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Any fellow Alien abductees have anything new to report?

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posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 02:18 PM
I have posted bits on pieces on other threads, but not this.
Not even sure if this is relevent, but I was wondering if anything similar has happened to anyone else.
I cannot seem to hold down a relationship, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the aliens and abduction.
I would like to begin by saying that I cannot recal being abducted. I have seen at least 6 flying saucers or objects that cannot be explained in the sky. I have a very good photograph of one, taken as recently as 18 months ago, on my blackberry.
Anyway I used to get sleep paralysis, but safe to say it hasn't happened for about 3 years. I cannot begin to explain, what I have seen. In some instances it took me months to recover. I still get flashbacks, but I have only seen an alien once. (that was enough!) I get the feeling they know how terrified I was that night and as a heart patient, I think they knew and have spared me the raw reality of what is truly going on.
Well, I would like to mention that in all my grown up years I cannot seem to settle down in a loving and meaningful relationship. God, I have tried! One night I woke up to the feeling of something tickling the palm of my right hand. I opened my eyes and my hand was being held up in the air. I was in total paralyisis. My boyfriend at the time was to my utter horror was hovering above the bed holding my arm up and writing strange symbols in my hand with his finger. He was crossed legged and his eyes were inky black saucers. His head was sort of cricking from side to side in a mechanical motion and he was jabbering away in a language I have never heard of. This happened a few times and he apparently had no recolection of this. One morning, having just returned home from a night shift he was standing at the top of the stairs looking very vacant. I asked him what was wrong and he showed me carpet burns and bruises all down one side of his body,claiming that in the middle of the night he got up to use the bathroom, when he was dragged by his hand, on his side down the stairs, by an invisable force. Not long after that he left me.
The next relationship was worse. This time the ex threw his job in for no reason, literally a week after we met. I was very keen on this fella and was determined to try to make things work. His family were not best pleased that he had done this and I don't honestly blame them. He claimed that he had a twist in his testicles and after lots of visits to the Doctor and the hospital, nothing could be found to be wrong with him. However he still maintained he wasn't well.. Then one day I came home and his Son answered the door. He said that as soon as I had left the house, he had locked himself in the bathroom. He was still in there! I went to try to reason with him, but didn't get anywhere. So I called his Father and eventually after alot of pursuading he finally came out of the bathroom. Upon investigation of the bathroom, I couldn't beleive what I was seeing. He had emptied every concieveable container, jar soap. shampoo.... you name it , it was gone, all washed away down the sink. Nothing was left in the bathroom. Soon after that he was sectioned. A syou can imagin, his family pointed the finger at me. Claiming he was normal before he met me. He was, as far as I was concerned he was. After similar events to this I think I am better off on my own. I mean you cannot prove these things, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder is this anyhting to do with them? I have been single for four years now and do not intend to inadvertantly draw anyone else into my spooky world. Just a couple of instances.
All I am trying to say is that I am not aware of any abduction, but not to say it doesn't happen and I am not meant to remember it. My visits seem different in that they like to play around inside my head as opppossed to messing around with my physical body. I have an impland at the bottom of my leg and have been tempted to make a little incision to remove it, but I'm too scared. I don't think I have mentioned this before... apologies, if I have. x

posted on Aug, 8 2012 @ 09:23 PM
i am pretty sure they still come here for me and the granddaughter; i know when i wake up and my mouth hurts that it is a possibility..(have had some not nice dreams of crap being put in my mouth and other things too

they would appreciate it, i think, if i just shut up, probably why they do the mouth thing, but if anything, that compels me more...just once i would like to see this 'healing' they are supposed to be so famous for ::rolleyes::

well, rant over; you asked what was happening currently, and since i have little memory and nothing definative recently, what HAS happened is a kid coming over the other day and 'hanging out with me and granddaughter. he has come over before, he seems to like me, i guess...anyway, we went for a walk and later we were sitting around my fire pit and he wants to tell ghost stories again; i make the usual joke about 'well all my stories are true ha ha' and he says his are too..more bantering..

then he starts telling me about this event, and it was all i could do not to say anything--which i never would, me and granddaughter do not talk of this with others, i mean, come on--anyway, this occurrance had all the elements; wrong clothes on in the morning, and he 'found himself' outside lying on a trampoline..i could go on with the details, but maybe you get the point..

so what i see 'new' is that at least one young person is having an inkling of something not quite right..of course i said nothing to him about abduction, but i will see if it is brought up again. also, he is not the first kid in this park to come to me and tell me well, 'odd' stories, tho the others seemed more of a paranormal nature..

other than that, and i guess pretty recently, maybe a few months ago? my granddaughter saw the stupid light thing again and then--no me. nice..i remember nothing of this at all...

which brings me to the next thing, someone asked about relationship problems due to abduction and they were spot on; here is a link to some info about post abduction also many many physical issues are related to it, of course; the racing heart, the disturbed stomach, the back pain..just depends on what they're giving you that day, i guess..

also--to all abductees who think that the abductions have stopped--i very much hope they have for you, but please be aware of the screen imagery that is being done constantly; karla turner and barbara bartholic did some excellent work on screen imagery; on my little website link this month there is a pretty good video of dr. turner speaking on this. also here is a link to a pretty good article on

to finish answering, the visitors i have seen and can remember are the following:
short, very short, spindly grey ones who seemed to be 'erratic' almost;
'asian' or maybe filipino? type; have not found anyone else who has mentioned them yet, but i have only been researching for about a year or so. these were shorter than us but not by much; 'solid looking' one would call them maybe; ordinary features, and dark hair that was cut rather severely..i am not sure if this wasn't a 'screen' as there were strange aspects to this encounter..
tall cream colored beings; big eyes, mouths that were definately 'there'; i do not think i saw them move them tho, very long arms and fingers. arms were not too thin; i do not remember clothing on these but they did not appear to be 'naked' to me
and--a very strange dream, very brief about a reptillian looking thing; this thing was quite tall and 'football player-like'. i only saw the one but it seemed annoyed with me for some reason..

posted on Aug, 10 2012 @ 03:21 AM
I spoke too soon and have posted on another thread what happened the other night with 'nearly' getting sleep paralysis. I get confused what board I'm writing on half the time.
What perplexed me this time was that I distictly heard my front door open and close and yet I convinced myself it was the neighbours, even though they have a baby and are in bed by 10 oclock most nights.
I did'nt hear anyone coming up the stairs, so even if it was my neighbours I would have heard that too.
Then the air became heavy and it felt asthough a heavy fog was enveloping me. The pressure in my head steadily got worse as if about to expode into the white light and loud buzzing I usually get, but nothing. I was very restless though. I kept thinking of the alien Doctors I met at the hospital. Less said the better really!!!

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by FoxMulder007

I went through 2 weeks of pure hell!! Telepathic Link wide open..Humans on link are more of a problem than the ALIENS. I took a day off from work and went hiking on my oldest childs land. Somehow my youngest 17 years old thought I was missing. I came off the trail and went back to where my jeep was parked and it was gone. I take off walking down hwy 18 south looking for the closest store to call my cell phone was not working. My 17 year old, his friend and my sister stop and pick me up. They said they were taking me to a hospital. There was nothing wrong with me!! At this point I still did not know where my jeep had been taken. They took me to the local Sheriff sister whom is a Felon..went in and made up allot of thing I know..I have 2 male cops and 1 female throwing handcuffs on me and made me lean up against a wall and patted me down..I asked why I was being detained and they would not answer or show me any paperwork..they then take me to a local hospital where I was given by force 2 shots of who knows what..they made me change into a Lime Green Jumper..not a hospital gown..some Doctor from China came in and interviewed me. I told her that I had only went hiking and had done nothing wrong. Next they take me to a room with 6 to 8 chairs where I was drugged against my will and tortured for 2 days..they made a joke out of me going to work for US Customs back in Sept-2006 and just said sure you did...

Next..I was taken by a female and male cop to another hospital..near a State hospital that I attempted to get the FEDS to close it down due to they murder people in there...Basically they are closing down but got a 1.56 million dollar bond from NC or either screwed the Federal Government?? The only problem with the last hospital..the Doctor was crazy himself and thought he was going to play with me and send me off to the State Hospital and hold me there..Thank GOD for a Ex-Military Doctor that forced the other one to free me..

I had not been outside in 14 days..I had taken Federal Medical Leave and that saved my job...I go back to work this weekend..I had a good day and spent it with my youngest son and his friend...

I will try to never say the word Alien in public..What was done to me was illegal..but who do you call when the cops are corrupt

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by FoxMulder007

-Check your ribs which lie over the heart for abnormalities/soft spots. (They'd likely be along the cartilage that connects a rib to your solar plexus. If your heart was being examined it's unlikely that the bone joint formed EXACTLY the same way it was before, regardless of how fast it healed. This might be so obvious as an abnormally large "gap" between ribs with weaker/abnormal connective tissue.

-Check for over-compensation of muscle tissues on the adjacent (right) side of your body. This is a natural response to trauma that is impossible to suppress.

-Check for abnormalities of the spine: neural work is tricky at best, and often goes hand in hand with opening up the front of your chest. Might as well do both, right? You might have a degree of kyphosis between two vertebrae at a single point of articulation. This is another sign of (abnormal) local trauma... if it were from bad posture, you'd have kyphosis over several points of articulation... if it were from injury you'd probably either A.) Be really, really dead, or B.) Have been in so much pain over such a long period of time that you'd never forget it.

-Check for loss of muscle tone/atrophy. Being in space/having your electrical system messed with can cause quite a degree of this regardless of how much exercise/artificial gravity was used. The most OBVIOUS place for this is your lower legs; they see constant use and should have the lowest level of atrophy (barring medical conditions like berebi,) yet due to that weight-bearing need are some of the largest muscles in most peoples body... so the atrophy will be most apparent.

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