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The Devil's Chord: The conspiracy to open the portal of consciousness and mystery of the octave

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posted on Jul, 15 2012 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by prithvi2011

Well qigong master Chunyi Lin has stated that in the third quarter of 2012 (which is now till 9/22) there will be an event that brings the hearts of the world leaders together as one.

So that's pretty open-ended but also pretty dramatic.

On the "alien" stuff - in my book I get into the Stargate Conspiracy as part of the Actual Matrix Plan --

A more recent book along the same lines is Miragemen. Suffice it to say the U.S. has been pummeled by lies and propaganda from the intelligence agencies promoting new age Freemasonry as the new religion -- in other words we need to colonize outerspace and also "baptize" the aliens, etc.

I saw a big black triangle "UFO" up close -- it flew right over our tree, low and slow -- equilateral triangle, no fuselage, just like the sightings in Belgium that the air force could not catch up to.

These are secret military craft -- they are not extraterrestrial -- yet there has been a vast industry promoting what people want to hear that the "aliens" will save us or attack us or whatever.

This is actually a psychological projection -- meaning that the Djinn model for aliens is correct -- that alien abduction is actually spirit possession -- that the aliens are "us" in the sense that our technology as "occult" technology relies on a spiritual demonic possession. Or another way to understand this is our technology is a phallic projection of the libido -- Nandor Fodor is an excellent parapsychologist who understands this dynamic.

O.K. so basically scientists are the aliens -- science is our current mythic reality - a myth is actually what people believe is real but it is not real.

The "real" truth is spiritual reality that our modern world has lost contact with.

So for example on the Solstice the electromagnetic spirit energy is much stronger and so the middle of your brain should acknowledge or perceive this -- but modern people are cut off from the natural power of the cosmos.

On the full moon -- three days before and after -- the middle of the brain has an electromagnetic bliss that is 10 times stronger than normal.

So the original human culture for 90% of human history did a trance dance healing all night long during the full moon since the energy was naturally so much stronger to do spiritual healing.

So at this time people who are in touch with real reality can then see "dead" spirits that cause illness because of emotional or electrochemical possession of people. So the healers actually help the dead spirits go into the Emptiness which is a spacetime vortex with a stronger light consciousness energy.

So reality is holographic and this is considered a model for current cosmology -- based on the new understanding of black holes storing three dimensional information holographically as two dimensional information.

But this is due to "time-frequency uncertainty." So for example I read quantum chaos math professor Ian Stewart's book that he cowrote with Jack Cohen a biologist -- called Evolving the Alien and it was exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial biochemistry, etc. So then the authors conclude that if there is an actual alien then aliens are like

Taoist hermits living a life of solitude, etc.

I wrote to math professor Ian Stewart -- look Taoist hermits already can travel up into the Solar System and communicate with real aliens who are actually spirits -- consider - the training is a month long full lotus session in a cave, taking no water, no food and no sleep the whole time and when this happens the person travels into heaven.

O.K. so in the West we don't think it's possible to go a month with no food, no water and no sleep yet it is very real to do this based on the secrets of time-frequency uncertainty applied as nonwestern harmonics alchemy.

So the reason that SETI hasn't found "extraterrestrials" is because SETI relies on symmetric Western math-based technology that is inherently cut off from spiritual reality.

Science does not allow real consciousness to be considered so it's like fish not knowing about water -- humans are looking for something externally that we already exist in eternally -- that's the secret of nondualism.

The eternal time-frequency uncertainty process as the infinite quantum potential (before it's converted to symmetric math) -- this is practiced in nonwestern cultures as the trance dance meditation training for alchemy.

I have seen dead spirits hovering and so already we are out of touch with this reality but "evil" aliens abducting people are actually these repressed spirits getting subconsciously projected and technology is also this same projection of repressed spiritual energy. So we are creating our own "alien" reality as a reflection of imbalanced energy through the destruction of ecology on Earth.

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posted on Jul, 27 2012 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

what about the falun gong qigong?.

it is a bit different style of qigong where they use a falun dafa, as the main focus, have you tried falun gong qigong?.

posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 01:21 PM
reply to post by JHJ11

The practice works as qigong master Chunyi Lin confirms but the master of Falun Gong is fake.

Still the reason falun gong was so huge is because it spread freely based on volunteers reprinted and photocopying the practice instructions and then having free practice sessions in the parks, etc.

So in China money is used to screen out qigong practices and to control qigong -- so that only certain qigong practices have official government approval and then they charge more money.

There's a long history -- thousands of years -- of qigong used for revolution in China. A great overview of Falun Gong in the larger context of politics and skeptics, etc. is Dr. David Palmer's book "Qigong Fever." He was nice enough to send me one of his academic articles that I couldn't find since none of the local libaries carried the journal in the Twin Cities MN.

Still a lot of the qigong training relies on the energy transmissions from the master teaching the practice. Also there is Nancy Chen's book on "qigong deviance" which is when a person thinks they are getting energy transmissions from their master but not really getting them and so in China these people get locked up in asylums, etc.

Besides the horrific organ stealing from falun gong practitioners -- this is well documented in numerous videos, etc. Doc youtube playlist here Falung Gong Transmission 6-10

So it is true that the leader of Falun Gong has created an apocalyptic cult mentality that has even affected some Westerners -- but again his material is freely reproduced. Still he has so many followers -- hundreds of millions -- that he does get enough kick backs to support him, etc.

So Chunyi Lin for example shared how the leader of Falun Gong said he could fly but then he followers wanted a demonstration at one of their conferences -- of course he couldn't do it.

Chunyi Lin said once he did levitate up nine feet -- spiralling up while he was in deep meditation in full lotus. But that kind of flying takes a lot of deep meditation preparation - -it's not something that can be done on command.

There are a lot of fake qigong masters in China but there is also an official certification process that Chunyi Lin received and it does entail death defying tests with electricity and poison, etc. But also long distance healing and predicting the weather 10 days in advance in detail, etc.
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posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

I'm so happy to see that you know so much of Qigong and you're still here.
I read lots of books of Qigong & Taoism too,for I'm a Chinese.
However, In China,there are not so much people still believing in Qigong and I just begin my own practice.
Are you the author of the book "Alchemy of Rainbow Heart"?
Having a month of free time, I'm searching some materials for reading,
then is it better to read that book or to read your post here first? Any advice?

posted on Jul, 29 2012 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by 1ness

Thanks! Good question. This thread is more current than my free "Alchemy of Rainbow Heart Music" book but this thread also changes as it develops.

That's why I love posting research and viewpoints online as people force me through debate to clarify my thinking.

Anyway both sources are just for fun as they combine various subjects like cutting edge science (quantum chaos physics, etc.) and music theory and anthropology and comparative religion and math philosophy and psychology, etc.

So really for qigong practice the best is to read a book written by a qigong master -- Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality free download link here

That's the main book I recommend and it's controversial as one Western qigong site (thetaobums) has posters warning against this book as too dangerous. So then I read the tome "Measuring Meditation" by (Bodri and Master Nan, Huai-chin) and they state indeed that the visualization tantra taught in the book Taoist Yoga -- the small universe aka microcosmic orbit practice -- is the quickest but most dangerous practice.

So then when the advanced levels are reached it's required to have an energy master guide the practice when relying on the right brain small universe tantric visualization. But Master Nan, Huai-chin (of Mahayana Buddhist focus) recommends instead the left-brain practice of a K'oan -- of the question "Who Am I?" as the focus and path of the practice. So this is the advaita vedanta philosophy also as Zen originally comes from Dhyana of Vedic teaching -- mind concentration as the source of the I-thought.

Actually if you read it quotes the now out of print book "Realizing Enlightenment" by Master Nan, Huai-chin on the necessity of sitting "cross-legged" which means full lotus yoga position in order to achieve samadhi or mind concentration. So Master Nan, Huai-chin focuses on how even Japan lost the real meaning of Zen by being too caught up in conceptual reality with poetry, etc. and not practicing full lotus enough.

Chunyi Lin did the month long full lotus cave meditation with no food, no water and no sleep as is taught through of Master Zhang.

Anyway I also recommend the beginning book on the small universe practice -- Awaken the Healing Energy through the Tao scribd by Mantak Chia

So the best practice tool imo is to get the Small Universe meditation c.d. and then it requires just sitting in a chair to follow along but also at beginning there is emphasis on the standing active exercise to build up the jing energy. So this is "moving of yin and yang" which is similar to small universe only while standing --

Unless someone experiences the energy transmission from a real qigong master then it's next to impossible to "believe" in qigong imo - and getting the energy transmission is rare as qigong masters are very rare -- real ones -- and then there is a financial cost to the transmission so that the energy of the master is not just wasted.

So I recommend getting phone healings from the masters but also you want a good environment for practice as Chunyi Lin says the top cause of energy blockage is emotional blockage.

So yes it's difficult for the modern person to believe that say smoking causes depression! But this is so true -- and that a liver blockage causes anger which is so obvious from alcohol. Sugar causes worry from pancreas damage and that kidney damage from caffeine causes fear.

I would say the great secret of qigong is the love energy and how this is the technique to create real love through the heart energy but it is connected to the kidney and liver and then the pineal gland.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 03:43 PM

Originally posted by fulllotusqigong
reply to post by JHJ11

The practice works as qigong master Chunyi Lin confirms but the master of Falun Gong is fake.

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What makes you think that the master of falun gong is fake?.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 05:39 PM
reply to post by JHJ11

If you want to see if an energy master is real then just see how long they can sit in full lotus yoga position comfortably. Chunyi Lin said that the Falun Gong leader was fake.

When I first met Chunyi Lin he had been recommended to me by a friend who had meditated with him but Chunyi Lin was giving a presentation to my "spiritual healing" class in my masters degree program at the U of MN. Chunyi Lin looked exactly like the qigong master in the book "Encounters with Qi" by David Eisenberg, the Harvard M.D. who traveled to china -- the qigong master I'm referring to demonstrated telekinesis for David Eisenberg and it's detailed in that book.

So also Yan Xin was the first healer of Chunyi Lin and Yan Xin has done western research through Harvard also -- confirming external chi energy healing -- besides the extensive science studies in China of Yan Xin's amazing healing energy.

So I haven't seen any of this by the Falun Gong master and his book is very Kooky -- it's more geared towards a type of Westernized New Age apocalypse featuring extraterrestrials and lots of elitist doomsayer stuff. So I think this is why Westerners are drawn to Falun Gong -- along with the fact that it is very aggressively promoted in public and it's also more or less a free practice.

Again Chunyi Lin said that the practice of Falun Gong works because it uses traditional qigong practices but it's actually very difficult to find a real qigong master that can transmit the shen energy aka shakti energy in India.

You would have to experience the shen transmission to know what it feels like -- a laser bliss sensation that is holographic -- it will start inside of you at the point of its focus by the energy master.

So when Jim Nance was in full lotus yoga position at the end of one of my classes for -- he said he was going to keep practicing full lotus upstairs at the SFQ center. I asked if I could join him. He said: Maybe later.

So then I biked home and then soon I was in full lotus meditation in my room. Suddenly the center of my brain was on fire and super super hot. I couldn't figure it out. I thought maybe it was near the full moon when the magnetic brain bliss is 10 times stronger (like right now) -- but this heat in the center of the brain like fire was way stronger than from the full moon. So it was so powerful I had to stop meditating.

I forgot all about it until I returned to class the following week and before class started Jim Nance asked me in the hallway:

Did you feel anything?

I looked at him and then suddenly remembered what he had said to me:

"Maybe later."

I realized what he had meant -- he practiced his long distance healing on me. I was so flabbergasted I didn't even respond to his question -- I just looked into his eyes in shock and he knew that I had felt the energy. haha.

For Jim Nance to do that kind of healing he had to start out doing 2 hours of nonstop full lotus yoga meditation every night without missing a night. Then he had to regularly receive energy transmissions from Chunyi Lin. I think it took Jim Nance ten years before Chunyi Lin declared Jim Nance also a qigong master.

So for Chunyi Lin he did a month of full lotus meditation nonstop taking no water, no sleep and no food the whole time. I think this was through as Chunyi Lin gives the same mountain and master name -- Zhang -- and Zhang also mentions practicing the cave meditation fasting and you can see Master Zhang in numerous full lotus poses.

Anyway I definitely believe Chunyi Lin that the master of Falun Gong is fake but on the other hand I highly respect Falun Gong as a movement for promoting free qigong for self-healing and being adamant about it. I can also respect the apocalyptic elitist nature of the Falun Gong propaganda although I disagree with it. I can see why it would be popular in both China and the West.

The Taiping Rebellion in China killed some 20 million people in the later years of the 19th C. yet it hardly gets mentioned in the West and the leader of the Taiping Rebellion claimed to be the brother of Jesus as James -- Hong Siqong. I mean you'll find his name in kungfu movies but unless people know the background they're not going to get the reference. My point is that the reason that movement was so big is that it was a Westernized movement -- both assimilating new Western ideas while also based on the masses of Chinese desperate for upward mobility against starvation. Eventually those masses of farmers then became the Communist movement under Mao.

So I think Falun Gong is similar to the Taiping Rebellion - actually Dr. David Palmer's main argument is that the qigong fever of the 1980s when some 300 million people practiced qigong regularly in China -- seriously -- this actually was part of the Westernization of China.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 06:06 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

okay you make some sense, though one thing the leader of falun gong li hongzhi looks to have no problem at all with the full lotus position.

i have read a bit of li hongzhi falun gong book and it does make some good points and is a decent read, was he a fake or got mislead?, there are differences to these things, chunyi lin should be more specific, then just a blanket statement.

what do you make of there central practice the falun dafa, there are pictures online it is a kind of disc shape with swastikas on it.

posted on Aug, 3 2012 @ 08:17 PM

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 05:43 AM
well some of it seemed okay, and some might not be, so it is probably best with the various teachings to use what you think is right, what do you make of the falun dafa, that goes in the lower dantien, that seems quite a novel approach.

you mention the westernisation of china, this world is duality, so in that process, the west also got the teachings of china, so there are positives and negatives at work there, it would seem?.

posted on Aug, 11 2012 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by JHJ11

The lower dantian corresponds to the yoga concept of the swadhisthana, or navel chakra. In yoga philosophy, it is thought to be the seat of prana that radiates outwards to the entire body.[6]

So this is the standard view of the lower tan tien

The yuppie yoga movement in the West has had more of an impact than qigong -- there's a great book called Karma Cola about Westerners going to India to be Easternized while India just wanted Coca-cola. The irony being that Westerners also got "fake" Eastern values -- the equivalent of Coca-cola of the East (like Oshi who regularly created Westerners being shipped off to mental asylums in the U.S. by the embassy in India).

Advanced meditation is still contrary to Western civilization -- certainly people can "dabble" in qigong and yoga but to truly take it seriously requires as much practice as anything else taken seriously. As Noam Chomsky says about activism -- you have to be fanatical to get results -- and so it is with any challenging pursuit like being a professional of anything. To be a professional requires fanatically training like practicing piano six hours a day or practicing being a chef six hours a day or doing medical training six hours a day, etc.

But since yoga or qigong is based on a non-materialist foundation then it actually requires voluntary poverty. Music training is close since like sports, only rarely does a musician become a professional. But sports, in contrast, at least has an extensive, well-paid recruiting system and high schools put more money into sports than into music -- sports is basically a type of military training.

So yoga or qigong is actually the most advanced training after martial arts because advanced meditation training requires being protected from closeted thugs. This is why the training has to be done in secret as it's based on people's secret intentions often hidden by disingenious words. So someone using words to question something -- it all depends on their intention. Someone can say: How are you? but the intention can really be -- I think there is a problem with you and if you don't answer how I like it then you have a problem that you need to change. In other words the simple question "how are you?" can have the intention instead of concern but instead of as a threat.

Basically human language is usually a superficial means of communication hiding instead subconscious emotional communication that is more powerful but not acknowledged. The biggest cause of energy blockages is from emotions. So when the leader of a group writes a book that feeds into New Age propaganda that is elitist and even promotes CIA propaganda about extraterrestrials, etc. -- this means that the true intentions of the words are faulty and so this is the case with Falun Gong. The actual exercises of the meditation are real and work and especially so if done fanatically but consider that the AUM cult in Japan also required fanatically use of sitting in full lotus!! So based on my own practice I am the equivalent of an AUM terrorist cult member but the difference is the foundation of the intention of the words behind the movement.

The heart is the "large accumulator" of energy that is expressed through the pineal gland. So as qigong master Chunyi Lin points out the heart on its own does not know the difference between good and evil -- the energy of the heart as healing energy is love energy but that energy of the heart comes from the liver. The liver as a blockage is anger and someone who is purified can then if challenged then become easily angered as "righteous anger." as Master Nan, Huai-chin points out. So in advanced meditation training the thoughts or intentions of a person are very important because if they have very strong emotional thoughts with focused mental concentration these thoughts are transmitted to their object of concentration as electromagnetic holographic light energy. In other words for an advanced practitioner thoughts and intentions literally can change physical reality. So the most crucial part of the qigong or yoga training is called "Te" as in the Tao Te Ching -- Te meaning virtue. This is why Buddhism is based on the foundation of kindness, love and forgiveness.

So the yoga and qigong training on an advanced level has to be focused on spiritual realms that actually are expressed in the complexity of ecology -- of Nature -- as the energy flows freer in biodiversity -- unity in diversity. For the West to "take up" yoga or qigong is still based on what I call the "rotten root" or the wrong logical foundation that is materialistic. The true intention of yoga or qigong is the "intention of no intention" or the logical inference of the I-thought. Since this is formless awareness it can not be based on a materialist foundation.
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posted on Aug, 25 2012 @ 03:34 AM
The ATS Live show 96 discusses this Devil's Chord thread. they miss my main points -- completely! haha.

O.K. Daniel Levitin's book is referred to -- that's a good start.

I corresponded with Daniel Levitin.

I'm not a "goof on the internet" as one of the ATS Live d.j.s calls me. haha. Daniel Levitin stated my approach was "metaphysical" but Daniel Levitin's research is too limited. We need to consider nonwestern information. Levitin's book is good on tying the cerebellum to motion and emotion and also documenting the increase in dopamine and serotonin, etc. But that's next to nothing.

So basically what did the ATS people do -- the person who brought up my thread just rehashed the Lincoln's Cathedral concept of sacred geometry creating resonance -- that's fine but again I'm point out that the supposed geometry used -- the golden ratio -- is against the real sacred harmonics.

Hence the conspiracy. The ATS Live people didn't even grasp what this thread is about. haha.

Nope what I'm saying is too radical for them.

So then the female agreed that she believes in this thread just because the effect music has on her is so strong and then the male who first started the topic said he has Asperbergers but he does electronic music composing and that playing electronic music helps him to think better.

All that is great - -but again that's too Western and too limited - I'm talking about sonofusion and sonoluminescence!! The ATS Live folks didn't even register what I was getting on about -- but then again my topic is too radical for "normal" people on ATS -- i.e. the brainwashed masses. haha.

But I will post this new podcast interview with John Beaulieu just to demonstrate that there is a well-established Dr. -- psychiatrist -- who uses the same concept I am talking about. Actually he was my first source for this -- I just elaborated on something he mentions in passing.


Dr. Beaulieu discusses --

natural number ratios

O.K. so right away -- forget Western music -- this is pure harmonics here. He uses tuning forks.

Dr. Beaulieu then discusses

activating the vagus nerve

Again the vagus nerve connects the reproductive organs through the right side vagus nerve up to the cerebellum and then to the pineal gland and then the left side vagus nerve connects to the heart.

That is the secret pathway -- the vagus nerve is the secret to the internal bliss orgasm and then the energy keeps building up and then opens up the heart which then increases the electromagnetic energy which then opens up the pineal gland to transmit that energy externally.

O.K. so the nonwestern practice to do this is called the "small universe" aka the "microcosmic orbit" and you get the practice c.d. from

BTW -- ATS LIVE it's pronounced "CHEE-GONG" -- sorry I never pointed out how to say the word qigong - -but there you go - this is

new radical information.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho's new macroquantum rainbow water book

What does she do? Discusses collagen as the secret piezoelectric source of acupuncture points -- based on proton transmutation from tetrahedral (full lotus yoga position) nano-structure of water as macroquantum negentropy.

Have fun with that article because it creates the rainbow astral energy. It's based on complementary opposites as time-frequency coherency -- but not measurable in logarithmic western music tuning.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho calls it:

quantum jazz Again sonofusion. Sonoluminescence. Ultrasound activates and is activated by the collagen piezoelectric transduction -- and the ultrasound and infrasound are from the natural resonance of overtones and undertones.

Try throat singing -- requires the vagus nerve relaxation of the throat while the diaphgram is flexed for vagus nerve activation to push up the neurohormones.

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posted on Aug, 27 2012 @ 09:15 PM
Man sings infrasound that only elephants can hear --

G-7 (0.189Hz), an incredible eight octaves below the lowest G on the piano. Read more at

Says he can kind of hear it in his head but otherwise feels it.

Gotta wonder if throat singing can pull this off also.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 04:22 PM
Music played during deep dreamless sleep shown to increase daytime memory of music

Fascinating - when I listen to music that I've played on piano before then my dreams will be very vivid music dreams. Jonathon Winson argued that dreaming was for long term memory storage -- for the brain to add the new information from the previous day and then organize it with the rest of the brain's memories. Hence all the subconscious associations of the day's events revealed. But some dreams are more real than being awake and these dreams I've found to be precognitive. they are tied to deeper emotional energy also. So I think the heart-pineal gland connection is going on -- with the heart neurons also tied to memory storage but also the future and past lives, etc. So the heart is quantum coherent holographic energy - and so memory is not limited to the body or brain - nor is consciousness.

So the key to this quantum coherent heart-mind consciousness is the time-frequency uncertainty principle with nonwestern music as trance music -- repetition is not redundancy due to the nonlinear quantum chaos harmonics as a positive feedback cycle. Mantras activating the organs of the body as emotional energy which then gets ionizes into holographic light energy from electromagnetic energy through the relaxation vagus nerve and through mind focus visualization. It is an eternal process of listening to light - through logical inference, called LOGOS by the ancient Greeks.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 06:06 PM
I have followed this thread on and off since it first started.
Much of It is not at my level of intellect, but It's fascinating to me because I use the skill of visualization and mental focus every day when I play golf. Many time golfers will say I was unconcsious out there, or I was in the zone after a great round.

If you ever looked at the physics involved to hit a golf ball to a specific destination it's pretty involving, and is one reason the game is so hard. In order to play at a high level, you have to constantly practice the calming of the mind and body to allow the proper timing to strike the ball, thats why the pros make it look so easy. The swing only last for about a second but in the second the mind is processing mass quanity of changing information, a miss que can result in a poor shot. There are endless factors that can cause interruptions, tension and stress form doubt or self awareness, even a random thought like whats for dinner can interrupt the flow of the swing.

If you watch the pros on tv every one of them go through a preshot routine which is basically a meditation technique to calm the nerves and help focus their mind and energy to making a smooth swing. They stand behind each shot and visualize the route the ball will travel and it's resting point. The player who does this the best and most often usually will win.

The difference in the top players verses the armature is when the pros start to move the ball away from the ball. In their minds they have already hit the shot, they are just now observing what has already happened.

I personally can attest to this feeling as I have moments of clarity from time to time. I think I have been able to tap into it more frequently in my putting stroke. By using my preriphrial vision I can feel a level of comfort that regardless of the results of the stroke I'm going to be ok, when I make the put its as if I walked in on myself making the put.

It's not a state of mind I can force myself into if I try then my stroke is all messed up. It's ellusive and one reason their is so many golf instructional books.

I know this same type of mental focus is present in most top athletes.

Tigger woods is or was one of the best. I watched him once setting up a dificult shot at a tournament, he never blinked involentaly, he pouposfully closed and opens his eyes, like he was taking pictures. He proceeded to pull of an incredible shot. It was on that helped him win the US Open at Torrie Pines in 2008.

I plan on reading back through this thread to see if I can pick out some keys to help define that ellusive state of mind. You helped me already by introducing me to quantum conscience.

Thank you for sticking with this thread. Keep it up
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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by Observationalist

Yeah qigong master Jim Nance talks about practicing visualization in the free international guild podcasts -- you can register for free and then click on this link and log in to access the podcasts

But when he visualizes -- he was a professional basketball player and before that a martial arts black belt and then he taught gymnastics for kids as emotional therapy -- he's the first known African American qigong master.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Again, thank you.

I will check out that link.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 08:20 PM
reply to post by Observationalist

Yeah people -- well I don't want to scare people - but Jim Nance qigong master can transmit energy holographically at a distance -- and so he does healing like this -- it is a quantum coherent energy like I mentioned. So we can all do this on some level but he has really built up the energy through long meditation.

Here's a friend of mine getting healed by Jim Nance:

so, i started moving his hand over my foot. it felt like very powerful magnets each time the hand passed over. immediately, the pain reduced by half and the nature of the pain shifted from sharp to dull. he asked me to wiggle my foot. i told him what i felt. he laughs and goes, 'yeah, but i haven't done it yet. that wasn't the thing.' ok. so i close my eyes and he does his thing. it felt like a needle stitching the bone, passing back and forth, right where the impact was. it didn't hurt when this happened. when he was done, the swelling was gone, which was only slight to begin with. the bruisey color was gone. the redness at pt. of impact was gone. the pain was down by 90%. it felt great. i moved it around. 'i think you're gonna be fine, jason. if you want to go get xrays or whatever you need to do, you should, but come see me friday and i stay off it and i think you're gonna be fine.' then he did the regular healing on us. after he said, 'the blockage in the foot is coming back again, but let's just give it a day or two. we'll work some more on friday.' pretty great.

He dropped a 40 pound iron post on his foot and so Jim Nance healed him

posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 07:46 PM
Edward Cowie, ‘sonic poet’ composer, artist, performer initiates us to the fascinating music of birdsong, where a single note is actually 6 notes simultaneously on the piano, and birds can hear around 400 events per second, ten times faster than humans...their musical life is prodigiously rich.

This is a fantastic hour plus "masters session" with the masters being the birds. haha.

My take on bird song is that Dan Carlson has a company called Sonic Bloom - he did his research at the U of MN -- turns out high frequency bird song resonates the stomata of plant leaves so that their plant leave cells open up and then the plant leaves absorb nutrients from the morning dew when the night's cold temperature condenses the air's moisture.

O.K. so that is alchemy in action -- sounds of birds in the morning help the plants grow and the sun controls the cycle -- as Edward Cowie points out -- the bird songs are activated by a certain light level along with time.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 02:09 AM
Did I miss something??

Originally posted by fulllotusqigong
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Well qigong master Chunyi Lin has stated that in the third quarter of 2012 (which is now till 9/22) there will be an event that brings the hearts of the world leaders together as one.

So that's pretty open-ended but also pretty dramatic.

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