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My words lost in the future [TJWC]

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 10:13 AM
I hope someone will read these few lines,as I am the only one left here as a member of the Royal Norfolk Regiment.
I don't know where I am .All I see around me it's a jungle forest.I hear strange noises around me from wild animals, is night and still trying to figure out where I am.The last thing I remember we were on the battlefield on a hillside in Suvla Bay, Turkey.It was 25 August 1915.A strange fog surround me, and the after that I wake up here.I don't know where all the others are.

I hope I am not dead,but I think not because I feel fear,as I look around me and not recognize places.
I'm thirsty and tired going through this thick jungle without end, looking for a source of water.Provisions are running out.

Is night.I try to find shelter in a tree to rest, to gather my thoughts for tomorrow to try to find someone.But those noises scratch my brains.Finally I go asleep.
Sun is high in the sky,I am still alive.I hit the road with fear and travel at least 10 km, in the distance I see a strange city with tall buildings as glass ,suspended in air.Maybe there I find my battalion,maybe they are prisoners in that city.

As I approach the city, I see strange vehicles flying in the air,with strange shapes like cars moving without any noise.I squat in the bushes and try to see people, but all you see are some vague figures which seem to move and yet stay, strange.I look up suddenly and find my self surrounded by strange beings from another world dressed in strange costumes I feel a burning in my chest and ... darkness.

I woke up in this room all white with a small table in the middle,sitting on something looking like a bed but more like a flat bathtub.There is a white light in all over the room coming from nowhere,a calming light.I am not afraid anymore.

I heard a voice in the brain that tells me to calm down, and explain me that I accidentally traveled in to the future through a parallel universe,and they attached me a device,from when I arrived here, that keep me alive as the atmosphere of the Earth has changed ,they also tell me that all my companions are dead as they traveled in other dimensions where life is not possible.I am the only one left.

I ask them how can I go back home.They say that is not possible as the time portal accept only non biological things to travel through it.They say that I am lucky to be alive and in the same time an accident.

But they told me I can write a letter and they will try to send it back in a certain year,the year 2012,as only non biological things can be sent.So those are my last words to you who ever you are and read them.

Private Samuel Parker

Royal Norfolk Regiment.


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