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(New) Music with a Message - Raise Your Voices

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 10:04 PM
Hey guys,
I am a member of a band known as Word of Mouth, based out of Savannah, GA.
We are an 8 person group - 6 guys, 2 gals - who have formed more than a band, we have formed into a Tribe. We have found our Soul Family and are working towards fulfilling our purpose: to inspire, unite and awaken.
We spent a couple of weeks at the end of 2011 in Nashville, TN, recording our first full length album, "Speaks."
This is a promotional video for our first single, 'Raise Your Voices,' which will be released in about two weeks, with the music video (which I have a feeling many of you ATS'ers are going to enjoy.)
A lot of my inspiration and information has come from this site, so I would love to be able to give some of that back to all of you. I know there is not much to go off of in this short clip, but believe me...this album is unlike anything you've heard before. And, like I said, our message throughout is to inspire, unite and awaken people of all ages, races and places. We have a little bit of funk, a little soul, some spoken word, some hip hop, some rock, some future, some past, and a whole lot of Love.
I have also included the lyrics for this song, so you have a better idea of what is to come.
Okay, I'll let it be now.
Word of Mouth Website


'Raise your voices.'

Raise your voices
not your fists.
Change is coming
and it won’t be missed.
Put your trust in love,
put your trust in love,
and with your trust in love
it’s still okay to be pissed.
we’ve got a feeling
that this time is it.

Raise your glasses
not your guns.
No shots have to be fired
for our cause to be won.
I’ve had enough,
I’ve had enough,
I have had enough.

I’ve got too much to say
that it won’t come out.
My voice is too quite
and my mind is too loud.

This world gets more
and more sick,
with shows on TV
that show brides-to-be
competing for plastic surgery
and our news anchors
new obsession is blood,
So it’s time we looked within
instead of above. So,
who’s it gonna be?
Who’s it gonna be?
Who’s gonna be,
to say what needs to be said?

I’ve got too much to say
that it won’t come out.
My voice is too quite
and my mind is too loud.

All I know is something is not right,
it’s the tip of my tongue
but completely out of sight.
It is something that is heavy and bright,
like an electric albino elephant
made of neon collective white light.

This is all a dream,
this is all a dream,
And if this is all a dream…
then why do I still sleep at night?

I’ve got too much to say
that it won’t come out.
My voice is too quite
and my mind is too loud.

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 10:08 PM
These are two other (full) songs for you to check out. Both of them were recorded live. (As in not professionally in a studio.)

The first one is a video compiled from many many live shows over the past year.
Hope you guys enjoy!

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