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The Box [TJWC]

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 11:11 PM
Part 1

He opened the box to the delight of the children."There,there",he said " You can all look inside,and see what it is."

In moments of panic,the children ushered back and forth,trying to peer into the box. Madness taking over,he held the box over his head. "You must take your rightful turn",he said. "Not all will see what they desire,but all will see something." Ushering the children in a tight row,he settled them in,one by one, to see what was in the box.

The mans eyes fixed on the first child. His child.He knew this day would come."Come here, Centious" the man said.Centious approached,as he was the first in line. "I have raised you,taught you,gave you hope and fears." "It is time for you to see,what you might become."

Centious hesitantly approached. "Father? What will I see?"Centious said,with a fear in his eyes."Everything,or Nothing " A smile and a tear fell,as the man said his words carefully. As Centious peered into the box,lights,and more ethereal illuminations shown brightly. "Father",Centious said with excitement. "I can see.....I can see...
People! A world ! But....Why are they ? Dying ?" The man slowly peered into the box,with his son."They die because you live." "Why father?" Centious cried. "Do you not remember Centious?" The man said,with soft sad smile."I think was long ago." Centious head down,with a hollow look. "You were born there and killed there. Your soul brought back to the place all souls come back to." The man said. "I show you this box from time to time,to see if you are ready to go back." The man says with a glimmer of hope. "But alas child,none want to return." "Its a leap of faith,to go be put into a body that has no child."

Centious looked at the man,wondering what he should say....or do." Father,if I go ,will I ...will I remember this place? Will I remember you ? " " You will forget me." " A price everyone pays,when they go back." The man says with a smile.Centious looks at the man.........his father. " I don't want to go back,I don't want to die." "Clearly the world in the box has no place for the likes of me."

"Ah Centious,you have chosen as many children have chosen before you." " One day,you will go back. But you will go back with the hope of changing the wrongs of the past. You were there once,and you will be there again." The man says. Centious places his small hands in his fathers hand. "I will never go back." Centious quipped. "The last time I let you peer into the box,you saw your mistakes,and chose to forget them." The man smiles at Centious,and tells him that he may go back to his studies, As The other children,wait patiently for their turn to peer into the box.

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