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The Devil's Chord: The conspiracy to open the portal of consciousness and mystery of the octave

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:21 PM

Originally posted by AllIsOne
reply to post by HallamFoe

And that sums up this thread. It's ridiculous how the OP wants to stigmatize certain intervals and make you believe it's bad for you. I got news for you: Music has evolved. Luckily, we are not bound by Bach's counterpoint anymore. Parallel fifths and octaves are common place these days. There is nothing bad about the tritone either. All intervals are equal. If you think otherwise you are promoting musical segregation, superstition and ignorance.

I have to agree here. Parallel's will get points taken off a test in lower level Theory class but I have sang such things in several choral pieces. It's got quite a ring to it. The tritone also appears a lot more then people would realize.

A previous poster hinted that certain intervals are harder to play then others on certain instruments and this is very true. It is difficult to sing certain intervals which is probably why the tritone was also avoided as well. Even today many singers shy away from modern opera as the dissonant intervals will destroy certain voices. They just are not written with singers in mind. We do many things today that were not done in the time discussed. Women sing on stage now. It used to be people would castrate their sons to keep their high range since ladies were banned on stage, now we just have lower register ladies do it.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by antonia

Originally posted by AllIsOne
reply to post by HallamFoe

And that sums up this thread. It's ridiculous how the OP wants to stigmatize certain intervals and make you believe it's bad for you. I got news for you: Music has evolved. Luckily, we are not bound by Bach's counterpoint anymore. Parallel fifths and octaves are common place these days. There is nothing bad about the tritone either. All intervals are equal. If you think otherwise you are promoting musical segregation, superstition and ignorance.

I have to agree here. Parallel's will get points taken off a test in lower level Theory class but I have sang such things in several choral pieces. It's got quite a ring to it. The tritone also appears a lot more then people would realize.

A previous poster hinted that certain intervals are harder to play then others on certain instruments and this is very true. It is difficult to sing certain intervals which is probably why the tritone was also avoided as well. Even today many singers shy away from modern opera as the dissonant intervals will destroy certain voices. They just are not written with singers in mind. We do many things today that were not done in the time discussed. Women sing on stage now. It used to be people would castrate their sons to keep their high range since ladies were banned on stage, now we just have lower register ladies do it.

That's an interesting comment about singers being "shy" towards modern opera -- I once composed a dissonant piece for a female singer and the piece was based on Samuel Beckett's novel WATT which is an absurd existential novel. So my piece was making fun of the Western tonal system and it was composed from my composition class at Smith College, a women's college. Anyway the singer winced and said did you really meant it to be that way? I had to withhold my laughter because that was my point -- to make an absurdist sounding piece that decomposes itself. Now I can appreciate the singer not wanting to sing dissonance -- I mean I have sang in choirs in church and also in a school with a choir that tries to be professional, recording a Xmas concert.

The thing about singing is it is taught to do diaphgram breathing whereas most people breath with the focus on the lungs -- so the diaphgram breathing then activates the vagus nerve for the parasympathetic relaxation system and the parasympathetic then can create electromagnetic energy that builds up since it is part of the autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve bypasses the blood-brain barrier -- so the serotonin of the lower body is ionized and bypasses the blood brain barrier through the higher natural harmonics.

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by Astyanax
reply to post by cuchullainuk777

what key in music makes it what it is?

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:56 PM
I'm a bit hesitant to read further, I don't want to open any doors I cannot close lol.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by nightbringr

Maybe the OP can provide some proof to back of his claims of healing abilities, telepathy or telekinesis? I would suggest the later, as it would be the easiest to prove with video.

Now the person asks for a video but then earlier says the videos of paranormal powers have been debunked. haha.

Again Chunyi Lin has proven "external qi" is real -- through a "randomized controlled" or "gold standard" Mayo Clinic study. But the skeptics just ignore this -- why? Denial -- that's why. haha. If people really want to find out more about the secret of nonwestern harmonics then just call up Chunyi Lin for a phone healing or go see Effie P. Chow in San Francisco.

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posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 11:09 PM
I'm going to keep an open mind and give this topic my best due diligence -- it at least is something original. The OP has said;

So normally the Perfect Fifth in music theory is measured as a closed circle but this is based on false mathematics -- logarithmic geometry in an attempt to contain infinity! The real harmonics are not logarithmic but instead are complementary opposites or asymmetric -- infinite resonate. This is called the "spiral of fifths."

I think I understand each and every word you used -- but not what they mean when you put them together in a sentence like that. "perfect fifth" sounds like a real word that should be known to musicians -- but I don't really know WHAT THAT MEANS.

I could understand "infinite resonANCE" or "self-reinforcing resonance" but not "infinite resonate".

"False mathematics?" Do you mean to say "mathematics that are not suitable for calculating irreducible equations" like the square root of 2 -- or math that just isn't up to the task? If you are trying to say that MATH has been lying -- well, that's quite a tall order since math seems to "add up" with everyone who uses it -- PUN intended. My false mathematics gives me; 1.414213562373095 -- sure, there might be a geometric proof of that. You can also leave this in equation form, and solve for many things very accurately, as long as in your equation, you can end up canceling the square root of two with a multiplication of 2 -- the resulting calculation can SOMETIMES form a perfect whole number (not an irrational fraction) -- and that to me is proof that our Math is actually getting us pretty dang close to the root of 2.

"complementary opposites or asymmetric" -- true complementary opposites is what you use for "noise cancellation." I know, I brought up this idea of using inverted sound waves at a right angle to it's original and posed the idea to my dad when I as 10 -- he told me I didn't know what I was talking about. Really, I did, and I understood it in my head correctly -- I just wasn't communicating it the right way in front of the right audience.

>> So can you repeat this in more basic English for people who are not music majors -- or using some alternate Greek Geometric Math which you are familiar with?

Asymmetric to my mind, is that you have more than one sound source. Maybe that coincides with your use of "spiral." But I've read most of your comment, and that "Matrix conspiracy" website link, and I don't think one sentence of either is anything I can nail down as being familiar enough to render a verdict on your theory.

You and Alan Greenspan must have had the same English teacher -- because you are both people who require someone who can speak in tongues.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

haha. Yeah thanks for asking for clarification. O.k. so on the mathematics is lying deal -- considering philosophy professors Phil Hugly and Charles Sayward's article in the 1999 spring issue of Philosophy, academic journal, "Did the Greeks Discover the Irrational?" Their answer: No. Why? Because the proof for the square root of two is illogical. Why? Because it applies to geometric length not arithmetic distance. So there is an error of "logical type" as Bertrand Russell called it.

O.K. obviously the Pythagorean Theorem works and there's hundreds of proofs for it but they have different meanings. So Bertrand Russell called the "real numbers" a "convenient fiction" in his book on the philosophy of mathematics. Now this happens to be a great secret of mathematicians and it deals with the paradoxes in set theory that Russell was examining -- as the math professor Luigi Borzacchini points out -- these paradoxes remain unsolved and these paradoxes go back to the original mystery of mathematics arising out of music theory.

So mathematician Luigi Borzacchini had an academic article published on the origins of incommensurability -- which is a fancy work for the irrational number -- the origins being from music theory, again specifically Archytas' use of logistics. O.K. so a mathematician is privy to geometry or arithmetic but not music. So then David Fowler, the expert on ancient Greek mathematics, published by Oxford -- Plato's mathematics -- anyway Fowler says that yeah music theory very likely provides the missing secret for how compound proportions were turned into irrational numbers.

Only the mathematicians can't figure out this secret -- because they're not musicians -- I mean their brains are not wired like musicians with right-brain dominance. So I come along and I realize the secret music formula for how Archytas solved the "doubling of the cube" precisely -- a formula I posted here. So again 5/4 is the major third but it's also the cube root of two. But I knew from the concept of complementary opposites in harmonics that the inversion of the interval of a major third is a minor sixth -- so that is the secret to the compound proportion to double the cube -- with 8/5 as the cube root of four.

But that's just the beginning of it -- the real secret is something deeper -- about the nature of complementary opposites specifically. O.K. for example Stephen Hawking in his book How God Created the Integers -- Hawking gives the Indian Vedic proof for the square root of two. Only the traditional Vedic mathematics did not use the irrational geometry -- the Greek Miracle -- but used "sacred geometry" which means that the geometry is transcendent metaphysically as geometric length -- it can not be put into a "symbol" whereas the "divide and average" proof for the square root of two continues infinitely as number distance.

So now then consider the Devil's Interval or Devil's Chord -- the square root of two is really from this "divide and average" proof of number as infinite distance with the sacred geometry as metaphysical. So it originates actually from the secret of complementary opposite harmonics. In other words even the ratio 1:2 is not symmetric because the octave spirals out and expands. In other words as the Perfect Fifths expand so do the octaves because the "comma of Pythagoras" keeps expanding in higher octaves and higher Perfect Fifths -- or descending as Perfect Fourths. O.K. so originally it is 3:2 as the Perfect Fifth squared to be 9:4 which is then halved back into the first octave as 9:8, the major second music interval, which is then cubed as the tritone and 9:8 cubed is the square root of two.

As I stated this relies on Archytas use of "geometric mean squared" as the product of arithemetic mean x harmonic mean -- which are the Perfect Fifth and Perfect Fourth. So 3/2 x 4/3 = 2 (the square root of two squared). But that equation, just like the doubling of the cube, can only work if the harmonic ratios have their order changed from frequency ratios into amplitude as squaring -- so the octave is first doubled from 1/2 as the midpoint of the string -- so a length of string 2 octaves and from this we get 9/4 as the "eleventh" music interval -- higher than one octave. 9/4 being the square of 3/2. So then 3/2 continues to be squared but as was pointed out 12 squaring of the Perfect Fifth does not line up with the Octave being squared 7 times.

But actually the frequency ratio is within the octave as 1/2 -- so that the Perfect Fifth is 2/3 and the Perfect Fourth is 3/4 and under this situation then C to G is the Perfect Fifth as 2/3 and G to C is the Perfect Fourth as 3/4. Again obviously there is a contradiction since 2/3 and 3/4 are more than 1 unit string length but the octave is the value 1/2 whereas the beginning of the string value is zero.

posted on Feb, 9 2012 @ 11:51 PM
welcome back Drew Hempel

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

So the idea -- the secret -- is that the infinite spiral of fifths inherently pushes and pulls as the complementary opposites of the Fifth in one direction and in reverse as the fourth -- there is this inherent tension between zero and 1 based on this noncommutative mathematics. C to G is 2:3 and G to C is 3:4.

So the energy of sound is defined by frequency not by logarithmic amplitude as musicians are normally trained to think. So the sound does not stay as sound but instead the string value keeps resonating into higher frequencies of ultrasound and indeed nonwestern music has ultrasound harmonics documented -- naturally resonating. Then the ultrasound ionizes electrochemicals and this builds up into acoustive cavitation as sonofusion for quantum white hole/black holes -- holographic laser light that bends spacetime as consciousness itself.

I think the mechanism of the ultrasound, which is vibrations in the 20,000 up to several megahertz, is actually through vibrations of microtubules. Now a lot of people we’re going to feel don’t have a clue as to what the mechanism is that they’re discussing. It turns out that the microtubules have residences in the kilohertz to megahertz range and I think the ultrasound is stimulating these microtubules and having an effect on consciousness. So that’s a research area that we’ll be working in in the next few years, I’m sure.376

Alex Tsakiris, 133. Dr. Stuart Hameroff On Quantum Consciousness and Moving Singularity Goal Posts,”
Skeptiko Podcast, April 11, 2011.

As you calm down, you can experience the sound of silence in the mind. You hear it as a kind of high frequency sound, a ringing sound that's always there. It is just normally never noticed. Now when you begin to hear that sound of silence, it's a sign of emptiness - of silence of the mind. It's something you can always turn to. As you concentrate on it and turn to it, it can make you quite peaceful and blissful.

Ajahn Sumedho, a bhikkhu of the Theravada school
of Buddhism, from his book The Sound of Silence,

So that's the ultrasound resonance.

Between heaven and earth, they say, there is perfect harmony. Now, 3 is the emblem of heaven, 2 is the symbol of earth. If two sounds are in the proportion of 3 to 2 [the perfect fifth interval], they will harmonise perfectly as heaven and earth. All the tubes were cut on the same principle, … The lüs [notes] were divided into two classes, the yang lüs and the yin lüs… Everything in Nature belongs to one of these two grand categories, from whose combinations and reciprocal action results all that exists or takes place in the universe.

J.A. Van Aalst, Chinese Music (Shanghai: Chinese Imperial Customs Service, 1933), p. 8.

So that's the yin yang ratios as 2:3 and the inversion as 3:4.

Monitoring neural vascular function with Doppler ultrasonic imaging provides unexpected support for the brain ultrasound demodulation theory. When the imaging beam was focused at the center of the brain, patients reported hearing a high audio sound, much like tinnitus. When the ultrasonic beam was directed at the ear, the sound disappeared. Setting the brain into resonance resulted in a clear high-pitch, audible sensation consistent with brain resonance in the 11- and 16- kHz range....Because ultrasound produces high audio stimulation by virtue of brain resonance, the direct use of high audio stimulation is more economical in power requirements and still stimulates the brain at resonance.

My emphasis, Dr. Martin L. Lenhardt, “Ultrasonic Hearing in Humans: Applications for Tinnitus Treatment,”
International Tinnitus Journal, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2003, p. 3 and p. 6.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:21 AM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

Any mechanical deformations of the protein-bound water network will automatically result in electrical disturbances and conversely, electrical disturbances will result in mechanical effects. The new imaging technique that Han and Balaban are developing (see above) depends specifically on detecting ultrasound emissions from mechanoelastic vibrations caused by electrical pulses applied to the tissues. Proton jump-conduction is a form of semi-conduction in condensed matter, and is much faster than conduction of electrical signals by the nerves. Thus the 'ground substance' of the entire body may provide a much better intercommunication system than the nervous system.

Mae-Wan Ho (Ph.D.)Bioelectrodynamics Laboratory, Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes,
MK7 6AA, U.K., David P. Knight (Ph.D.) Dept. of Biological Sciences, King Alfred's College, Winchester
SO22 4NR, U.K. [Nov. 2000], “The Acupuncture System and The Liquid Crystalline Collagen Fibres of the
Connective Tissues: Liquid Crystalline Meridians” American Journal of Complementary Medicine (in
press, 2000).

O.K. so the ultrasound ionization enables an alchemical plasma -- a quantum rainbow liquid crystal communication faster than the nerve impulses.

The Tomatis Method verified that listening happens first through the bones which can also perceive ultrasound frequencies – the ear drum reverberates sound waves through the dense bone structure!

Ker Than, “Superhuman Hearing Possible, Experiments Suggest. Vibrating ear bones could someday boost hearing,” National Geographic News, May 16, 2011: “For instance, divers underwater can detect sounds of up to a hundred kHz, according to Qin's recent experiments. It's unclear why the divers have enhanced hearing underwater, but it may be because the sounds travel directly through the bones to the brain, he said. Vibrating Ear Bones Boost Hearing.....For example, bone conduction occurs when very high-frequency sounds directly stimulate the ear bones, sending signals to the brain without activating the eardrums. This is how some species of whales hear underwater. .... “The core of our work is trying to understand underwater hearing and bone-conduction hearing, and to determine if they share the same underlying mechanism," he said. Alternatively, certain ultrasonic frequencies might stimulate the fluid in the cochlea. “It could be like hitting a wrench against a water tank,” Qin explained. “The fluid itself could go into oscillation.” Superhuman Hearing Devices on the Horizon? Qin and his team are now exploring which bones are most likely to be most sensitive to ultrasonic vibrations. Could such research lead to devices that give us superhuman hearing or improved hearing aids? Qin is mum for now. “That's the great thing about basic science, right? It lets you know how things work, and you can bend it to many applications.”

There's Life Above 20 Kilohertz! A Survey of Musical Instrument Spectra to 102.4 KHz

O.K. so here they state humans may not be able to hear ultrasound but instruments can definitely go into ultrasound -- but they use amplitude measurement with the assumption that energy decreases in intensity as the square of the distance -- but in quantum noncommutative math energy intensity increases based on higher frequency not based on amplitude logarithms.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by VitriolAndAngst

So now if we consider a nonwestern science study -- the approach is different:

Inaudible high-frequency sounds affect brain activity: hypersonic effect.

In this study, we used noninvasive physiological measurements of brain responses to provide evidence that sounds containing high-frequency components (HFCs) above the audible range significantly affect the brain activity of listeners. We used the gamelan music of Bali, which is extremely rich in HFCs with a nonstationary structure, as a natural sound source, dividing it into two components: an audible low-frequency component (LFC) below 22 kHz and an HFC above 22 kHz. Brain electrical activity and regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) were measured as markers of neuronal activity while subjects were exposed to sounds with various combinations of LFCs and HFCs. None of the subjects recognized the HFC as sound when it was presented alone. Nevertheless, the power spectra of the alpha frequency range of the spontaneous electroencephalogram (alpha-EEG) recorded from the occipital region increased with statistical significance when the subjects were exposed to sound containing both an HFC and an LFC, compared with an otherwise identical sound from which the HFC was removed (i.e., LFC alone).

So this is nonwestern tuning based on nonwestern philosophy:

Psychological evaluation indicated that the subjects felt the sound containing an HFC to be more pleasant than the same sound lacking an HFC. These results suggest the existence of a previously unrecognized response to complex sound containing particular types of high frequencies above the audible range. We term this phenomenon the "hypersonic effect."

So it is documented to increase the alpha waves of the listeners and the alpha waves denote relaxation and then the listeners said the ultrasound harmonics included in the music made the music more pleasurable.

Indeed, the natural environment, such as tropical rain forests, usually contains sounds that are extremely rich in HFCs over 100 kHz [3]. From an anthropogenetic point of view, the sensory system of human beings exposed to a natural environment would stand a good chance of developing some physiological sensitivity to HFCs. We also found that some musical instruments, such as a gamelan of Bali, Indonesia, produce a significant number of HFCs over 100 kHz [3].

But then when this technology is sold it is unclear whether speakers can go that high or headphones or whether the effect is from filters, etc. compared to the EEG studies from nonwestern music using natural resonance harmonics.

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:40 AM
Easily one of the most intriguing things ive read in a while. im going to be doing alot of research after reading this post. im simply fascinated by the fact that everyone at some level knows that music has alot of power over them but no idea why. this makes me want to dive into the books you suggested thank you! great post

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 12:51 AM
reply to post by ChronicTheHedgehog


So again the concept is that nonwestern harmonics resonate into ultrasound which then ionizes the neurohormones of the lower body to bypass the blood brain barrier and then this creates increased electromagnetic neurotransmissions in the brain. Western science is starting to catch up and this is then exposed as the Actual Matrix Plan based on this secret conspiracy hidden at the origin of Western civilization -- the lost Logos.

“Scientists have known for more than 80 years that ultrasound can influence nerve activity,” Tufail said. “Pioneers in this field transmitted ultrasound into neural tissues prior to stimulation with traditional electrodes that required invasive procedures. Those studies demonstrated that ultrasound pre-treatments could make nerves more or less excitable in response to electrical stimulation. “In our study, however, we used ultrasound alone to directly stimulate action potentials and drive intact brain activity without doing any kind of surgery.” “It is fascinating to witness these effects firsthand,” he added. Tufail is one of four doctoral students in ASU’s School of Life Sciences who worked with Tyler on the project. ...

“Our method paves the way for using sound waves to study and manipulate brain function, as well as to diagnose and treat its dysfunction.” In addition to advancing hope for noninvasive treatments of brain injury and disease, the groups’ experiments in deeper subcortical brain circuits also revealed that ultrasound may be useful for modifying cognitive abilities. "We were surprised to find that ultrasound activated brain waves in the hippocampus known as sharp-wave ripples,” Tufail said. “These brain activity patterns are known to underlie certain behavioral states and the formation of memories.” The scientists also found that ultrasound stimulated the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the hippocampus – one of the most potent regulators of brain plasticity. Tyler said the fact that ultrasound can be used to stimulate action potentials, meaningful brain wave activity patterns, and BDNF leads him to believe that, in the future, ultrasound will be useful for enhancing cognitive performance; perhaps even in the treatment of cognitive disabilities such as mental retardation or Alzheimer's disease.

New method offers platform for brain treatment

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It's not yet clear how ultrasound triggers electrical activity in neurons, but some believe that it is through thermal energy generated by sound waves. Tyler, however, says he has evidence that the neurons are activated through mechanical energy. Previous research has indeed shown that the neuron channels that control electrical activity in the brain can be activated with mechanical pressure. "What we think is happening is some kind of microcavitational effect, such as radiation or sheer strain, which affect the channels that control neural activity," he says

So then the "acoustic cavitation" of ultrasound internally creates sonoluminescence radiation -- light spirit energy.

Targeting the Brain with Sound Waves
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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:03 AM
I read the OP and thought I understood it well enough, the way a cathedral catches sound can change the way you think and feel. Everyone knows that music can broaden your horizons/perceptions and make you feel and think differently. But then I opened the first link in the OP. As I read I found myself more and more baffled by the fact that none of what is said makes a lick of sense or has any correlation. Let's look at a few excerpts of the absolute gobbledygook contained in these links, first the supposed Bio-Music conspiracy:

the ability to create "rainbow snakes" for paranormal reality. Amazingly Dr. Andrew Parker's recent book on the Cambrian Explosion of life, some 500 million years ago, argues that "quantum diffraction gradients" were the secret behind evolution. In other words the same "rainbow snake" that you see when looking at the back of a compact disc is also how early sea bioluminscence worked in developing neurons that became brains for cognition.

This paragraph literally has no discernable meaning nor do it's two subjects have any correlation at all. The Cambrian Explosion and paranormal RAINBOW SNAKES? Really? It's almost as if the paragraph is written in a foreign language with all of it's components and words thrown together at random. What exactly does the evolution of life during the Cambrian explosion have to do with creating a paranormal reality using music?

In other words the 1-4-5 music intervals are not just limited to humans, but are the secret behind all evolution

This sounds like new age horseraddish to me. The first life that evolved on Earth was single-celled, in fact the first life was likely less complicated than a single-cell. How in the world would music have anything to do with that?

In nonwestern cultures sex roles are intertwined into all aspects of culture with the understanding that the complimentary opposites can resonate with formless awareness to create strong healing energy

Once again this is new age gobbledygook, it's completely void of substance. How exactly do complimentary opposites form healing? They go on to talk about anecdotes about Bushmen in Africa taking 10 hours to build up heat to heal people. It's funny because I take one Advil and my headache miraculously goes away, and I don't have to chant or spend 10 hours singing or dancing. If Bushmen medicine is so much more advanced than ours thanks to music why are their lifespans not sky-rocketing? Wouldn't we see some results? Where was the evidence for this in my anthropology class back in college? I can remember plenty of documentaries about African tribes, but not one had supernatural powers.

The full-lotus is a very quick and powerful means to harmonize the electrochemicals of the body.

I tried to be open minded when I came into this thread but I've lost all patience with this stuff. It's just a web of pseudoscience, new age, and every other idea they can cram in even if the ideas are entirely unrelated to each other.

When we move on to the other link we get even more gems that make so little sense as to be entirely meaningless.

10) The method of the Matrix is containment of the threatening natural resonance of the Cosmic Mother, then destruction, then standardization through dead artificial intelligence.

Cosmic Mother is somehow tied to aritificial intelligence?

I honestly don't know how or why anyone buys into this stuff, this is the sort of thing that would make me weep openly if I was a scientist and I saw people believing it.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:12 AM
reply to post by Titen-Sxull

the quantum jazz link I gave gives the answer although it's not in the OP

Rainbow Worm and Quantum Jazz -- noncommutative quantum diffraction resonance

Ho: We discovered an imaging technique in my lab that made all organisms look like liquid crystal displays. We put little organisms under a microscope, the polarizing light microscope that earth scientists use to look at rock crystals. The microscope has two crossed polarizers, so the field is completely dark as no light can get through, unless you have these rock crystals that are ‘birefringent’; that have a particular kind of crystalline order that changes the direction of light, so they appear bright and colorful. These crystals have a special atomic order. Liquid crystals do the same, they are also birefringent. They have special molecular alignments, and can appear bright and colorful too; but you need a specific setting of the microscope to bring that out, as the birefringence of liquid crystals is weaker than rock crystals, though the principle is the same. However, in a living organism, there is nothing static and that was what puzzled us at the beginning: How can they look like liquid crystal displays, even if they are liquid crystals? They’re moving around all the time, so there can’t be any static molecular order to give the brilliant colors. (That’s why I called my book, The Rainbow and the Worm, the Physics of Organisms. The ‘worm’ wasn’t really a worm; it was a Drosophila larva, a little fruit fly larva that hatches out of an egg. ) When we made this amazing discovery, which gave me one of the most powerful aesthetic experiences I had in my life, I was actually looking for something else. I was looking for molecular order in the egg that is more subtle, like a pre-pattern of the body plan that eventually appears in the course of development. That was what we were looking for. And we did find it, but it was nowhere near as exciting as the moving organism appearing like a dynamic liquid crystal display. The explanation is that all the molecules are moving coherently together and the molecular motions are slower than the vibrations of light. So at every instant, the light senses the molecular order and therefore gives you this liquid crystal display. That really is the best evidence of the molecular coherence that exists in the whole organism. The water associated with the living organisms – some 70 percent by weight and 99 percent by count of molecules - is most important in this respect because the water is responsible for a lot of the liquid crystallinity and also the flexibility of the proteins and other macromolecules, so that they can all move coherently together (see numerous articles in a long running series spread over many issues of SiS, for example, Liquid Crystalline Water at the Interface, SiS 39; Water’s Effortless Action at a Distance, SiS 32; First Sighting of Structured Water, Positive Electricity Zaps Through Water Chains, SiS 28) The quantum coherent organism is not just a theoretical concept; it needs more than simply applying conventional quantum theory to organisms. The conventional quantum mechanics needed to be stretched, and that’s what I did in my book. The analogy is a multi-mode laser that is pumped up to be coherent in many frequencies, a whole range of frequencies. The wide range of frequencies in an organism is just fantastic. In my book, I say that it’s like 70 doublings of the octave. I use the analogy of ‘quantum jazz’ to express the quantum coherence of the organism. It goes through a fantastic range of space and time scales, from the tiniest atom or subatomic particle to the whole organism and beyond. Organisms communicate with other organisms, and are attuned to natural rhythms, so they have circadian rhythms, annual rhythms, and so on. At the other extreme, you have very fast reactions that take place in femtoseconds. And all these rhythms are coordinated, there is evidence for that.

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:12 AM

8:15 10:10 deals with the geometries of music.

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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:21 AM

Originally posted by Titen-Sxull

They go on to talk about anecdotes about Bushmen in Africa taking 10 hours to build up heat to heal people.

O.K. so it's not to just build up heat -- the N/om as boiling heat then turns into electromagnetic laser energy called !Xia -- which is the trance as biophoton -- synchronized biophoton laser holographic healing energy.

The Taoists call it Shen. The Hindus call it Shakti. !Xia -- it's this laser holographic energy as spirit energy.

So Andrew Zimmern went to the Bushmen for this Bizzare World cable food show - he encountered a real Bushmen healer and it was shown on t.v.!!

Toward what I believed to be the end of the evening, Xaxe, a great hunter, healer, and shaman, laid hands on me....I felt the energy, his energy, surge through my body. He had his hands on me for about twenty-five or thirty seconds, but it felt like he had only touched me for a split second. Time stood still. I literally had a short out of body experience. I could see him touching me from just above my body, almost like I was floating six feet off the ground, watching myself. All of a sudden I was back in my body observing an image of him thumbing through the book that contained all the pictures and moments in my life. I saw images of my
childhood I hadn't remembered in years, pictures of my mother and me walking
on a beach and shelling, very strong images. At the time, both during his touch
and immediately afterward, I described it as him flipping through the pages of my
life....Later the next morning, I spoke with Xaxe about the trance dance. He told
me he wanted access to me in a way that was not possible through a
translator....Xaxe's curiosity was such a caring, loving gesture....When he
detached from me it felt like someone was unplugging a lamp from a wall socket.
As he let go of me and continued to dance around the fire, I spontaneously burst
into uncontrollable tears....I had been stripped to my emotional core, completely
stunned by what I had witnessed so up close and personal.

Andrew Zimmern, The Bizarre Truth: how I walked out the door mouth first – and came back shaking my head
(Random House, 2009), 234-5.

So that's the power of the !Xia energy -- it's beyond, far beyond just heat.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by staple

This is part of the Actual Matrix Plan conspiracy -- the Flower of Life is Drunvalo Melchizadek's propaganda wherein he promotes the replacement of Nature with Golden Ratio technology.

So the New Age movement is part of Freemasonry and the CIA Stargate conspiracy -- science as a whole is part of this "Separation of Heaven and Earth" through mass ritual sacrifice.

Only the New Age movement works by trying to assimilate indigenous nonwestern cultures into Golden Ratio Western science as spirituality.

Athough not by name, the Matrix Plan is also promoted prominently by Drunvalo
Melchizedek who states in his first book that the yin/yang ratios as the Fibonacci series of
mother nature are not infinite and that the ratios of technological geometry, the Golden Ratio
with its “contained infinity,” are actually god and the future of a holographic matrix.

So here we are, carbon-based life forms creating silicon-based life forms, and we’re interacting with each other. We’re going to have two different life forms/components of the Earth connecting with each other, and the speed with which we evolve at that point, aside from everything else, is going to be very, very fast – faster than anything we would normally expect. I believe that this will come true in this lifetime…. In fact I’m convinced that there are no Golden Mean rectangles or spirals in existence unless they’re synthetically made. …This is a problem for Mother Nature. Life does not know how to deal with something that has no beginning and no end…. The Golden Mean spiral is the ideal. It’s like God, the Source.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol. I (Light Technology Publishing,

So the video you posted -- whether the person made it actually knows this or not -- but it promotes the opposites of what I'm talking about.
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posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 01:54 AM
I admit I have no formal training in what is being discussed here, so I don't understand a lot of what is being posted. But, I have noticed all my life how different types of music affect me. I can be feeling depressed and put on some lively music, and my spirit is lifted out of the depression immediately. Or, if I need to relax I play a soothing type of music. I know that there are certain types of music that will help one reach higher levels of vibration in their spirit. I can't really contribute to this thread other than to say I have always been aware of how my mood is affected at a very deep level by my choice of music. I think it is the universal language.

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 02:08 AM
Drew please speak of piezoacoustic fusion via ultrasonic cavitation starting in the bone marrow via stress induced via dancing (bushmen etc).

As I understand it:

1. bone marrow has been proven by mainstream science to resonate ultrasonically and has been proven to generate piezoelectricity through stress. I.E. when compressed (such as dancing) the bone in our body can generate (piezo)electricity

2. sonoluminescence triggers cavitation which creates a hotter than the sun beam of light (laser) which the pineal gland then responds to as from what I remember correctly pineal gland has vestigial rods/cones like the human eye. So this internal cavitated light stimulates the pineal gland which then....well that's as far as I've made it with my understanding. Hopefully you can continue the theory........

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