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Current status of our wacky animal friends worldwide.

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posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 12:44 AM
I was surprised to find news about the recent "dolphin problem" in Cape Cod on the national level, unfortunately this news was sanitized to downplay the significance of this event. Curious, I began to review the events of 2011 and look for answers in what appears to be a pattern of unusual mass suicides by members of the animal kingdom. Here is a link with current map of UNKNOWN mortality events worldwide, it is especially frightening since this map is produced by the Wildlife Disease News Digest and not some random stranger using map quest.
Here is today's info.................
As you can see there are 27 events listed with a cause of death being "unknown", click each balloon for a brief or detailed description. All of these events look to be recent yet nobody seems to know or care, just like 2011.
Last years events were investigated mostly in Wisconsin at the National Wildlife Health Center, this is where the death of aprox. 5000 birds in Beebe Ark. was investigated. To this day they are sticking to the firecracker, confused birds, happens all the time story. The cause of death was officially listed as blunt force trauma due to birds flying into objects, injuries included "exploded liver" indicating the birds probably had too much to drink on new years eve, that is to be expected as birds are not known for their ability to hold their liquor.

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