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Himalayan meltdown not so fast after all: study

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:47 AM
I´m nog going to make an opening post about wether or not this proves global warming is a hoax etc.

this is just a post where i´m disseminating the information i´ve come across.

mainly because it´s some good news and ATS could use some from time to time.

especially good news for people in Asia.

Himalayan glaciers and ice caps that supply water to more than a billion people in Asia are losing mass up to 10 times less quickly than once feared, reports a study published Thursday.

Based on an improved analysis of satellite data from 2003 to 2010, the findings offer a reprieve for a region already feeling the impacts of global warming.

"The bad news is that they are still losing a lot of water. There is still definitely a serious problem for the Himalayas."

But they do not mean that the threat of disruptive change has disappeared, the researchers warned.

"The good news is that the glaciers are not losing mass as fast as we thought," said Tad Pfeffer, a professor at the University of Colorado's Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research and a co-author of the study.


posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:58 AM

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 10:01 AM
if flooding occurs, i ll be the first one to die, because i cant swim

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by wlord

what are you trying to say?

if you had taken the time to read the article.

it states the glaciers are still melting but not at the rate they thought they were melting.

i even stated that in my OP.

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