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European Union Breaks Ban on Funding Hamas

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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 02:21 PM
The EU in the past has said no to Hamas funding because Hamas is considered "terrorist".

But it looks like the Hamas/Palestinian Authority re-unity has changed somebody's mind.

First Publish: 2/8/2012, 11:00 AM -- Arutz Sheve Israel

The European Union has broken its promise not to fund Hamas, officially defined as terrorists, but now re-united with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Despite the official isolation of Hamas by the EU, an official statement this week stated that that “the EU looks forward to continuing its support, including through direct financial assistance, for a new Palestinian government that should uphold the principle of non-violence.”

EU foreign relations spokesman Michael Mann tried to explained the EU’s continued financing of the new unity PA government by stating, "We need to know who will be the ministers and what they will say.”

The European Union has broken its promise not to fund Hamas, officially defined as terrorists but now re-united with Abbas in the PA.

Looks like more confusion in the works.

The article does not actually say the EU is OK with funding Hamas itself, but suggests Hamas' reunification with the PA could allow funding, depending on the general attitudes of Hamas - IMO.

Israel shoud be happy or mad ?

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by xuenchen


Basically this would mean more funds to those who oppose Israel, or at least "fight for their own freedom".

At least, that's how I see things, knowing the kind of things Israel has been saying.

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