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The Laws Of Our Creator

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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by voicefromtheages

Thank you
Since those who choose to listen to a whispering wind will find the answer they wish
You who desires the knowledge of truth will be what ideas the mind of humanity has next for you seek not only answers but (cause-effect) (effect-cause) behind all that one encounters through what one hears vs. told and shown
Allowing true seeing Through understanding and comprehension which is as important to gain Knowledge and Wisdom and as contradicting to their respective other as fate and destiny being one the same but 2 different
Its is this reason that allow for ones will allowing inspiration of new thoughts that add to the Riches of Humanity

So again thank you for making my day
and please send or post the thread
so i can listen and gain something new.

And then me and Budwiser can argue to over 2/3 of the truth as we circle the other 3rd making rights by going left 3 times which is meaninglessly laughing a the wannabe NASCAR drivers who refuse to go right to the winners circle
Lol just kiding buder
but please post threat.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 09:58 AM

Originally posted by ButtUglyToad

Originally posted by ImaFungi

its easy for you to come to these conclusions having the opportunity of life you currently have because of what happened linearly behind you in the past...

eYe usually won't talk about me but eYe am homeless and have been 4 two years now! eYe live in a makeshift camp in the desert! eYe have no money, no possessions, just the basic things eYe need 2 exist. eYe eat out of garbage cans 2 survive! The computer eYe currently use is borrowed. Mine was stolen and eYe didn't have the money to replace it.

eYe gave everything away two years ago and walked away from U'r werld, eYe jacked out!

Sew be careful saying eYe have IT easy or that eYe've had an easy Life! eYe haven't! eYe currently have a tooth that IS causing sew much pain and eYe don't have the money necessary to get it pulled, and eYe have 2 save every penny possible, 2 dew the things eYe'm dew'n 2 try 2 make a difference, sew eYe have to put up with the pain and eYe have zero threshold 4 pain.

Y R U wasting my Time? Y R U kNot surfing the net 2 find all of the things science cannot explain (Universe) 2 Plug-N-Play the PMU Theory with? Y R U sew friggin CLOSED MINDED?

"U can't teach someone sumthing they already know."

Neo: I can't go back, can I?
Morpheus: No. But if you could, would you realy want to? I feel I owe you an apology. We have a rule. We never free a mind once it's reached a certain age. It's dangerous, the mind has trouble letting go. I've seen it before and I'm sorry."

eYe won't answer anymore questions until U R ready to seek the trUth on U'r own! If U expect me to spoonfeed everything 2 U, that is no longer an option! U pee'd me off by ASSuming that which IS WRONG about eYe!



edit on 9-2-2012 by ButtUglyToad because: (no reason given)'re a homeless toad who knows everything?

That's strange. I had a dream like that once...then I woke up and faced reality.

posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by IblisLucifer

"The Δncient Conspiracy of Δges. Simple yet "I don't know""

This shares my observations of what has happened and what is happening.

"The universal laws hidden in systems. A real approach to greater understanding?"

This shares the spark from IblisLucifer. These universal laws might mirror the laws of natural systems. The act of observing and structuring the laws in those minds is the creation of what we see today, "universal laws" or any law for that matter.

Did the past peoples build very real invisible prisons for not just us but for the natural world?
edit on 14-2-2012 by voicefromtheages because: Δ

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