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What is Stephen Harper’s legacy after six years in office?

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 12:57 PM

Monday marks the Conservative government's sixth anniversary: on Feb. 6, 2006, Stephen Joseph Harper became Canada's 22nd prime minister. While the history books about his administration have yet to be written, pundits and analysts will no doubt take advantage of this time to question the man's legacy.

Over the years, public opinion about Harper has been polarizing.

Here's why: Longevity, Domestic policy, (promises made, promises kept), Foreign Affairs (Canada now has a voice), Positive Approval Ratings + Scandal Free

The article actually goes into details of the "Why list", if you'd like to remove them.

Harper is no Conservative in my eyes, but in all honestly I do respect him and believe he is a strong Canadian leader. He may not be the best, but did you see the Liberal/NDP/Green-Party line-up last year? Not particularly the best line up.

I respect him because he isn't just a politician, he's a certified Economist with direct work-force and field experience. I think having such things should be a requirement to run a country's economy

Certainly don't agree with his push for new prisons and how a pot-grower can get more time than a rapist, but..
You cannot make everyone happy.

Bash or Salute him as you like, this would be the thread for it.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 01:52 PM
Harper is an accomplished liar, and dupe of the US govt NWO plan for fortress north amerika.
His broken promise to end the faulty long gun registration program, is a black mark that stands out against his phoney rhetoric.This was merely a sop for the votes of conservatives....Freedom from big goverment is far from his plans....
The Harper goverment is pro big business, pro mega prisons, pro Fascist Goverment..believes that goverment should be able to meddle deeply into our lives curtailing as many freedoms as possible before the real nazification begins...The cameras go up...the drones start to patrol our sky.
Bill C-52 and C-10 will out do the new NDAA in America and pretty much go all the way into declaring Canada a police state......
This is deemed a fait accompait because the party he heads, holds a sweeping majority and can legislate anything it wants....The conscience of the Senate not being that great either....
I shudder to think what future life under the Harper regime will become...
The time is comming when it will boil down to two factions in this world....
Those who value individual freedom, and recognize the responsibility this entails,
And those who wish a regime of thought control, and tight goverment supervision of every facet of our existance.....
and, Nobody asking whos watching the watchers???
The RCMP will have unprecedented powers.....
This Terrorist threat excuse is getting progressively thinner all the time, and soon must become an obvious ploy to even the less astute or disinterested populace.
Harper represents grave danger for our Native Nations as well.........(There is some sense of a swindle about to go down of immense proportions.....)as the goverment moves to settlements and new legeslation...creating municipalities from out of reserves etc.....
This guy apears to be straight out of the psychologists playbook, as a psychopath of the first order......Soo pious, so picture perfect, too damn perfect for my tastes, and very likely the most masterful performance since the Reichstag fire....
But hey what do I know?????????
Its all up in the air right now....

I do not see this man as anything but bad for the general run of the mill Canuck .......o

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by stirling

Fully agree Stirling! What will harper's legacy be this year? Hopefully the treason charges he and his buddies rightfully deserve. I've watched this @sshat for some time now, no corruption, ROFL! Total media control, uh yeah. A majority government, I have to ask, when did 38% become a majority? Must be that new dumbed down math huh? He kept promises, which ones? Has he made Canadakastan a better place to live? Survey says! NO. And we can't forget about all the privatization, past current and future and did you know that AECL/AECB is now in the hands of the Rothschild's? Harper allows corporations to take their businesses overseas to save money and destroy the economy by increasing unemployment (which sits at about 28% right now of the adult population if one take all the numbers into consideration).

And as far CSIS goes in their pyramid shaped building in Ottawaski, they seem to think they know all about me from 18,000km's away and 25 years ago, but they didn't know that Russell Williams, who used to fly Harper around (as well as the queen), went to the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus with Paul Bernardo and they had rape contests. Why couldn't CSIS figure this out? We have to presume their investigators are either stupid people, negligent people or compromised people. From where I sit, it looks like Williams was in the same club as Harper and afforded some "protection" if you catch my meaning, until Williams became a liability that could no longer be hidden. How much longer before harper becomes a liability, I wonder?

Thank you harper and all your criminal buddies and predecessors. The NET result is we're f********d!

Cheers - Dave
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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 06:42 PM
I am glad Harper polarized this country, pushing the NDP into the rightful place as larger than the Liberals or the Bloc. Not so glad Harper's currently winning and pushing legislation, but eventually the backlash against Harper and the death of older conservatives might actually push the NDP into power.

As an anarchist I don't vote, because I think it's merely collusion in election fraud, but damn, eventually it will be the NDP accused of rigging the votes.
Bad thing or good thing, who knows, but I'd rather the NDP have more power than the Conservatives. Now that the NDP surpassed the liberals I think that this is somewhat the Conservative governments last Hurrah, and they will continue to lose ground.

A Dichotomy of Liberal and Conservative was reflecting badly on Canada because this two party system would have had all the flaws of the American system with none of the benefits. Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition changed at the same Harper got his majority government, and the Senate still holds the Liberal Party as the Loyal Opposition however the Senate is appointed and not a true reflection of the democracy Canada deserves.

I think Harper could actually catalyze a huge shift in Canadian Politics to the left, merely as the NDP grows up into the Senate's Loyal Opposition. It's a shame Mr. Layton left before the Senate had the NDP as official opposition, but I think it will happen.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 06:44 PM
Harper's legacy? He's not the worst PM in my lifetime(Mulroney) but he's working on it. He doesn't have a legacy yet. He's taken credit for Canada's ease through the worldwide recession but it was Paul Martin's foresight that paved that puppy. Anything that goes wrong? Past Liberals fault, or maybe a.... dun, dun, dun..... coalition. He hopes YOU forget when HE was in bed with the "separatists".

Well, he's got his majority now. NOW all is on his hands. Maybe he will grow into the job. To quote Wayne Campbell, "Yuh, and monkeys could fly out of my butt."

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