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Is Time Warner internet ripping you off? They are ripping me off.

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posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 09:42 AM

Here is my result: (note) these results are wired only, wireless is a different story.

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 11:39 PM
Some thoughts here that might help others. Find out what exactly your speed tier is. A tier say 50/5 or 50/10 you need a docsis 3 modem to see the consistent speeds. A docsis 2 is going to dropout on ya. Comcast has recently rolled out faster speeds. They recommend docsis 3 modems all across the board on all their tiers. It's just a better modem with better technology all around.

Furthermore, if you host games like say Counterstrike etc all the time this can cause problems as well. Even though you may not host a server anymore everyone out there scanning for servers pings your server. In other words this causes something similar to a DDOS attack. So many people trying to connect to your server it's hindering your router and modem. Now Comcast and Time Warner etc will probably not be much of help to fix this problem as many of them people you talk to over the phone know next to nothing when it comes to troubleshooting. To fix an issue like this you will need to pull a new IP. and you can force that by spoofing or changing your mac address of your router, or your nic card.

Resetting your gear or pulling down a new modem config file. A router can make it look like you're having connection issues from the company, but in actuality it's the router that's the cause. Make a backup of your router there should be a section in there to download and save the config. Resetting a router do what they call a 30/30/30 reset. Poke a ball point pen into the reset button hold for 30 seconds, pull power for 30 seconds, while holding in reset button plug it back in and still hold it for 30 seconds. This should blow away any problems and reset the router to default factory settings. Logon the router and upload the backup config file.

You can reset the Modem the same way. However, sometimes it doesn't work. You will always hear people reset your modem to get the config. Usually this doesn't work to pull the config file down it only resets the modem. You want to logon to the modem usually something like and click the button to reset it back to factory defaults. What this does is it literally deletes the config file. Once the modem reboots it has no choice but download the config file needed from the head end and doing so will upgrade your internet speed to what it currently should be.

As far as speed tests there tons out there.. Most reliable are the xfinity,, which in my opinion are the best. will actually allow you to change how large of a file to download/upload to them. It will output a bunch of graphs and info on your connection and how it compares to others. It's quite reliable.

Good luck
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posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by Infi8nity

3.4 mbps? that seems REALLY slow, that's less than a megabyte a second.
I have a 25 mbps connection, speedtest shows 20mbps and I download at about 3.4 MBps.

I'm not on TWC, I use Rogers, in Canada. But I would say TWC is definitely ripping you off

Dont mean to nitpick, but the difference is pretty big.
mbps is megabits per second
MBps is MegaBytes per second,
the difference is almost 10 fold, your ISP will advertise in megabits (which is what speedtest sites also show), but downloading through your browser and whatnot is done in MegaBytes

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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 12:10 AM
I'm not a huge TWC fan either.. I have them... but for internet only.. I live in Charlotte, NC.. I dumped their cable TV server because they refused to carry certain channels.. I now use DirecTV where I can get EVERYTHING...

But... internet wise:

TWC ***NEVER*** ... and I mean NEVER guarantees bandwidth!!! Even an AT&T DSL or U-VERSE has to enter into a frame relay cloud.. and even THAT can get oversold and slow down during peak times (rare but it happens)...

Cable modems all hook into a local "node" (for DSL this would be a DSLAM .. or UVERSE a VRAD) which usually services a housing subdivision.. and sometimes businesses close to it.. a certain number of nodes hook into an AMP... each node has a total, maximum bandwidth... and each amp does as well... so when you get to peak time.. EVERYONE begins to slow down...

Want a EASY way around it? it's EASY.. but you have to PAY for it.. BUSINESS CLASS... business class has TOP priority over residential users... so if u slap a business grade cable modem in your house.. chances are you will share your local node with ZERO businesses... during peak times, you stay at FULL speed and slow others down on your node...

When I mean top priority, then use QoS at the DOCIS layer level.. not TCP/IP level... this way all forms up higher level data gets priority.. and it's tied to your cable modem mac address

On that big amp.. that could very well have many businesses on it.. but it also has all those residential.. and guess who takes the speed hit: RESIDENTIAL

Here is the rough cost for a 36x5 business cable mode: 250$/month and 350$/month for a 56x5... that's what I have.. I happen to be very well off and I can afford it..

I NEVER.. and I mean NEVER slow down unless there's something wrong with TWCs network... I do get random outages.. but once I installed a business phone from TWC, that ended that.. about 60$/month and it's on it's own "cable modem" so it doesn't impact your bandwidth....

When you have a business phone AND internet from twc, they pretty much guarantee you little to no latency within their network.. and if something goes down, they MUST send a tech out same day... in the case of my contract it's 1 hour... Ive had them pull techs of residential work to fix my setup...

But.. if you have a residential cable modem with ANY cable company... your speed will almost always slow down multiple times per day and a lot of weekends.. if the nodes and amps are oversold (which they usually are because they bet that not everyone goes full out all the time)...

I once thought DSL was better because you don't share...well.. with anything you EVENTUALLY share... DSLs Uverse.. etc use DSLAMS and VRADS and don't go right into the backbone.. so they can be oversold.. but it's rare... my 8x1.5 ATT DLS went to 0.25 Mbps/sec DL every night .. after many calls with ATT they said the DSLAM was oversold and they needed to run more OC3 lines to it.. and asked if I'd wait 6 months.. I got TWC business class and DUMPED them...

EVEN a dedicated T3 (about 56 Mbps/sec up and down).. had to go into a cloud someplace which can then be oversold.. but usually expensive things like that comes with a guarantee that they wont be oversold.. hence why you pay so much...

If you buy residential internet service, you will ALWAYS be subject to slowdowns and bandwidth sharing... business class all but eliminates this (unless too many businesses get on your nodes/amps - which is rare in a residential area)....

sad that I have to pay 350$ a month for a 55x5 (I usually actually pull 57x6..).. and a residential for the same speed is only like 100-125... BUT I don't slow down.. where they do.. and I get priority support...

plus if there's an outage, natural disaster, etc... business acct get a MUCH higher priority to being brought back online first.

I guess other perks of business twc cable:

1) no youtube (or any media throttling)
2) no port blocking
3) all restrictions on running servers (web, email, etc) are removed
4) can can do anything with it with in reason as long as it's not illegal

Note: all bandwidth I talk about is in MEGA BITS PER SEC.. as in a byte is 8 bits.. and My definition of a byte is 1024 bits.. I don't use this new marketing crap of a byte being 1000 bits

56 Mbit/sec = 7 MBit/sec (usually a lower case b means bits and upper means Bytes)... so my internet connection is exactky 1000X faster than a dial up 56 Kbit/sec modem... a 56 modem (if it actually gets a full, clean connections at 56, can DL 7 KB/sec)
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posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 02:44 AM

That's the results of my test from Charlotte, NC to Wash, DC... That's what I get all the time (as long as I kill my wifi so my other devices don't use it during my test)

posted on Aug, 26 2013 @ 02:47 AM

Originally posted by Infi8nity

Originally posted by spirit_horse
Time Warner, I just checked their speed test site and they have many depending where you are located. That is because they are only testing their network segment.

[/72xfwz2]TW Speed Results from Google[/url]
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I am paying for 15mbps I should all ways be getting at least %80 of that.

Wrong... bandwidth.. ESPECIALLY on cable modems has no guarantee.. it says "up to XX Mbit" .. depends on line conditions, if your node or amp is oversold.. and if you have priority bandwidth (which you don't unless you have a business cable modem)....

DSL gives the same "warning"... you may pay for an 8Mbit DSL.. but because you are too far from the DSLAM.. you might only get 6... then if that DSLAM gets oversold... you could go as low as 0.5Mbit/sec during peak times... I've even seen ATT oversell UVERSE VRADs (similar to a DSLAM).. and uverse internet and tv go to heck during peak times...

That being said.. during non peak times, you should get 100% of the bandwidth you paid for

(see my above posts)
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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 07:08 AM
Same problem!!!

Speed test 11/16/2013 download speed 21.87 upload 5.70

If a class action lawsuit is filed, please include me!

posted on Nov, 27 2013 @ 12:40 AM
I'm on TWC, paying for 50 down, 5 up and getting 10 down, 5 up. I *know* they are ripping me off! If I restart my router or plug in my computer directly everything is fine. This is a scam!

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