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The Devil's Chord: The conspiracy to open the portal of consciousness and mystery of the octave

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by Mary Rose

This left handed life form stuff seems to be a rather broad generalization. Our carbon life form is full of left and right handed chemicals.

Many biologically active molecules are chiral, including the naturally occurring amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) and sugars. In biological systems, most of these compounds are of the same chirality: most amino acids are L and sugars are D. Typical naturally occurring proteins, made of L amino acids, are known as left-handed proteins, whereas D amino acids produce right-handed proteins.


I think sucrose is right handed so they make Splenda left handed to keep it from being metabolized.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by UncleV

so glad you posed these questions. Everything you're saying is spot on..

and the specific Hz question, I say yes, but not with the means we're used to.

Lets take the original Tibetan singing bowls, the good ones were made from a very specific alloy of different metals designed to give the end product a certain sound. the tone that the bowl produced was dependent on its dimensions and the alloy. Once a good bowl was made, others could be compared to it to maintain that "ideal" frequency range. So how specific could the results of that process be? well how long is a piece of string?

I think some of the answers will come indirectly through rumours regarding secret societies, Christianity and the templars, and others will come from china and other parts of Asia where the understanding of sound itself was more advance,

like the 'great tone' or whatever that a Chinese emperor used to ring the bell daily to hear, its sound apparently controlling the public and making them more 'willing' to be under his rule.

Or the ancient Chinese water bowl, which displays the levitation-al properties of a focused standing wave... these are the place I have looked in the past for answers...

I also believe there is a real effect related to the binaural beat brainwave synchronisation theories because there is an ancient peruvian whistle which has the purpose of creating one of the 'phantom tones' inside your head. Which is pretty amazing.


posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by ThoughtForms

like the 'great tone' or whatever that a Chinese emperor used to ring the bell daily to hear, its sound apparently controlling the public and making them more 'willing' to be under his rule.

This reminded me of something.

Like his father, Poseidon, he carried a trident. However, Triton's special attribute was a twisted conch shell, on which he blew like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves. Its sound was so terrible, that when loudly blown, it put the giants to flight, who imagined it to be the roar of a dark wild beast.[2]

Has this already been mentioned? Possibly relevant?

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 11:13 PM
reply to post by poetpiet

Originally posted by poetpiet
I'll go over that again, a little more slowly:
admiring said markings and turning that appreciation of emptied /
abstracted volume into a mirror flattened / arbitrary / sterile meaning and,
yet further down that same trajectory, into a source of professionalism,
arguing over letter shapes, sound and unsound signatures to assign meanings
and convolute codes in order to sort the hi-rise substitution and
machination of stature, all in the name of accuracy and entitlement (a
superstitious hope to achieve and maintain the perfect incontrovertable
command via magic formulaicism .. the devil playing god).

Okay. Now I follow.

But "the Devil" and "God" are just different sides of the same soul, and the soul sways between the two depending on the thoughts in a symbiotic possession of that soul at that time... right? but for all intents and purposes the thoughts and the soul are one, the soul is the source of the thoughts, or it least the platform on which the thoughts can exist, the soul can exist without the thoughts but the thoughts not without a soul, how can it be information without someone to perceive it as such.

That's what "a dance with the devil" is really all about, the thoughts we choose to act on and where that may lead.

I think the only reason this isn't always apparent is because we don't always believe what we think, its only a thought that our collective self as a whole agree's with, ones with integrity, that hold the real power.

and that's why it's symbiotic, because you give the thought its power by agreeing to participate or agreeing to take it to the next level. A dance with god would be no different i believe. It's the integrity of the thoughts you think and the will to think them that powers the catalyst for change.

just my 2 cent anyway. I still question if I'm destined for a cosmic soup or an independent form after my body dies...maybe another 'go' as another human... who knows...

but I digress,
yes we are taking something ineffable and explaining away its beauty but only in "effect" not in "composition". The extra "elements" in the "composition" which cannot be explained must come from the soul of the composer and or performer. No one would deny that. And if you cannot "tap into that" the "effect" at the end will be "lacking" something. It will be as most "medicine" has become in our "modern society", Reduced. And that is the problem, we reduce too much, we purify too much. We separate this from that as if we know better. And sometimes we do, but we went too far in general as a race long ago and its now time to restore some of what we removed too hastily....(the work of the soul perhaps?) And what you observe in us you are doing yourself writing that post as you did. For the "ultimate truth" is ineffable, and to explain it in words it needs to be reduced to something less and something that can only guide you to the general location of where you're trying to go... Let me ask you a question in context of your observations....

If I leave my body and float through a great magestic void-ish darkness toward humanoid hooded things that tell me beautiful things and scary things and threaten and protect me, fight & love each other... then I return to earth and I can hear the sound of their voices but I can't reproduce the sounds.... how can I share my experience with people for the 'betterment' of humanity as a whole? how can I express the beauty of the voice of god for the healing of an individual if I know not the language for my tongue to speak....?"

you *seem to be* against definitions, but what alternative have we? there is none if we are ever to lend a hand to our fellow souls who are reaching over the wall to us from the top of their ladders... or expect any help ourselves... the next time you meet a god won't you want to be able to understand more than just a symbolic poetic version of what that god is trying to tell you?

just thinking out loud... so to speak...

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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by DenyObfuscation

well straight away we have a twisted shell which probably contains within its geometry the fibonacci spiral which is exponential just like the spiralling ascension of musical pitch or "frequency" of a sound. The we have that described as making a low droning sound which is close to the frequency range of sound which is "felt" NOT "heard"...

this begins around 40Hz and gets harder to "hear" and easier to "feel" until it reaches a point too low for our ears to hear 20hz and typically lower than a speaker can reproduce because speaker designers don't seem to be interested in finding out whether extending the harmonic range of the sound in both directions (20kHz+ and 20Hz-) could have a valuable effect on the frequency range our ears CAN hear.

I say hells yeah it would and why aren't we trying it.

This is part of the attraction to the A=432Hz concert pitch.

It apparently extends the range of 'audible' harmonics for each note played resulting in a 'richer' sound, a sound with a more "dense/complex" packing of harmonics contained within it.

There is at least one notable musical institutions claiming that the "frequency set" (which Hz figures each note 'sits' on) that appears when you tune A=432Hz is the naturally perfect and "best suited" set for a human voice to try to sing.

There are countless statements of subjective benefits regarding the way music played on instruments tuned this way sounds, that for a variety of reasons the sound is "better" typically said to be more "warm and emotive"..

The number 432 itself pops up everywhere throughout the measurements of ancient sites and trinkets, this normally would not really mean anything except when we find that the other frequencies in the "A=432Hz frequency set" are found in the same sites and trinkets, as if the way that the figures would relate musically, harmonies, octaves etc, also work if used for common equations, ratios and other mathematical things used in the construction or design of these sites and trinkets. And often these same figures will have a 3rd level of information contained within them pertaining to the solar system, planets and constellations.

So we have a set of frequencies that works pretty awesomely with our modern western musical system, and *probably* even better with eastern musical systems, that also happens to be the exact same figures used by (e.g.) the egyptians when aligning their architecture with constellations and other things out there in space. That alone is pretty cool but when you start combining it with other bits and pieces of music and sound related peculiarities found throughout history it paints at the least a picture of a time when we humans used sound for more than just music... and some of the 'modern' discoveries of science regarding sound may simply be rediscoveries of lost knowledge from earlier humans.

Unfortunately I personally have found more stories of mythology relating to a musical secret being the work of the devil and suppressed by the powers of the age then any actual practical information. There are some absolutely awesome islander creation stories about sound gods, I believe one god brought them some kind of "sound" and chickens. Because who doesn't love listening to some good tunes and a chicken burger.

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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by DenyObfuscation
reply to post by ThoughtForms

like the 'great tone' or whatever that a Chinese emperor used to ring the bell daily to hear, its sound apparently controlling the public and making them more 'willing' to be under his rule.

This reminded me of something.

Like his father, Poseidon, he carried a trident. However, Triton's special attribute was a twisted conch shell, on which he blew like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves. Its sound was so terrible, that when loudly blown, it put the giants to flight, who imagined it to be the roar of a dark wild beast.[2]

Has this already been mentioned? Possibly relevant?

sorry I got sidetracked remembering all the stuff I'd heard about this... 432hz stuff.

"Calm the waves", put water in a tibetan singing bowl and rub the "hitter" on the "lip" of the bowl continuously so as to vibrate the bowl and effect the water - creates waves, also there is a point where the vibrations are so strong you can't hold the hitter to the bowl anymore and the 'drone' is broken. this alludes to a way of "balancing" the process where a tone could be sustained for longer by applying less speed or pressure, or the right amount... and while it doesn't calm the waves it does (at least visually) suspend them in place...(which is a different means of "calming the waves", if you vibrated the ocean to the point that the waves "raised" but were "suspended" in place, perhaps you could walk across it)

the Chinese water spouting bowl on the other hand has a handle on opposing sides which when rubbed with wet hands in a certain way causes the water filled bowl to spit water up out of the middle of the bowl where a standing wave is created. A standing wave in a room (for e.g.) is when you play music from your speakers and it bounces around the room and because of the rooms dimension and everything having an effect on that sound, a point is created in the room in which a 'bunch' of frequencies in that sound are boosted or cut more then the others, creating loud and quiet spots in your room, this is sometimes why you can sit in one chair and your stereo sounds 'bassier' then if you sit on the other side of the room. That point where the sound bouncing around overlaps and creates the boost of a few frequencies, is the location of the standing wave in that room and the frequency it is boosting is the resonant frequency of that room ( I think) though I believe rooms can have more then one standing wave and I guess therefore more then one resonant frequency.....

Its this increased resonance at the point of the 'standing wave' that give the energy that extra force needed to push the water up out of the bowl.

I would probably double check that with someone as I'm not 100% sure...
but lets go with it for the moment -

You "build" a spot of "resonance" using a standing wave, which can be tuned using the dimension of the container you built it in, and this can then be used to levitate things... or "raise the waves"

"put giants into flight" could refer to nephilim like gods leaving the planet in their ships as we found an effective weapon to use against them, or giant stones being levitated. The 'roar' of a beast could refer to 'earthquake' like sounds, or thunderous sound, some sort of sound based haarp, or just as easily refer to the horrible noise heard when levitating things using sound.... or at least it sounds bad on the youtube videos that I've seen.

This idea of the ancients using resonant frequencies and standing waves for things is interesting also because of a box in the kings chamber I remember hearing about that was described as a coffer despite not resembling any others found which has a specific resonant frequency of 440Hz and it suggests that 432Hz and 440Hz were used ritualistically in egyptian ceremonies of the past...

But anyway "roar of a dark wild beast" at least linguistically and grammatically remind's me of "the beast" from Christian faith and immediately brings to mind or the comparative figures with similar 'stolen knowledge' and or link to mortals & or/sound like promethius.

It's interesting albeit it confusing as anything...

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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 01:50 AM

Originally posted by Mary Rose
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Originally posted by DenyObfuscation
I have asked him before to define frequency as he uses the term.

Can you just give us a definition in your own words - no outside material quote - and do it in a similar way that one would find in a dictionary?

Frequency is a Western term already assuming sound as spatial distance. 90% of human history used the Perfect Fifth-Perfect Fourth-Octave intervals as complementary opposites so that is the proper "tuning" system -- just the simple 1:2:3:4 intervals and that's it.

The point of sound is to resonate into light as healing energy.

That's a secret that has been covered up since Plato and Archytas used symmetric math to cover up the complementary opposite noncommutative resonance of the 1-4-5 intervals.

Frequency assumes a symmetric measurement of space to define sound and so it ignores the time-frequency uncertainty that is noncommutative because the Harmonic Series diverges and so the Harmonic Series can not be contained symmetrically.

That's why the Harmonic Series is the invention of the Devil.

Reading and writing are left-brain dominant so they go against the secret of sound as healing energy -- reading and writing compete against right-brain dominance through nonwestern music.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 02:06 AM

Originally posted by UncleV

Without the aid of electronics how could you accurately measure 500hz?

There's no need to measure anything for sound. Have you read the "Sounding the Depths" blogbook yet by Dr. Victor Grauer?

Here it is

So I'm talking about a nonlinear feedback of overtones creating beat dissonance that has undertones as stronger amplitude and also the transduction of high frequency sound into high frequency magnetic waves in the body -- to ionize the electrochemicals to create light healing energy.

Here's a good example:

Dr. Philip S. Callahan made this “ELF ionization to create light” discovery: Lighting up the atmosphere with sound is a phenomenon I have been easily able to accomplish since 1969.... A snapped rubber band gives off an ELF radio wave in the 100- to 200-Hz region.... By stimulating a mixture of ethanol and ammonia, or sex scents, with an ELF wave, I can create photon harmonics throughout the infrared, and even visible, regions of the spectrum. The electric sound field vibrates the molecules.... Those harmonic waves travel up and down the photon electromagnetic spectrum the same way harmonics do from a plucked banjo string. In one direction, the harmonics move to higher frequencies along the infrared region and even move into the visible region.374

O.K. but the time slowing down thing is due to quantum relativity as alchemy inside the body -- sonofusion. I've given the quotes from mind control scientist Puharich using "phonon hydrons" to have the high frequency sound create beat frequencies between the proton and electron through the transduction of sound into magnetic waves internally and then these beat frequencies split the proton bonds for alchemical transmutations -- Kervan "weak biological transmutations" is the term.

It sounds exotic right -- but keep in mind we don't even know how Salmon are able to find their way back to the same stream source to spawn after five years living in the ocean....

Similarly bird songs go into the ultrasonic which then ionize plant stomata enabling intake of chemical nutrients from the morning sun dew – so the morning singing of birds helps plants grow. But the sound phonon resonance does not stop there for bird songs:

Tremendous efforts are underway to build technologies that harness the deep quantum phenomena of superposition and entanglement. These properties have proven fragile, often decaying rapidly unless cryogenic temperatures are used. Could life have evolved to exploit such phenomena? Certain migratory birds have the ability to sense very subtle variations in the Earth's magnetic field. Here we use recent experimental observations together with the well developed `radical pair' model of the avian compass, and employ a master equation with various decoherence operators in order to examine the system's vulnerability to environmental noise. Remarkably, the room temperature noise tolerance in this natural system appears greater than that of the best man-made molecular radical or solid state singlet/triplet devices. We find that entanglement, though probably not an essential feature of this process, appears to persist to tens of microseconds, or more.375

O.K. so "in vivo" is actually a much more sophisticated measurement than any quantum chaos supercomputer or whatever. The biological mind is much more "exotic" as a technology.

So the issue of what the "second" means again refers to the Solar calendar developed for plow-based farming -- and that is considered "ancient" by most since it goes back to before 2000 BCE -- but I'm talking about before 10,000 BCE which is 90% of human history -- back to 100,000 BCE.

The deal is that physiologically we are the same humans as we were 100,000 BCE except for minor environmental adaptations but also the natural harmonics are the same, only were used for trance.

There was a study just recently on blocking the essential tremor. I think the mechanism of the ultrasound, which is vibrations in the 20,000 up to several megahertz, is actually through vibrations of microtubules. Now a lot of people we’re going to feel don’t have a clue as to what the mechanism is that they’re discussing. It turns out that the microtubules have residences in the kilohertz to megahertz range and I think the ultrasound is stimulating these microtubules and having an effect on consciousness. So that’s a research area that we’ll be working in in the next few years, I’m sure.376 So the Hameroff-Penrose model is that the microtubules act as quantum computers – essentially – although at a much more complicated level than any current quantum technology.

374 Philip S. Callahan, Paramagnetism: Rediscovering nature's secret force of growth (Metairie, LA:
Acres, USA, 1995) and Philip S. Callahan, Insect Molecular Bio-Electronics (College Park, MD:
Entomological Society of America, 1967).

375 Erik Gauger, Elisabeth Rieper, John J. L. Morton, Simon C. Benjamin, Vlatko Vedral, “Quantum
coherence and entanglement in the avian compass,” arXiv, June 19, 2009.

376 Alex Tsakiris, 133. Dr. Stuart Hameroff On Quantum Consciousness and Moving Singularity Goal Posts,”
Skeptiko Podcast, April 11, 2011.
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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 04:02 AM

Originally posted by fulllotusqigong
Frequency is a Western term already assuming sound as spatial distance. 90% of human history used the Perfect Fifth-Perfect Fourth-Octave intervals as complementary opposites so that is the proper "tuning" system -- just the simple 1:2:3:4 intervals and that's it.

So, you're saying frequency as modern science knows it is irrelevant to music. But then you talk about intervals as relevant. How were the intervals ascertained for 90% of human history? Simply by listening? No aids?

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 04:56 AM
TF, i am all for definitions (try 'dofinernotions' ev'ry day, the finest, most
universal and commonest notions possible, ... please).

A rock so softened you can sink your whole hand in it, will that do fine
enough forya?

Then, composted, plenny of the oxides contained there-in (ash-likes), given
'clementimes', REDUCE = become slippery and slijk der aarde (= riches, dah
slick = form soil (you know, that stuff jewified whities chased killed
terrorized and subdued reds off of in order to occupy, exploit and derive
pride from enjoying the fruits of a large swath of it much mohbettah
shamelessly in order to call themselves americans and vica versa).

Thus to blame (this basis of photosynthesis) one of THE. MOST. primary
processes in atmosphormimg is a nasty trick, but just another instance in a
long string chain and invisibly binding ties of displacements which direct you
attention away, and once thus misled, rob you of EXACTLY THIS root, anchor,
autonomy, independence, sovereignty honouring awareness (/notion, no
gods no devils, no visits, no visitors, just understanding the most basic,
intimate and close at hand of microclimatic processes).

What we do is not, but should be, to apply a reduction optimizing scatter
cast broad n distribute strategy, # with all too hard surfaces all we want
(wall z traits anybody? Anybody still stink Pounce Bounce YoYoz are cute?) in
order to fight superficiality and go deep .. of course you may still polish and
curve rock faces all the way to the top of the manliest peaks for all i care ....
just make sure to get rid of weapon caches, promise rock grindin percrushion
instruments in exchange .. even if it's the simplest ballbearingless, hinge- and
leverless oversized heavy duty mortar pestle .. there'll prolly be a tree to
swing it from and help you with the heavy liftin, 'hi' tec reborn, redeemed,
saved, SalvageYardExcempted

To sum up:
using the verb reduce to indicate the process of abstraction is widespread
but i propose to replace with refine bycause just like the latter's meaning in
industrial processes, what the former means to convey is the mental
equivalent of doping stuff up. Yeah, not a catalyzation, or not in most
respects anyway, since irreversible complications 'arise' and stickies
compound, unless you are willing to pay more for the recyclage than you
made from selling. 'You' being a hypthetical 'collective' unhindered by
countercollectives, as integer as a rock say.

Industrialisms # resources over and lock them in hell worse than before, to
cycle that # out of their systems they have to run the large loops all the
way to the hottest densest smelting smithies in deepest deeps. The price of
enormously desirable gadgets thrown away when obsolesced - but still only
30% of what arrives in Agbogbloshie (and similar places in china) is (re)usable.
Their yearly ship comes in and it's already the maxed outsized mammoth
container vessel filled with a sailor's curses.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

I already told you I don't watch videos. Why are you still replying to my posts with videos?


reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Your first link is to an extremely bizarre site that is almost impossible to navigate and cites no discernible scientific authority for its claims. Essentially, it's a nut site, obsessed with a connexion between music and Hansen's disease, i.e. leprosy. It may manifest a relatively more abstract order of lunacy, but it is still crazy.

The second link is to a perfectly respectable web page, but one that is completely irrelevant to what we are discussing.

Anyway, just because something is stated on the internet does not mean it is true.

I'm not talking about defining time by a spatial length.

We are not talking about time at all. Time is taken as a constant in all relative measurements of wavelength and frequency and does not enter the discussion. UncleV pointed that out, too.

On Infinity -- "negative infinity" and the square root of two -- well as I pointed out earlier the mathematicians are still debating this.

In your imagination, perhaps. The 'debate' you think is going on is entirely based on your misunderstanding of the difference between the indefinite and the infinite. Frankly, that's a pretty dumb error to make.


reply to post by fulllotusqigong

First, none of those quotes say anything at all about Plato inventing 'negative infinity'.

Second, none of them are from Plato.

Plato may have, as your source proposes, have arranged his works according to Archytas' definitions of musical intervals, or he may not – neither way does it imply that he invented the spurious concept you are touting.

If you had actually read Plato, you would be able to quote the passages relevant to your claims. Since you cannot, I suggest you just quit on this one; you're on to a loser, I assure you of that.


reply to post by fulllotusqigong

The keyboard is partitioned into equivalence classes that are labeled by the designating symbols of the chromatic sequence. Assuming Octave Equivalence, there are only 11 distinct transpositions and one identity transposition. The set of transpositions is now a cyclic (commutative) group of transformations...

This quote is from a nut site. The site home page makes that pretty clear. Musicians, especially piano players, are sure to get a giggle or two out of the author's hints on piano technique. Thanks for that, Drew.

EDUCATION: Ph.D. Theoretical Physics - University of Wisconsin. Major areas: General Relativity, Quantum Field Theory, High Energy/Particle Physics and Statistical Mechanics Minor: Mathematics M.S. Mathematics - Long Island University...

Makes no difference. Still a nut. Sorry.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 05:29 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

The first notion of an abstract zero, that is a number zero, in the history of human thought appeared in Aristotle's philosophy in the 4th c. BC.

How does that prove that 'negative infinity was invented by Plato'? It's completely irrelevant – even if it were true, which I don't believe for an instant. If the Greeks knew about zero, how come they and the Romans never used it in their calculations?

I challenge you to show me where in the works of Aristotle this notion of an abstract number zero is to be found. There is no such reference. Here is the web page from which you mined that quote.

The argument on that page is falsely based on a deliberate misreading of the following passage from Book IV:8 of the Physics, in which Aristotle writes:

Now there is no ratio in which the void is exceeded by body, as there is no ratio of 0 to a number. For if 4 exceeds 3 by 1, and 2 by more than 1, and 1 by still more than it exceeds 2, still there is no ratio by which it exceeds 0; for that which exceeds must be divisible into the excess + that which is exceeded, so that will be what it exceeds 0 by + 0. For this reason, too, a line does not exceed a point unless it is composed of points! Similarly the void can bear no ratio to the full.

My italics. What Aristotle was saying was that nothing ('the void') is not a number.


reply to post by fulllotusqigong

Are all those quotes supposed to prove that your man was a physicist?

I'm afraid they don't. If anything, they prove the opposite.

If he really was a physicist, where did he study? Where did he receive his doctorate? Where are his published, peer-reviewed papers? Who were his collaborators? At which universities or schools did he teach?

Come on. This, unlike the Plato claim, should be easy enough for you to prove. Real physicists leave paper trails as wide as the Amazon. Prove your point by citing facts, instead of spamming the thread with irrelevant quotes from dodgy sources.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 05:39 AM

Originally posted by Astyanax
I already told you I don't watch videos.

Do you never watch videos?

If that is the case, you're limiting yourself. Some knowledge cannot be gained by reading. There is information that is communicated with body language and sound.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 07:24 AM
regarding use and abuse of logic/pattern when it comes to definitions,
perfect pitches, frequencies, peeps at see through windows, deaf glimpses
and blind audations of breaking points, slivers and whipcrack nodes in
supracensual spectra stretching into vanishing points that have us
surrounded as well as embedded at the same time.

watertight logics as as nasty as all other such powertools and weapons.
These are more often than not pitted against and detracting from as well as preventing
not looser but loosening logics (lessening watertightness of mineral
aggregation to metabolize them and thus feed our soils and trees).

Long convoluted pabulum was once looked on favorably as alternative to and/or
prevention of war ... but it quite as often postpones, even prevents real peace.


posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 07:46 AM
Astyanazk calls Bill Hammel a nut .. but i find that exagerated ... anyway, no
fault of mine if Drew prefers dumpsterdiving vs garden fresh sometimes ... i
pointed him to (on these matters of hemispheric
interactions long ago and he did a quick derogatory review of it after a few
repeats (half a year ((or so)) later).

I stand by that recommendation, Andrew Lehman is a must on
race/gender/class issues (YourCult/CultYore ... all feint/faith bifurcation
choices lead and trail off into absurdity sooner or later). The Herculean
achiever of this degree of penetration has been out of commision since april
2010, alas.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 08:44 AM
reply to post by fulllotusqigong

What happened is that I discovered that Taoism is the same as Pythagorean philosophy so that the Perfect Fifth as 2:3 or C to G is literally "yang" in Taoism and the Perfect Fourth as G to C or 3:4 is "yin" in Taoism.

Can you please address this apparent cognitive dissonance. I'm already shoveling snow in the arctic with an icepick. Please, a blizzard free response would be appreciated.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 08:56 AM
reply to post by poetpiet

I gotta agree with you. It would stand to reason that those whose assertions are illogical would have disdain for logic as it's clearly the evil creation of "jewified whities".

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 09:35 AM

There's no need to measure anything for sound.

Look, we can't talk endlessly about quantum this and physicist that, Aristotle vs. Plato and throw out scientific definitions in the same breath. Defining sound, time, etc. may be tools but so is language. We're agreeing to speak to one another in a common language, so using common standards of measure should be used as well, yes?

By measuring sound with a standard we can agree on, we can see things like the truths provided by nature in regards to the harmonic overtone series. I certainly agree that the terms we use in western music are not pinpoint accurate, sort of like blue to different people is different but there is a scientific 'blue' as a standard. It is an artistic form that, if it were invented today might be more accurate in representing the science behind the sound, but it is what it is. It does no good to throw away measures for sound and time while citing the works of scientists who live by these standards.

Your title addresses the 'devil's interval' - are you, though all the muckity muck, suggesting that the flatted fifth, being that it lies between the fourth and fifth holds some special interest and if so, what is it?

May I be blunt? I certainly admire your enthusiasm and ability to pull source after source out, but I don't think one single person here has any clue about what you are trying to say. What's your point? For instance, I can claim that I believe that notes should be determined through harmonic overtones, because it occurs naturally and therefore provides a solid, repeatable method for determining intervals. Now, anyone with a vague understanding of simple music theory can understand exactly what I mean,yes? Agree or not, the point is made. I'm sorry, but I have yet to figure out what you mean, as soon as I get close you clutter the point with all sorts of stuff. I truly believe you have a group of people wanting to understand you and some who are outright irritated at you and it is because of the clutter. Simple, to the point, that is all I'm asking. There is room for all the other stuff once you have people understanding your initial point, dumb it down for us poor ignoramuses! Haha!

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 09:37 AM

Originally posted by DenyObfuscation
Please, a blizzard free response would be appreciated.

Yes, I'm having the same problem.

I need to establish the exact meanings of certain words and technical terms, including what abbreviations and acronyms stand for, within the context of the topic under discussion, before I can pay attention to further details. If you keep on talking and talking when I don't understand the definition of a word you've already said, then, I'm not listening.

I also have the feeling that responses are now simply being copied and pasted. Not helpful.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 09:39 AM
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i am by blood AND was close to becoming american as well ... then i thought better of it ...
non integerate is a status that cleaves and hews very close to my bones ... why double my (?--ability to inflict--?) suffering i you can reign it in, starve and dry it out so to speak (to so metaphorically speak)? I bet if many many would do this with me we'd all be rid of the foul surrogates such as the internet's presti(ge )digitation and it's pollution, oldgrowth and species loss .... need i go on?

i am going for nothing though i could have doubled. ... eh no, nobdy w no thing can double it so nothing (f)or double is moot, no admittance to the better bat betteries.

I really don't need to become a bellicose arrogant asshole like truthiracy or the Raph guy who praised Drew at Acharya's forum. They ferret out curious piccies and links alrite but i wouldn't invite them for a ride and i am learning to not engage them.

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