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LA County OKs $1,000 Fine For Throwing Football, Frisbee On Beaches

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:10 AM

Relax, it's only during peak summer time.

During the winter, they will not likely enforce the law.

Throwing a beachball or volleyball is OK however.

Officials warned that any activities that could potentially harm “any person or property on or near the beach” should not be allowed during the peak summer season.

The Board of Supervisors this week agreed to raise fines to up to $1,000 for anyone who throws a football or a Frisbee on any beach in Los Angeles County.

In passing the 37-page ordinance on Tuesday, officials sought to outline responsibilities for law enforcement and other public agencies while also providing clarification on beach-goer activities that could potentially disrupt or even injure the public.

Permit required to Throw a Football !

Footballs and Frisbees are more dangerous than volleyballs ??

Who Is Crazy ??

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:20 AM
Way to go Cali! I suppose goose-stepping is allowed on the beach though...

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:37 AM
They want a revolution. Thats the only explanation.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 12:53 PM
As an avid enthusiast of disc sports I care very much about this awful news from LA County. I honestly believe the propagation of frisbee-based activities worldwide improves the human condition. I find it blatantly opposed to our right to the pursuit of happiness that they would institute this. When will the madness end?

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 02:20 PM
So much for the land of the free. It seems like you need a permit for everything.

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