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Psychology and Basis Behind (NWO?) PART 1

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posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 06:17 AM
I'm just going to jump right in...

The following is a synopsis of the psychology and basis that is behind those that many would claim are to be responsible for the destruction/take-over of humanity...

This is what they are, and the construct behind how we become.

Part 1

Affection and love make up the basis from which everything will transpire.
-They will become depressed and distraught if those that they give affection and love to become faithless.
-- For this very reason, they become cautious or aware of the fake or illusions of those things they place thier affection. If not, it will open the door to the possibilities of disapointment.
---Disapointment is to be avoided at all costs, for it is the polar opposite of happiness.

They are very good at handling money, and will prosper in business pursuits.
-Money is equated with success, and a construct of their expectation for their work.
--Their work is thier means in maintaining their happiness
---The end results of their efforts will come as either two extremes
----1. They will 'forever' be successful, resulting in increased amounts of experienced happiness, not only for themselves, but those in which they place their affection
----2. They will fail, and experience a complete collapse, resulting in thier becoming distraught... no longer being conducive towards success and satisfaction... further pushing them away from being able to experience happiness

They have an ego and a sense of rightiousness, and feel that they have no weakness due to the idea of infaliability(in their pursuit of happiness, and adhered to doctrine)


Goals will become increasingly important, and they will imply that their doctrine and means will become the defining aspect for the rest of time.
-They will tiresly promote themselves, and attempt to always be the focus. Or, the promotion of their doctrine and philosophy. Often times not presented in a fashion in which completly represents their true motives or objectives, but to play on the minds of those in which observe them.
--This will make them more likely an individual to be a candidate for leadership, and can sway or influence people more easily.
---Resulting in recieving wealth and glamour from the world.
----They have many great dreams of wealth.

Being in the focus, under the role of leadership, they will project what the world wants.
-Through experience of business, monetary, and many other contributing factors. They are able to realize that these desires(what the world wants), do not bring true happiness.
--They are the epitomy of the adage "To whom, much is given, so much is required."
---they now have power, strong influence, and now the awareness of what does and doesn't bring true happiness.

What is 'required'(in their perspective) by these individuals in order to experience and maintain happiness or a sense of fulfillment...

-To use discrimination, by means of weighing, testing, balancing and discarding.
-To use silence and imagination to gain wisdom and inspiration to guide their lives.
-To continue success in handling money well. To be good at banking and accounting.
-To grasp new ideas quickly, and work at a fast pace.
-To develope increased ability to identify the unbalance, and opposition through discrimination.
--To test the strength of said opposition; Those that either don't share similar or the same initiatives. As well as those that interfere with their desired plan.
--Learning through experience and the recognition of history, they believe they can effectively be able to eliminate and discard these people and/or beliefs.

They will be the type to stay silent, and not be open about their intentions, in order to minimize meaningful dissent.
-By attempting the minimalization of dissent in their direction of their true intentions, stances on many addressed issues are allowed to change, for the indoctrination of their true doctrine is not in question.

Not having to address their 'truth', and not being intellectually invested in many of the issues in which they are commonly asked to address... they now have time to pursue their own developement. As well as 'silently' imposing their doctrine via tactics that are to play on those divisions that are created in the world(such as the 'stances on many addressed issues' in which they seemingly 'flip flopped' on stances when in question.
--This was initially and increasingly becomes the basis for 'finding' and 'developement of their comprehension' of their INSPIRATION.
---They believe strongly in what inspired them, and LIVE THEIR LIFE BY IT.

Resulting from their underlying premise of 'Love and Affection'
-They must express humanitarian needs such as charitable giving and philanthropy to have the qualities of a fulfilling life.
--They have become, and will continue to increasingly become adaptable, strong willed, and will meet and overcome all challenges.
---Out of fear of failure and the developement of becoming distraught, they justify or 'learn' the necessity of discriminations. As well as means of making correct choices to meet their ultimate goal.

Temporary lapse of judgement, and temporary moments of clarity.
-Discrimination becomes main focus, and may lead to its obsession.
--Ability to take 'realistic' approach, adhering intellect in regards to human nature and emotions.

-A balance must be found, for discrimination through only desire will destroy any or all aspirations.
--These people are to have dictation over humanity(developed over time)
---They have the means and ability to maintain, expand, or collapse civilizations and governments alike for personal or group motives.
----Which then 'may' lead to justifying the abolishing, suppression of dissent, or murder(aspects of discrimination) under false temptations.

Once they all but 'rid themselves'(efficently recognize their own faults) of false temptations, irrational behaviour, and have had the time to increase experience... Now evolves their own recognition of their role as encompassing the 'Sword of Discrimination', and now begin the destruction and attempted elimination of 'mistaken thoughts'.
-They will commonly reference this as 'justice', and necessary for keeping balance and order.
--Eventually leading towards the creation of more laws.
---Allowing for easier discrimination, and the developement of a newly 'accepted' doctrine.

(part 2, to be posted in the near future)

Relentless pursuit of happiness, even if it results self sacrifice, and even self justified 'martyrdom'.

The intent of this thread is not to attempt to attach or include any individuals, groups, institutions, etc. with the context in order to deamonize. Rather, the intention of this thread is to explore the possibility of contributing psychological factors that may be the construct of the very near future's events.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to reading what ATS'ers think about the subject...

Lyric of The Day:
Lil Wayne 'President Carter'

"Gorillas in suits
The holy war, the spiritual troops
Fighting over the mythical truth
Drowning in the political soup
They shoot missiles and nukes
Taking out such a pivotal group
The body count is the physical proof
And they thought drugs were killing the youth (ha, ha, ha, ha)
Thank you, Thank you all"

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 06:45 AM

much more than a good speech. president carter, pr-president carter...i so wanted to mix those lyrics in to a post lol. interesting post s&f

posted on Feb, 8 2012 @ 06:54 AM
Part 1, extended.

Now having the experience of many domestic changes, they have now developed a keen sense of patience.
-This aspect is pivotal to increasingly(so they think) the likelyhood of success in their plans.
--Experience, self enlightenment, constant attention and reflection may result in 'Prophetic' like claims.
---Due to their propensity in enlightenment, in attempts to further strengthen their initiative, an interest in the 'occult' becomes a role in their developement.
----Resulting from being in a position of power and leadership, perception, knowledge, and their connection become areas of interest.

With patience, the perception that every 'end' is the creation of a 'new' evolved to become an increasingly supported theory amongst them. Which is to partially reiterate their concept of martyrdom.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 09:30 PM
It deeply saddens me to see the neglect that your posts are getting. In the last year I have learned(remembered/been given) so much about myself and reality and its truth. It's such that trying to explain it all to anyone is seemingly impossible. I have tried and found that unless they are ready, sub/consciously, emotionally, mentally, you just get that look, or confused aggression. It was very depressing. I have learned now, that we are growing in numbers and finding each other, which makes this easier. I will be dropping in more, I have many things on my mind that are looking to be shared. I'm still praying for tidal-waves, just not as often.

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