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Parents furious as 13-year-old girls given contraceptive implants at school without their knowledge

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by daskakik

It is my opinion that it is the job of parents to anticipate the behaviour of their offspring,

and guide them through the minefield of their teens to maturity. With that in mind when

bringing up my daughters my attitude was
"Dont think you can pull the wool over my

eye's, been there done that and i will always be one step ahead of you"

I was always alert to what could go wrong what with peer pressure etc. [i was a teen once!]

and took an interest in EVERYTHING concerning them and their friends, steering them away

from the rebellious, and undesirable one's. An now they have/and are bringing up their own

children using the same methods!

I was supprised at your post
as i find that it is the children of the 'free and easy without

discipline parents' who's children are WILD, UNDISCIPLINED, and most likely to engage in

unlawful behaviour!!

posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by eletheia

My first child has ADHD. He is now mature and responsible but getting through his teen years was one big battle.

It costs us $150,000 (second mortgage) just to keep him in a private institution for several years with daily therapy to save him from himself and his impulsiveness.

We were lucky we had the money as insurance only pays for the first 2-3 weeks at most. Our therapist also knew how to get funding from the state that is now sadly no longer available.

Both my husband and I were excellent parents and are currently excellent grandparents.

I also have always lived a healthy lifestyle (no drugs, alcohol, junk food, good prenatal care, etc).

If you have "normal" children (not ADHD or Autistic) you have no idea the challenges these parents face on a daily basis.

I have taken care of "normal" children, even teenagers and compared to my oldest (ADHD) son, they were a walk in the park.

Most people think, "I succeeded all on my own because I stayed on top of everything". Yes to some extent you are most correct BUT some of it is also luck.

Who your child happens to run into and you do not, if they are in a public school, have 100% control of who they mingle with can affect them.

The junk on all TV stations, movies, our music, violent video games, our entire culture makes it difficult for parents.

You sound like while being a excellent parent you also had good genes and a lot of luck on your side as well.

We are still in the dark ages when it comes to the human brain.

With ADHD one of the main problems is the brain does not hook up action with consequence as well as a need for thrill.

Again, if you were drowning, my oldest son, now mature and productive would be the first to jump in and save you vs. everyone standing around watching.

But from toddler hood through his teen years and even into his early 20's my oldest ADHD son was literally the child from hell.

But getting him from where he was while his hormones raged and his brain just couldn't make the connection between dangerous choices vs consequence was very rough going.

Please do not judge other people until you have literally gone through what they have.

It took my husband and I a second mortgage and 25 years of dedicated parenting to achieve a highly successful, productive and decent person.

One last thought..............girls differ from boys drastically.

Girls, at least the experiences I have had are more logical, and you can reason with most of them.

My grand daughter (the child from hell's daughter has also been diagnosed with ADHD) is still more "reachable" than her father ever was. We talk, and I can reason with her. She is a lot better to deal with than her father was.

My best friend and one of my sister in laws are both special ed teachers (30+ years) and both say that ADHD affects boys more so than girls and even girls that have been diagnosed with ADHD are still easier to deal with because the majority of girls mature faster mentally than boys.

Now, with all that being said, you could be right and I could be wrong. I am simply stating my own experiences that span 35 years.

Each of us can only relate to what we, ourselves have experienced.

I am thankful our sons are all well adjusted, productive and decent men (now approaching middle age) but when I was younger I thought, before having to go through all this that I knew it all and simply remaining on top of and being a good parent was enough to ensure my children would turn out perfect.

My oldest son was a nightmare to raise. But I kept telling him, you play, you pay so you better be very very careful.

If your children turn out happy and well adjusted, I am happy for you and sure that you made a big positive difference in their favor.

But again, genes, brain chemistry and function, plus who they come into contact with (you cannot shelter them 100% - 24/7) will play a large part in how they turn out.

Again, it is vitally important that we instill within all of our children that parenting before one is mature, stable and ready is not a good choice.

Bringing a innocent life into this mad and crazy world requires fortitude, a lot of love and maturity.

Having a society that promotes open sexuality at a young age and all the garbage readily out there do not make the job of parenting any easier and it's nice to hear from someone that takes their parenting so seriously.

But again, some of how your child(ren) turn out is out of your hands.

I know of several really good, decent people that worked very hard at trying to raise their children to have one here and there that made poor choices in life.

Good luck and safe journey.

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

I can, relate to everything you have said, and have always thought girls are easier than boy's

in the main, but there are always execptions to the rule and thats life! [you have to play the

cards life deals you!]

I had three girls, but have experienced some of the trials of 'boys,' having helped with the sons

of two of my daughters! I myself ave four grandaughters and two grandsons one of whom is

autistic, So you see that i am very well aware of autism as i was deeply involved in his care and

upbringing. He is 25 years now, and what a journey that was!! He is not 'high functioning' but

is an absolute delight, and many a so called 'normal' person could learn a lot from him! and

[i don't mean academicaly! lol!]

At present i am involved in helping with the two youngest girls 15 and 17 years and yes it is a

lot harder for all the reasons you stated................but then thats parenting or as in my case

grand parenting !

posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 03:06 PM

Originally posted by eletheia
reply to post by daskakik

I was supprised at your post
as i find that it is the children of the 'free and easy without
discipline parents' who's children are WILD, UNDISCIPLINED, and most likely to engage in
unlawful behaviour!!

I didn't say that the children of parents who are less strict don't do the same things. I meant that they often end up doing the same things so that, in the end, the tough parent routine doesn't really help.

It has been my experience that when they do get a taste of freedom they can't handle it. As someone posted in a thread about a mad dad and his daughter, when she gets to college she will probably end up being "that girl".
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posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 08:30 PM
The incredible thing about this is that, who are these girls having sex with? 13 year old boys? No. A lot of them are being used by perverts in their late 20's and 30's. So the school is tacitly saying it supports this.

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