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Hi, my name is !saac

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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 11:37 AM
..I don't really know where to start...or if I am in the right place online for this, forgive me if it's not the right place for this discussion, I didn't even know who Detlev Bronk or MJ-12 were until 11 days ago.

I have always steered clear of conspiracies, instead believing that there is only a willing state of unawareness, and was agnostic in all my beliefs, scientific and otherwise.


My name is Isaac, George Isaac

I'll start with an event that just happened to me, then some of my life.

I have been waiting to die for the past year, with no medical treatment.

I have have had a massive harmatoma, and lung cancer, also emphysema, over the past few weeks, my internal organs have started to fail.

I have no living family that I know of, so I have been waiting to die alone, in pain, in my house in Asheville , North Carolina.

One night, 11 days ago, there were loud rapid bursts of wind around my house all night, I couldn't sleep for 2 nights, or eat, and there were loud noises, and the hair on the back of my neck was standing up.

My heart felt like somebody was massaging it, gently, but I thought maybe I was going to die.

I didn't...and my lungs are clean and clear now.... ...

An odd event, but spontaneous remissions are not unheard of....


I was born circa late July/1972, in Washington DC

My mother ( Austrian Jewish )had told me my biological father had left her when she was pregnant with me. That he wanted some of my hair for " black magic " and that he worked with a group who hurt children, so I never asked again.

Over the years, I always wondered, but never pried, it was a sensitive issue with my mother, it would bring her to tears even in mention.

She sent me to live around the country with various " godfathers ", one lived in the Florida Keys, ~ " Indian Ron " from Sri Lanka, one lived in Washington state in a cabin in the high mountains, ~ George.

I had a tumultuous upbringing, especially later in my teenage years, been through many schools, religous, military, correctional, I ended up dropping out of school, have been in drug treatment centers ( Where I got my GED ), been on medications, tied to beds and injected with things, etc. You know the drill.

But I am also a polymath with eidetic memory, and a forgiving individual, so don't let that set you off about me.

Later I went back to key West to work for Birkenstock at " Footprints ", I have always worn Birks, and it was an opportunity to learn how to sell and fix them, also do orthopedic modifications. I have walked *emphasized text*everywhere*emphasized text* in sandles my entire life, because I like sandles, ...and I like walking.

She fell in love with a Lebanese man ( Nabeel David ( Dāwūd )) in Florida, a Druze, and we all moved back to DC when I was about 11.

They opened a restaurant near Dupont Circle, called ~ The Iron Gate Inn.

It was a building that had housed a horse carriage service in Washington in the 1800's.

Voted the romantic restaurant in Washington for years and years.

With a garden arranged for people to sit and to eat in, and a giant serpentine grapevine that spiraled around a pole, up into the overhead trellis, with wisteria , stretching over an overhanging trellis, shading the tables, birds flitting about in the rays of sunshine poking through the leaves.

I even climbed up on a chair, and strung white lights in the wisteria and grapevine foliage to look like stars at night for the lovers who came to dine.

We hung stone lion fountains on the walls, because I am a leo, and we planted all manor of herbs, and ferns, some fig trees, many plants I was raising on a farm in Pa, I brought to her as well, in love.

We made it very nice, like a real garden of Eden should be,..except it was a garden of eatin'.

I was home for a visit in my late 20's , and happened to find a letter in the basement, somebody had sent to my mother in Key West in 1978, but she had never opened it.

I am nosy I opened it.

It was a letter from my " biological father "...who was going on and on about how sorry for what he had done ( no mention of what it was ) and how much he wanted to be a part of my life, and my mother's life.

The letter was old, faded, handwritten in pencil, and signed only with initials, that were in cursive, and I can only guess JKH, or JFH, maybe something else.

She had never told me his name, except to say " Jack " which has many possible meanings.

I thought this was odd, because she had told me she hadn't had contact with him since she was pregnant with me.

But she knew the letter was from him, and she got it when I was 6.

I became very angry inside, but I never said anything to my mother about it, I just decided inside that since she excluded my father from my life, and he had really, really wanted to be part of my life,..that I in turn would exclude her from my life, so she would understand how I felt inside for all those years.

I stopped talking to her completely for 5 years.

I tried one day, to call her, when I decided that she had only done what she thought was best for me, and I had forgiven her in my heart.

She had passed from brain cancer in hospice care,. I was told by her ex boyfriend , Nabeel David.

I cannot tell you how much that hurt.

Know that

He told me he was sorry, and that he had some things my mother wanted me to have, some money, and a letter she wrote to me on her deathbed, as well as a video she made.

He planned with me by phone, advance, my trip to Washington from Asheville, I made my trip to Washington a few weeks later.....and he was not in town.....he had left on vacation....and ditched me........after making plans for 3 weeks to meet me......I shook it off......I went back to Asheville.....called him and threatened him with a lawsuit on his answering machine....he called back in 5 minutes....very nervous.....said it was a I went again, 5 weeks later Washington.....where he would only meet with me in a dirty little rundown hotel out of town.

Odd....I wanted to go to the garden where he had told me my mother's ashes were scattered in...

At the restaurant..and the garden that I had built with my mother...

But he nervously gave me some trinkets,...a gold Rolex watch, Chronos, and some money, the thing I despise most. I promptly squandered the money, but kept my mothers silk oriental pouches.

He was very nervous, but I am a forgiving individual, I wanted to thank him for taking care of my sick mother while I was being a wanderer.

I asked him for the video he had told me of, and the letter she had written....he said it was a misunderstanding....we had lunch, he gave me a warm hug, and I was on my way back to Asheville.

But something he didn't know,...was that I have Eidetic memory, and can also remember having a very awkward conversation with my mother when I was in my late 20's, where she was explaining her last will and testament to me, and her insurance policy...

And also I remember lies...and I can see right through people....but I try not to say anything spiteful

And I know that he cashed in on my moms insurance policy, and also watched the video she made for me, and read the letter she wrote to me.

I forgave him still,.....I tried to call, no avail.......but I did finally forgive him in my heart .

When I realized that my mother taught me a powerful lesson about letting go of material goods, and that money really means nothing.

Possibly one of the best gifts a mother could give to her son.

A profound enlightenment, ...a realization of some semblance of self-worth

And I heard the birds singing in my heart again.

But The Iron Gate is closed,..the garden limits..

In the course of rectifying my fear of dying, i was doing some deep soul searching, as most do.

I never went to church before voluntarily:

My view of the church was that it was...good intentioned...but misguided from within, the architecture was beautiful, the art was incredible, inspired from deep down in many impassioned souls, working diligently to try and hide some mystic revelation awaiting just beyond reach, but only for those holy enough to have the humility that comes with suffering in life and rectification of that pain by forgiving one's self.

Surely this is beyond reach of a wretched cast-off of society such as I ?

I have only been walking around for almost 40 years, as a drifter, an animal lover with a passion for the simple things.

Growing up, I saw Lutheran, Episcopalian, Catholic, maybe some others, from time to time when I have been walking somewhere, I'll peek in the window on a Sunday,...but the people look so ..unhappy, ...they have worried looks,...they are covered in poisons,...filled with false hopes based on illogical beliefs, reciprocally reinforced by the ignorant and unwilling.

The church itself was supposed to signify the House of god, right ?

And the Christ was the heart of the church, no ?

But the heart of the Christ was wrapped with the thorny crown to show you the subtle truth that the cancer that's choking the true house of god, which evil men have perpetuated, has been in your churches for ages.

The only way to god is through the church, right ?

Or no ?

I always found myself to feel closest to god in the woods, or staring into the eyes of wild birds that come to my window.

And my heart was wrapped with the very painful crown of cancer from my own thorny crown, worn sublimely for almost 40 years.

I always felt the, ... illusion of separation between our souls and god are only because of the walls we all put up from time to time, just like they would be if you happened to meet me in person.

I felt that's why so many have been standing in the house of god for thousands of years, but not with god, or of god.

Just my own personal I said, I have never been to a church under my own volition.

.....anyway, during my 3 days, when I couldn't eat or sleep, I was guided by a voice in my mind, so a large tupperware bin full of photos my mother took.

It was from a garbage bag of all the photos and photo albums my mother had collected over the years, going back to the 1800's. She had traced her side of the family all the way back to exiled Dutch royalty in 14 or 1500's I think.

My mothers ex had put it out for the trash pick-up when he sold all her stuff after she died, he sold what he could, kept what he wanted, and put the rest in the garbage, my mother had also given many things away, she loved to give little gifts to people.

A friend of my mothers had rescued it and kept it for me, in the hopes I would reappear one day, i got in touch when I first traveled to DC to meet Nabeel.

I tried several times to leave it behind, when I moved from state to state, but for some reason, it always ended up back in my hands.

It was full of people I know nothing about, and also many painful memories, and little trinkets from my childhood, some of my artwork ( I was also an artist ).

But during that first night, I was guided to reach into this bin of trash I have been hauling around and grab several things.

~ A framed photo of my uncle Wulf, who my mother has many photos of, but I only knew his middle name, she had only told me he was a very smart man, that he had passed away when I was a young child.

~ Some group photos of her, from when she worked in a virology lab at John Hopkins University

~ An embroidered crown my mother had been working on while she was in her last few weeks of death, a simple blue-bordered design, and a jeweled crown inside.

~ her notebook she had kept in her last months, with the writing inside about pleiadians, and ascended masters of light, something I attributed to a loss or aberration in brain function, and I have never really believed or been interested in UFO's or ET's.

I didn't know why I was grabbing the items, and something kept telling me to look, and search for something in the clutter, so I did.

I came back to my desk

I was on, ironically, a website called " Godlike productions " at the time.

I have been researching heliophysics, plasmaspheric irregularities and magneto-ionic flux tubes in sporadic-E pockets in relation to anomalous sound generation/propagation of atmospheric noises, as well as low temperature dusty plasmas in the upper atmosphere, and was having a conversation with somebody about the " noises " in the sky.

Somebody typed a response to me that had the phrase " MJ-12 ", I have always had an interest in numbers, and follow my intuitions, so I looked it up.

I found that Detlev Wulf Bronk was my uncle, but I had never known.

I also never heard of MJ-12 before

I looked up his photos online to make sure it's the same person in my photos, and also realized, not only do I look like him, I also have his big ears.

*grin* and his love of science, even though I'm " uneducated " though anything except autodidactism.

So then, for some funny reason, I looked his programs up some more.

Of course I love all the fields under " Biophysics " as well as many other things.

But then, I was compelled to ask somebody what the phrase " Shalom et Benedictus " means, because it's a treatment center in the Shanendoah valley that I was in when i was a teen.

It's also called the Historic Jordan Springs Event & Cultural Centre

The only " treatment center " I was ever in that had no locks on the doors, it was truly a turning point in my life as a youth.

But this is what I found:

All my life, random locations where I happened to be living, for years and years, I had roommates that would swear they " saw a UFO fly over the house last night " ...and I always assumed them to be prototypes drones, or some suburban surveillance program, or something like that, I didn't really think there are real UFO's..

And over the past few years,..I had seen some of these very low-flying dark objects, fly over my house at night, completely silent, Asheville,...I assumed again it was a surveillance drone,...maybe from the Blackwater/Halliburton facility..

I didn't think anything of it...I was living under what seemed to be a military flight corridor in West Asheville...there was always so much military air traffic over my house....

A few weeks before my healing, I was researching magneto-ionic flux tubes in relation to the " Noises in the sky ", you may have read my thread hypothesizing resonating dusty plasmas in sporadic E clouds on the " Other site "....and in the VLF listener's talks about magneto-ionic flux tubes being hypothesized as the " cause of or related to " of crop circles.

Here's the book;_ylt=A0oG...tff1-yff80

During those 3 days, when I couldn't sleep, there were many loud rapid bursts of air around my house, strange creaks and bumps outside my house, of course the hair on the back of my neck was standing up.

The healing of my heart, it felt like somebody had my heart in their hands, and they were rubbing it, massaging it gently, ...I thought I was going to die,...

And there were many other things that happened, some I told you ,..

And I know why the military vehicles were always flying near my houses, and why they were flying around my neighborhood those two nights.

The Sun was so bright those two mornings, it almost blinded me.


So,....I have tried to convey the basics of my past 11 days with some semblance of coherence, as much as I can for someone who has only found things out about his life in that short span of time.

I could just be another random intent fruitcake sitting behind a keyboard having delusions.... ...

But one thing I know is this:

I have been trying to share my life i 100% honesty with people online for the past 11 days and they are telling me I am crazy, and that I am lying.

But I know these things happened, and I'm pretty certain I exist.

I haven't told you the interesting thing about me yet...

Your thoughts on this matter ?

*bag over head*

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 11:57 AM
Warm Welcome to ATS. I hope you find the comfort and peace you are looking for here...

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 12:06 PM
Welcome to ATS. About the rest of your post... sorry, TLDR

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by NeoVain

Oh ok, suit yourself,.....
I thought you guys were interested in " ET's " ...have a nice day friend

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 12:14 PM
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posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 01:47 PM
Welcome , quite an interesting story you have. I am interested in hearing more of the "interesting things about you"

Immune system, spiritual , and mental health are all closely linked . Our immune systems are designed to scout and kill cancer cells on a daily basis , and Ive heard of cases where healing does occur due to pockets of high stem cells within the area. However, I do not disbelieve that spiritual healing could have played a hand. I've certainly experienced a handful of unexplainable things.

So , do you believe that you are your uncle reincarnate, or that your family somehow played a hand in MKUltra type experiments , perhaps on you even?

I'm interested in hearing how you've connected all these events and how your theory on what it all means, or did I fail to read between the lines so to speak ? This place you stayed in when you were a kid , apparently it's haunted? or what's the significance behind that?

Anyway , enjoy your stay !

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by Soupornuts

A very unique and dang sure intriguing personal story.

Welcome to ATS! Hope to read more of your life story as well as your opinion of the world in the near future

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by paleorchid13

Hhmm...Shalom et Benedictus was just another treatment facility I was sent to, one in a succession.

I hadn't even thought of the place in 10 years or so until something told me to look it up, and I found it's got some " paranormal " activity, but also a very long history, at least as far back as 1549

The Sulphur Springs there were carefully guarded by the Catawba Indians until they were massacred

Like I said, it was a major turning point in my life, merely for the fact that people cared enough to show me that we only put up walls to see if people care enough to break them down.

I found solace in the little neglected shrine to St. Francis, hidden in the overgrowth on the edge of the property.

I was there for 18 months.


" Do I think I am a reincarnation of my uncle ? '

Lol, ...anything's possible,....I didn't even know who he was until my healing, I just knew he was my uncle, and his name was " Wulf " and that he was very smart, that's all mom ever told me about him.

My mother got his photos from some extended family when she was trying to trace our family lineage,St Louis, iirc, I have quite a few photos of him, as well as the staff from the Virology labs she worked in at JH university, which have two individuals picture's pasted in the upper right-hand corners.

My mom's days working in the labs were something she never talked about, all of her friends knew better then to ask her who my father was, she would get very angry when questioned about him.

After my mother died, and I got the bag of photos, there was an old rolodex with all her friend's addresses going back to high school, also phone numbers.

I contacted over 100 people, some she hadn't talked to since the early 70's, to see if anybody knew my father, they all said the same thing:

" We knew better than to ask your mother about that ".

So,...I took the address from the letter my " father " had written, and wrote somebody on the staff at the Library of Congress, telling them my story, and that I was trying to find my father.

She was kind enough to locate a reverse directory from Hyattsville MD, from the year the letter was sent, ..

The house number was 4022, 66th ave.

The numbers in the directory stopped at 4021 and started again at 4023

I was SOL, once again, but I thanked her for the time.

And that was that chapter, I closed the book on trying to locate him, I'm intelligent enough to do my own " private detective " work, and know most of them are a waste of time, so I just let it go.


My mother fostered in me a deep respect and love for animals, birds i specific, but crows and other Corvids have always been my main interest. I was told they are my spirit animal because they are tricksters.

Interestingly enough I looked up Crow and Cree mythology to find that:

" Crow religion is the indigenous religion of the Crow tribe, Native Americans of the Great Plains area of the United States.

The medicine people of the tribe are known as Akbaalia ("healer")

The Mannegishi, also called little people, are bald humanoids with large bulkey, pretty eyes and tiny,tan bodies. They were tricksters and may be similar to fairies.

Baaxpee is a spiritual power that can cause a person to mature, as well as unusual events or circumstances that force maturation. Baaxpee comes upon every human to make them into adults. After transformation, the changed are known as Xapaaliia. Andiciopec is a warrior hero who is invincible to bullets. "


" The Mannegishi (singular the same) are a race of trickster people in Cree folklore, similar in nature to the Memegwesi of the Ojibwa. They are described as semi-humanoid, being sexdactylous humans with very thin and lanky arms and legs and big heads minus a nose. According to one Cree schema of the mythology, there are two humanoid races, one being the familiar human species and the other being the "little people", i.e. Mannegishi. These people are said to live between rocks in the rapids. One of their biggest delights -- a completely non-heroic form of trickster behavior -- is to crawl out of the rocks and capsize the canoes of people canoeing through the rapids, spinning them to their death.

The Mannegishi has attracted interest in recent years due to its possible cryptozoological connections. It is believed by some that the Dover Demon represents a modern sighting of the Mannegishi. "

And I happen to live near the Grove Park Inn, which is a place that has a longstanding order handed down to never disturb the crows, so they are very lively and also protected there.

They put on quite a show.

I am out of space, but I have much more to tell about and things are just getting interesting, I'm not even at the good things .

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 02:53 PM
So, I have been fasting for 7 days to clean out my system, ..also to quit coffee,....I also managed to go 120 hours with very little sleep, but for some reason feel great !

Anyway, back to the crows, ....during my fast, and after my healing, on the 5th day, I left the house for the first time.

Driving up my street was an old friend I had not seen in a long time, but have been thinking about for a while, he is like me, kind, gentle, also an almost exact copy of my Sri Lankan Godfather " Indian Ron ".

He say's " Hey ! I was just thinking about you this morning, so weird I'd run into you, you need a ride ? "

I accepted, went to do what i had to, and he drove me around the block, where i found a brand new desk with a faded white apple on the top, so we grabbed that on the way.

We started talking , I was telling him how I have been studying physics and science for 10+ hours a day in my house, but also cross-phyletic communications, and have an animal blind built into my office window so I can get up close and personal with them.

I've always been good with animals though, it's in the eyes.

So I started telling him about these crows at the Grove Park, and how they are protected, and he get's this look on his face.....

I asked him what was wrong, and he tells he that that morning, right before he started thinking about me, there was a massive flock of crows that had landed at his house, and silently sat for a half an hour or so, just looking at him through the windows, ...he said it really unsettled him..

Personally, I love crows, they come to a tree outside my window everyday in the morning to make crow sounds.

So that was a little odd....

Then there was the painting I bought 2 days later....during my second venture from my house.

I don't usually buy things, I make them, but not over the past year, as I was dying, ...and I was an artist,.but I am not an artist anymore, after the Lithium and other drugs I was given as a teen in the " treatment centers ", I lost all artistic ability I had,... a shame because I was prolific.

I felt compelled to go into a house sale down the street from me, some students were moving out, one girl had a bunch of artwork, and a large oil painting I felt compelled to buy.

A child's hands holding a nondescript brown object, the child's heart glows from behind in the depths of the painting, with a smaller golden heart inside it.

I felt that it jives with some personal beliefs about how we see the world around us, and how we act in it.

That we only see the world how we want it to be, but we project the things about ourselves we don't want to face out to the external world.

Many of us truly have been confuse about the real definition of love, and some us have been intrinsically confused about the difference between love and #.

And if we have # in our hearts, we will see # in the world around us.

But I am getting into my more esoteric personal beliefs now, perhaps I shouldn't talk about those here.

I'll have some kaneh and wait for a bit....I am feeling maybe I am revealing too much about myself to people who wouldn't have an interest, but I am getting a friendlier response here than other places.

Thank you.

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 02:57 PM

I have bookmarked this ...Later tonight I'll go through some of the interesting things you posted , of course keep going

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 03:08 PM
I usually go by Isaac or Yitshak ( My middle name ), first name George or Grigori , I'm not religious, it's just the names friends call me,....some of the nice ones at least. .....not telling my last name are you crazy ?

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by Soupornuts

No names necessary Soupornuts is just fine ..I can relate

Quite a bit of information. So what I think you are trying to imply , If I may be so bold as to assume , is that your family has ties to UFO technology , and that somehow Native American spirituality has either embraced you or viceversa. Perhaps that it's all intertwined and these "trickster" races, and powers you saw in Native mythology explained an accurate portrayal of your perception of events and reality?

I'm curious about what was in your mothers Journal about the Pleiadians, ....get your 20 posts and start a thread !

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by paleorchid13

I'm not too sure what to make of it all, ....I didn't know about any of this stuff before my cancer went away.

I definitely had never heard of MJ-12 or Detlev Bronk.

I just knew that Wulf was my uncle, and that my mother died before she was ever able to tell me who my father was, i don't have any blood family left that I know of, except for a cousin, and she knows nothing.

Idk...I'll chalk it up to delusion and just be happy I have a reprieve on life, up until this happened I was pretty much bedridden.

I'm still kind of in shock honestly,...I haven't even been able to go out for a walk around the block in 6 months, I've been been laying in bed waiting to die, ..I have one friend who was nice enough to bring me groceries, I was just living off my savings.

As far as the stuff in my mother's journal, I wouldn't really feel comfortable posting it.

It seems to be nothing more than new-age ramblings of a terminally ill cancer patient who was inebriated on opiates.

It mentions a " chamber of sacred light ", " calling healing energies to a proper radius ", auric fields, ascended masters of light, Sarians etc, 7 pages in total , of things I don't really understand .

I've never really been one to have any metaphysical or religious beliefs, so I usually don't really pay any mind to writings like that.

Definitely never had interest " UFO's " or " ET's "... ?

Still trying to figure out what I want to eat for dinner,, tastes good again.

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 12:51 AM
Give it a try, you'll have plenty of debunkers , and rightfully so on a sight like this . But you may find people with whom your inquiries resonate. See you around soldier

posted on Feb, 7 2012 @ 10:55 AM
reply to post by paleorchid13

Thanks for all the kind words, friend.

I think I'll decline on the offer,.... I don't really feel any need for " debunking " of my life or my mother's life, just wanted to see if anybody had a similar experience recently ( healing ), or if anybody here had family in the MJ-12 project.

Thanks guys/gals.

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