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China publishes high-resolution full moon map

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posted on Aug, 28 2012 @ 11:30 PM
this article about thinking that the Chang'e was an asteroid and was detedcted by the near earth object program.
Personally, I highly doubt that we will even see anything much from the Chinese as far as photos of the Moon go. We are still owed some (like 40,000) from the Indians too.

Chang'e 2: The Full Story

Posted By Bill Gray
2012/08/25 10:55 CDT

Editor's note: this is an update on Chang'e 2, China's second lunar orbiter. The spacecraft left the moon last year for the Earth-Sun L2 point, and is now heading towards asteroid Toutatis

It is true, they do like to intermix real and software-generated images unfortunately, and this was highlighted when they showed on TV, images of the missions to the Chinese space station and the launches etc. It is sad, but it just the way they present it to the population of China.

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