing the current system fully. However if you do, and have ideas or articles please contribute and share.

I went to school in California. The problem I saw with highschool and the public education system in general, is that it hasn't update itself with modern times. That our schools lag behind in utilizing current technology that we have. Wither this problem is because of budgeting problems(even though it would be cheaper to began printing Textbooks on too electronic books) or because its a bureaucratic nightmare I'm not a 100% possible a combination of both.

Another solution, and while I would never admit it in my younger years is that summer vacation has to go. To be broken up into smaller breaks.

I'm not saying work the kids to death, but learning should be a year round process.

When the subject of failing schools comes up it is blamed on

A. The parents
B. The student
C. The Teachers
D. The education system itself.

There isn't a single target problem, the solution in creating better schools and a better American, and better world is to focus on all this areas itself and improve upon it.

When I was going through school, Homework was 70% of my grade, test and classwork were the other 30%. This isn't an all around thing, its unique to only a few school some have different standards of grading. One of the many problems of the bureaucracy of the school system.

What frustrated me though going through school was our scaled curve to this day I have never felt good about the way schools handled homework. When 70% of my grade was busy work that was done at home if made me wonder why even bother with going to school?

One last thing, unmotivated teachers, and the general curriculum of my highschool wasn't designed for teaching to understand, but to spout general facts at students. Then have them recall said facts and rewrite them down at home. Sense so much of my grading was on homework half of our class was dedicated to doing the homework we were assign rather than learning.

Thanks for reading, and post your opinions on the school system what you think could be improved or your own experiences.
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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:00 PM
The public school system is by design geared to produce young adults who are complacent, complicit, consumption addicted and utterly unaware of our own history and the complex geopolitical stage of this world.

It is about creating a uniform culture that does not challenge or think about the injustice in this world, it is about creating social hierarchy and class differentiation and teaching those who are part of any honors program that institutionalized cheating and deception is perfectly fine to maintain an image.

This is further driven as these young adults enter the world of college whose only true purpose is to make connections and prove convictions. It's not about education in the slightest.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:05 PM
I agree with, pretty much, everything you stated.

I think our education system has become more of a babysitting service than education. When I was in High School (4 years ago) We had 7 classes and a lunch, 4 core subjects (History, English, Math, Science) and 3 "elective" classes with a half hour lunch integrated into one of the hours.

I believe that taking away summer vacation could be compromised with removing "filler" classes that are just requiring kids to show up to pass. Make the kids / teens go to school for 5 hours of classes, for their core classes, and let them go home. Not only that, but start actually EDUCATING the kids, stop only focusing on test scores and actually teach these kids (in great detail) about things that really matter and are occurring around the world.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 07:50 PM

Originally posted by LaughingatHumanity
The public school system is by design geared to produce young adults who are complacent, complicit, consumption addicted and utterly unaware of our own history and the complex geopolitical stage of this world.

It is about creating a uniform culture that does not challenge or think about the injustice in this world, it is about creating social hierarchy and class differentiation and teaching those who are part of any honors program that institutionalized cheating and deception is perfectly fine to maintain an image.

This is further driven as these young adults enter the world of college whose only true purpose is to make connections and prove convictions. It's not about education in the slightest.

This is a beautifully crafted post, I completely agree with everything in it. I'm just going to add a couple of things to think about.

1. Why aren't parents, especially stay at home mothers, encouraged to participate in their children's education by attending school with them by the public school system? This could help with bad conduct at the very least.

2. Why aren't children given an opportunity by the public school system to actually acquire skills? For instance, if you think you want to be a fireman, why not spend half a day at the firehouse, hospital, police station, etc. When children graduate from high school they typically have NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER, and that forces them to work the lowest paying least satifying jobs available.

I know the answer is in the quoted post above, but why don't we change these things?

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 03:46 AM
All the rules and methods of teaching are really screwing schools up. The public school system is now really just set up to support the slow kids and cater to the minorities. Other countries don't have stupid programs like "no child left behind act". Other countries dont go too far out of the way to teach kids in other languages like we do in the US. Now we have English as a second language classes which in no way help students but keeps them ignorant. The state spends millions and millions of dollars each year on the stupid kids but they spend almost none on the gifted kids. We are holding back the potential of many kids over the shortcomings of the ones that are not so bright.
This of course is unacceptable in the eyes of the public because all they see are entire schools that are falling behind but most of the students are not falling behind they are being held back. How are the 10 kids that can do advanced math ever going to shine if they are stuck in classes that will only teach them so much because there are 12 kids that can't? So instead of 10 being above average and 12 below you get 22 all below because no child gets left behind.
I remember in school they had a "gifted and talented education class", there were 15 of us in our grade. A few months into it some parent noticed we were mostly white with 2 Asian kids and the parent complained because it was "racist". So they brought in a few Mexican kids that ended up not being able to do the math at all and we all had to wait for them to get it before we could move on. Then another parent complained because she thought her son was special but couldn't speak English- now how she thought this was beyond me, how you can go 7 years in an American public school and not learn a word of English is crazy. But the school then opened up a Gifted program for non English speaking students. The school eventually had to shut the whole program down because it became counter productive.
The school needs to let kids fail so they can learn and they need to stop with this nonsense that it is somehow abusive to hold a child back a grade.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 10:12 AM
I'm going to have some fun with this.

Let's start with Skull and Bones control of education.

Antony Sutton wrote about this:

In the 1850s, three members of The Order left Yale and working together, at times with other members along the way, made a revolution that changed the face, direction and purpose of American education. It was a rapid, quiet revolution, and eminently successful. The American people even today, in 1983, are not aware of a coup d'etat.

Notably also at the University of Berlin in 1856 (at the Institute of Physiology) was none other than Wilhelm Wundt, the founder of experimental psychology in Germany and the later source of the dozens of American Ph.D.s who came back from Leipzig, Germany to start the modern American education movement.
Why is the German experience so important? Because these were the formative years, the immediate post-graduate years for these three men, the years when they were planning the future, and at this period Germany was dominated by the Hegelian philosophical ferment.

There were also Left Hegelians, the promoters of scientific socialism. Most famous of these, of course, are Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Heinrich Heine, Max Stirner and Moses Hess.
The point to hold in mind is that both groups use Hegelian theory of the State as a start point, i.e., the State is superior to the individual. Prussian militarism, Naziism and Marxism have the same philosophic roots.

The primary source for material from Antony Sutton's work is his book "America's Secret Establishment-An Introduction to The Order of Skull and Bones".
Liberty House Pr (April 1986)

The specific section is "How The Order Controls Education".

Sutton explains that the secret society of Skull and Bones (aka The Order) was and is responsible for changing the landscape of education in this country. First he describes bringing Hegelian Dialectic, which of course is the basis for Marxian Communism.
Then he explains how the Dewey system came also to be used in the US as the basis for education. Dewey was a Statist and believed the children were "cogs in the wheel", explains Sutton. This is really the basis for the social engineering we see today in the schools.
The liberal left currently has the most control over the public education now. But make no mistake, this is really by design of the Order because Hegelianism is a function of Marxist communism, and both the "left" and the "right" serve to control the framework.
So Sutton explains in detail how Yale University brought German Hegelian Dialectic to higher education in America. He explains the two groups of Hegelians, left and right, and how they operated to produce the synthesis of State control over education.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:13 PM
So here's more on how Dewey influences education since his thinking was brought to American schools.

Sutton explains:

Looking back at John Dewey after 80 years of his influence, he can be recognized as the pre-eminent factor in the collectivisation, or Hegelianization, of American Schools. Dewey was consistently a philosopher of social change. That's why his impact has been so deep and pervasive. And it is in the work and implementation of the ideas of John Dewey that we can find the objective of The Order.

Here is a quote of John Dewey taken from Sutton's book "The Order of Skull and Bones"

"The school is primarily a social institution. Education being a social process, the school is simply that form of community life in which all those agencies are concentrated that will be most effective in bringing the child to share in the inherited resources of the race, and to use his own powers for social ends. Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living."

Then Sutton says:

What we learn from this is that Dewey's education is not child centered but State centered, because for the Hegelian, "social ends" are always State ends.

Parents believe a child goes to school to learn skills to use in the adult world, but Dewey states specifically that education is "not a preparation for future living." The Dewey educational system does not accept the role of developing a child's talents but, contrarily, only to prepare the child to function as a unit in an organic whole - in blunt terms a cog in the wheel of an organic society.

So from this we understand that the Dewey system which promotes State control and domination, as well as collectivism(the child is just part of the collective) is the fundamental property in which children are being educated.
Dewey's theory of education is based on Hegelian thought.

Sutton says:

For Hegel every quality of an individual exists only at the mercy and will of the State. This approach is reflected in political systems based on Hegel whether it be Soviet Communism or Hitlerian national socialism. John Dewey follows Hegel's organic view of society

Are you beginning to get the picture?

So the child exists for the State as a cog in the wheel of the collective we call society(not for himself and his God-given inalienable rights), and the State controls education.

In the context of this, we understand that public schools do not merely function as a way to bring education to the very poor, who in past eras may not have afforded expensive tutors and schools. Albeit, it is the socialist way to bring educaton to all the children, the excuse being they will function better in society, thus society will benefit, but it becomes a tool for the State to indoctrinate and control what the child experiences in school, and what he will learn.
When the State controls the curriculum, the State can indoctrinate the child in any direction the State wishes the child to go.
For instance, if the State wishes to normalize some radical component which the churches and moral citizens of the society have rejected, they merely being to introduce this into the curriculum. If they get any flack from the parents, the State has the power to take the parents out of the picture.
As a classic example, in one school district, a school was promoting some radical sex education and the parents were unable to opt out. When one parent tried to exercise his right to opt out his child from the program, he was told that he could not do it, and he was barred from coming to the school to protest, and the school even got a restraining order against him so that he could not exercise his parental rights in his child's education.
This is the power we have given the State because as a collective, we believed the State had the child's best interests at heart and the State knew what it was doing in this regard.
Well, yes, the State does know what it's doing and it's not for the good. The goal may be to normalize all the children into the State's version of what is best(which is always geared toward the NWO Totalitarian State).

Does it all seem clearer now?

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:36 PM
Public education just indoctrinates kids to lick the heels of daddy government and creates a generation of rebels who degenerate anything moral and traditional. Look at how obsessed with sex and being cool children are. This is by design. Research the foundations of humanistic education, especially Dewey.

The latest technology won't help. What will help is failing poor students. In countries outside the US children do not have a high tech education yet they learn everything just fine. I am of the opinion that calculators should not be used till university. A respect of authority is needed, as well as elimination of multiple choice which I think is evil. Questions should be more objective, and less based on opinion.

I think first of all math should no longer be hated. It teaches logical thinking. It is just as important as reading and writing. Rather than teach based on preparation for calculus educators should teach discrete math in high school. It teaches one how to think precisely.

Finally socialization is good, but too much is a bad thing. I think a US based education is just too easy. People brag about extracurriculars, but if the US does not want to fall behind it should have an emphasis on academics too.

This is my 2 cents.
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