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Earth spin axis change 120degrees and 2012

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

This is patently untrue (out of all the other mistakes):

but we spin on earth's overunity, ie free energy. They lie about that kind of stuff too!!!!

And here's why --- NO friction for a rotating body in space.

The initial energy came from external influences and forces, and that energy is stored as per the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. Or alternatively, Moment of Momentum, or Rotational Momentum. This should have been learned in second or third grade school....

Here, a refresher:

conservation of momentum
(Physics / General Physics) the principle that the total linear or angular momentum in any isolated system is constant, provided that no external force is applied.

Where it is well-understood that in space there is no (or extremely minimal) friction.....friction being one example of an "external force".

People hate Wikipedia, but show where any of this much more in-depth explanation is incorrect in any way:

Angular Momentum

This is the same principle for all celestial bodies.

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by stereologist

You actually have no proof of what your saying, just try to slam your paradigm, your opinion over others. Now the poles ,was a short cut to saying the south pole and the arctic area in the North. So pardon me..

But here is pdf from the University of Calgary on the northern region.

A 50-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest from Strathcona Fiord,
Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada: Evidence for a Warm Polar Climate

And for South:

A quarter-billion years ago, forested islands flashed with autumnal hues near the South Pole — a polar scene unlike any today, researchers say.

Geologists have discovered in Antarctica the remains of three ancient deciduous forests complete with fossils of fallen leafs scattered around the tree trunks. The clusters of petrified tree stumps were found upright in the original living positions they held during the Permian period.

The pyramid stuff is very interesting indeed.

This researcher does good worrk:
The Great Pyramid, The Star-Shafts & The Axis of the Earth

Giant Underwater cities in India Video

But hey, your entitled to your view points, but not to run everyone elses. I know already that you fully support official stories and probably have some way of explaining away this kind of behavior as well.

But while a lawsuit by eight prestigious scientists prevented Clinton and Gore from burying this inconvenient evidence, it did not prevent these Leftists from locking it up at the University of Washington Seattle’s Burke Museum so that scientists could not do analysis on the most complete skeleton from 9,000 years ago ever discovered in the Pacific Northwest.

And, as CBS “60 Minutes” wryly reported, Clinton ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to invoke their authority over American waterway navigation to justify dumping many tons of rock and dirt atop the site where Kennewick Man was found. The Corps then planted the entire site with a mini-forest of fast-growing trees with pervasive root systems.

This bizarre (and under Federal antiquities law, almost certainly illegal) willful destruction of an important archeological site was obviously done to prevent scientists from finding more bone DNA or other evidence of an heretofore-unknown non-Indian population in ancient North America.

Noted “60 Minutes,” this deliberate and speedy burial of the entire Kennewick Man discovery site was done at a cost to taxpayers of about $150,000.

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posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

You actually have no proof of what your saying, just try to slam your paradigm, your opinion over others. Now the poles ,was a short cut to saying the south pole and the arctic area in the North. So pardon me..

I'm sorry, but this is so poorly written I cannot understand what you are trying to state. Please help me out by rewriting this portion of the post.

The existence of fossils on a northern island is indicative of plate tectonics. That part of the world was not at the north pole 50 Ma. There is no land at the north pole and there has never been a pole shift.

The Antarctic forests are from 250Ma. At that time Antarctica was still a part of Gondwana and well away from the South Pole of the Earth. The following image shows present Antarctica in the temperate zone.

So you are clearly misrepresenting the situation. Nothing you posted has anything to do with land at the north pole or a pole shift. You claimed there were deciduous forests underneath the poles. That is obviously false since there is no land at the North Pole.

The video makes claims but does not show anything about the underwater cities. No maps. A few blocks claimed to be city walls. There are lots of places where subsidence has flooded places. Many can be found int he Mediterranean.

Here is an easy to read article about odd claims and how poor they are,.

Not sure why you posted the nutty stuff about Kennewick man. BTW, that is not the only ancient skeleton discovered in North America that does not appear to Native American.

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